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If the kids were in a superhero/comicbook-esque universe, what powers would they have? Or if they didn't have powers what would they be?

1.) Thank you for the ask, this is really interesting! 

2.) Disregarding their weird/ghostly powers they have now, I’m thinking…

Ashanti: Weather Control (snow/rain) / Poison / Intangibility 

Otto: Self-Detonation / Regeneration 

Bellamy: Levitation / Self-Duplication 

Pierce: Synesthesia / Telepathy / Telekinesis

Gerardo: Forcefields / Pocket Space (that thing that allows you to pull impossibly heavy/big objects out of seemingly nowhere)

Yue-Yan: Time Travel / Death Prediction 

The 100 series finale

It’s the series finale. The final battle has been won. Clarke Griffin has made the ultimate sacrifice that sets her people up for a peaceful and beautiful future.

We see Clarke in Bellamy’s arms,
surrounded by everyone.

Bellamy: Clarke stay with me, Clarke! you don’t owe your people anymore, it’s over, just stay, please hang on.

Clarke tried to talk but she coudn’t, she was bleeding fast and there was nothing they can do.

Raven felt breaking down but she kept herself together, put her hand on Clarke’s cheek, tears keep rolling down her face as she says: 

Raven: it’s okay Clarke, you’re gonna be okay, you’re okay…

The delinquents were all in disbelief and suddenly, Octavia kneeled beside Clarke, uttered some words, words Clarke never knew she wanted to hear until she heard it, words she never knew will sound so sweet…

 yu gonplei ste odon, Clarke kom skikru

Clarke smiled, tears on her eyes.
She looked at her friends for the very last time,
She felt happiness and relief as she took her last breath.

*fades to white*

We thought the show is over. 

But they showed Clarke again.
It looks like she’s waking up from a deep sleep.
She is somewhere else, is it heaven? havana? another universe?
before we can deduce where our hero is,
we hear a faint voice.

you’ve finally achieved peace for your people

Clarke heard it, she was conscious again, we see her deep blue eyes.
After a moment Clarke replied,

our people.

[We see a familiar face]

“you fought well Clarke..”

would have been easier if you were there

“but you clearly didn’t need my help”


They both smiled. Smiles we haven’t seen in a long time.

Clarke stared at the girl, she doesn’t know what’s going on.
she is not even sure if she was real,
but she felt real,
and Clarke missed her so, so much.

“it’s over now, what are you going to do?”

i have no idea..

“well what do you want?”

I want you.


Please everybody needs to watch this. I am crying over here and can’t handle all the Bellarkefeels I’ve got. <3 The video shows all the parallels and their whole story and it’s 5 minutes long! You need to watch this.