He is the Tide [Poem]

*A poem inspired by the bleakness of winter and the incessant rain…

What’s the difference between a boy and a man?

What’s the difference between ocean and sand?

Waves constantly lapping against the shore,

Stunt the growth of boys who hunger for more

Intense hunger to see over the horizon,

But the ocean stretches much farther than their eyes can…

See across the great expanse

This must be what dreams are made of… A great big dance

Between the moon and the tide

Between destiny and pride,

Between love and the lover

The sinking ship pulls him under,

This magnetic pull,

Reveals and then hides,

All the ocean’s secrets, sad hellos and goodbyes,

Fish remains and broken shells gleam like copper,

This is the heart of the sea; can you see what it offers?

Then the water pulls away from the shore,

And boy inside the man is left wanting for more

He loves all the beautiful shells that scatter the shore,

But his tide crashes down and smashes their core

Fragments of pretty pink coral scattered on the shore,

Are smashed into bits once the ocean roars,

And then He can hear no more,

Release the Kraken against the shore

His beautiful tide erases footprints in the sand,

Where he, the man, had walked hand and hand

With destiny, with air, with joyous abandon

He inhaled the salty air and then he gently abandoned

The hand of whom he’d held so tight,

And like a raging tide he wouldn’t put up a fight

Beyond control, he’s dragged into the ocean

Amidst scattered broken shells and seaweed,

The ocean,

Drew him like the tide into the heart of sea,

Into its depths, into the deep…

Engulfed by the tide, as a flying seagull cried,

And a girl upon the shore laughed, yelled, and sighed

Startling all the people passing by

“Now you know why I hate the moon, the ocean, and the tide!”

© Atropa BellaDonna (Brittany “Bella” Graham). Written December 22, 2010.


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