belladonna photography

Ruby Rose - Myself
Photo & Edit - @yenra

Please SHARE the hell out of this! My goal is to get this noticed by SOMEONE at RoosterTeeth!!
Likes will not get me to that goal!! Make my dream come true 🌹

I seemed to have forgotten what a good selfie was during this day….eeeka ^~^ super proud of the cosplay though because I made it!!! With the help of the gorgeous Angel @x-leola-x

Character: Emerald Sustrai
Anime: RWBY

Monday’s Moment of Cosplay#52

You know the day of the week (I hope) so here’s another cosplay photo. This time it’s some RWBY lovin’.

Yang Xiao Long (Huntress Outfit)

Blake is @mochi-mochi-cosplay
Photography by Greyroamer Photography
Taken at Colossalcon 2016