Playing with an octoling might be dangerous to your health.

Just poking fun of the fact that apparently some hacker(s) have been able to play online as an octoling and/or with unreleased weapons and thus managed to soft lock other people’s games if they exited the game before the hacker. Splatfest should reset this and fix the the game but it still sucks.

Stay alert people. If you see these hackers, stay in game until they leave. 

Meet Team Purple Violet

A new but highly skillful team! In short time they have managed to claim up in the league thanks to their ruthless and overpowering play style. Each member is very experienced and wait? Is that an octoling?!

Rivals with Orange, Green and especially Blue team. 

Belladonna: Captain of the newly formed team violet. Despite being a captain of a new team, she is a very skillful battler. How long has she been doing this? What ever the case, she moves around with her golden dynamo roller like it was nothing! You better run if you don’t want to get rolled over! Belladonna is ruthless on the battlefield and outside of it. Hmm… She seems to know a certain blue inkling with glasses. Do they have a history together? 

Cyanthia: She may look innocent but don’t let that fool you. Only thing that makes this inkling smile is seeing you splat right in front of her. She is quiet and calm in her actions but her tongue is sharp. In battle she doesn’t seek other players and concentrates on inking turf. Ha! Easy prey! Think you got her cornered? Oh, she had that bubbler saved up! Oh darn…

Arnick: Before joining the violet team, Arnick had a promising solo career and Belladonna convinced him to join her team. Arnick works like a soldier and follows Belladonna’s orders without a question. He admires Agent 1 and 2 and hopes someday his skills will be recognized and he gets to meet them. 

Tetrox: Yes, that is right, she’s an octoling! Tetrox hails from Octovalley and is here to have fun and be as fresh as the inklings! If asked, she claims she has nothing to do with Octavio but I don’t know… She battles like the octoling soldiers for sure… Maybe it’s best to keep a close eye on her… Just in case.



So yeeeah, my inbox is FULL of messages about the last splatfest. I suppose here are some thoughts from yours truly and from the characters. I am honestly the most sad about that there won’t be anymore splatfests to make jokes out of after this… :’DD But this will be a good one. Just you wait!

Also note, this is a bit non canon because even tho the splatfests end in game, they are still a thing in my comics and its world.

Here, The last of my series of Poisonous Flowers

N° 6: Deadly Nightshade (Atropa Belladonna)


The most poisonous and powerful of all plants, called the “Berry of the Witches”
The poisoning symptoms start with high fever, mouth dryness, blurred vision because of dilated pupils, vomiting, excessive stimulation of the heart, drowsiness, slurred speech, hallucinations, confusion, disorientation, delirium, and agitation. Coma and convulsions often precede death, but something recurring in all the process are the intense hallucinations.

It was used in the Witchcraft for potions, curses and rituals, being a powerful hallucinogen, also it was used as eye drops for dilatation of the pupil, sometimes leading to blindness.


Materials: Graphite, marker, color pencils, gouache and ink on recycled leaf-textured paper

Happy October