Speaking of tv, it’s sad that Ripper Street was cancelled, but I’m annoyed that the news of the cancellation has completely overshadowed the content of the episodes. I mean how did Bella end up with religious fanatics in the first place?

And the last episode, and how it set up the 3rd series, with Reid having alienated everyone around him, even Drake who practically worshiped him in the first series. Poor Homer, who is lost without Susan. And we’ll never get to see Long Susan’s All Ladies’ Mafia take over crime in Whitechapel. The whole police corruption story line could fill an entire series in itself.

It’s a bummer all around.

  • Drake:"The laws the law, right? And policemen serve it. We don't ask all the whys its enforced, do we? Otherwise, what then? But the Inspector, when it comes to banging up puffs and Mary Anns, hehe, you should see him. He's a man all spooked to belief."
  • Bella:"Do you believe it?"
  • Drake:"Hell's bells! Not you, too."
  • Bella:"Maybe he just understands what it is to be lonely. Say a law was made tomorrow, for you to love me was a crime. They say its filthy and unnatural. Would you stop, Bennet? Turn off your love like a gas tap just to obey?"
  • Drake:"I'd be the filthiest scuff lord this land had ever seen."

Bennet + Bella-Love Everlasting (Ripper Street)