bella blabs

Things I’d love in a P3 HD remake since the possibility grows a lil stronger each passing discovery

  • MaMC and FeMC having choice in social links so characters like Mamoru and Yuko aren’t thrown to the side. Just do it it like P4 and find ways to let each protag pick.
  • Let them date everyone around their age. Let MaMC kiss Akihiko or Kazushi. Let FeMC woo Yukari or Rio. Just… Let them date boys and girls. Please, I thank god for the Aigis and Elizabeth being Not-Straight thing, but you can take it farther, ATLUS.
  • Let the MaMC just be friends with girls. Rework them to be more like FeMCs with the option of romance at a later level of the SLink. Don’t force the poor dude to woo the ladies.
  • Bring in The Journey section of FES only and Portable only events for both MCs. Give more things to do in general, maybe change around some of the MaMC Slinks to be at night so no matter what you pick it’s easier to handle.
  • Include the Answer, it’s part of the timeline as a whole and if the HD remake it definitive, you probably want to include all of it.
  • Put some more things into the Answer, an easier difficultly maybe. Also something with Shinji in the main part of it, and conversations between squad mates while navigating the Abyss of Time (imagine Mitsuru and Akihiko reflecting on when it was just the third years, Ken and Yukari bonding over losing someone important, Junpei teasing Metis for her childish tendencies).
  • Basically improve on the basics of the Answer and flesh out the reasons behind the characters acting the way they do. So people can’t claim it makes no sense/is ooc. It’d also be a great chance to let everyone see more Metis and how she interacts with the others.
  • If you wanna go the extra mile, include two forms of the Answer. But keep Aigis as the protag, there’s no reason she wouldn’t be. Would also mean a remix of Wiping All Out for the Answer.
  • Update the UI to look more fun like P5, but keep the P3 spirit of it alive, so to speak. (Silly wish since I know she’d still have a pink UI, but an orange option for FeMC, please…She’s so orange in my head).
  • Move actions to buttons to help cut down on misclicking in menus. Please, I want to stop accidentally guarding when I want to attack. Or attacking when I want to use a skill.
  • Updated All Out Attack screens and such. New cut ins as the attack is initiated and maybe finishing screens too.
  • Basically, just improve on the basics, let MaMC talk to boys, and please let there be gay options. Even if the most likely thing to happen would be they’re there bc ATLUS is too lazy to program a block on the romances. I’d still take it at this point.

I see a lot of cool arcana/role/circumstance swaps so I tried my hand at making one. I have a whole AU but I tried to edit one of them based off a friend’s random character choice.

Name: Yukari Takeba

Age: 16-17 (P3), 17 (The Answer), 19 (P4U)

Arcana: Empress

Persona: Io -> Isis

Backstory: A young orphan who grew up with Mitsuru, an accident led to them losing a caretaker who Yukari was very attached to. They grew more distant and Yukari poured herself into Archery in an attempt to try and not only be strong, but have a reach to save people.