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Jacob Black and Bella Swan | The Twilight Saga

“I’m exactly right for you, Bella. It would have been effortless for us - comfortable, easy as breathing. I was the natural path your life would have taken…” He stared into space for a moment and I waited·“If the world was the way it was supposed to be, if there were no monsters and no magic…”

I could see what he saw and I knew he was right. If the world was the sane place it was supposed to be, Jacob and I would have been together. And we would have been happy.”

So this is a narry oneshot based on this post [x] at the request of deniallisstrong who desperately wanted me to write it ;) Just a couple of notes, its not the best because this is the first oneshot i think i have ever had a go at? And I wrote it at 2am so there’s that too… Also, I’m from the UK and I have no idea how Girl Scouts works other than what I’ve seen in movies and stuff so sorry for any mistakes! Anyway, enjoy! :)

“Daddy, hurry up - we only have 20 boxes left and I wanna beat Izzy!”

“Charlotte, I’m the one who’s been carrying the bloody things all the way up these stairs - there’s 10 flights in case you haven’t noticed!“ said the blonde male with a thick Irish accent, "And I don’t know what you have against Isabelle, why do you want to beat her so much? It ain’t a race y'know.”

Charlotte stood a few meters down the hall from her father, 8 years old with brown curls and a look of impatience written all over her. They had been out all day trying to get rid of a grand total of 250 Girl Scouts cookies, with a surprising amount of luck. This apartment block alone managed to whittle them down to a mere twenty boxes, and Charlotte’s intention was to sell them all to whoever the next lucky person was to open their door. Her award winning smile and rosy cheeks would surely seal the deal, making it the best sale of the year so far and gaining a victory against her rival, Isabelle Warren.

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