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Summary: After a frustrating start to her music career in L.A., Beca convinces her label boss to let her produce an acapella album with her fellow former Bellas - and though nobody expects much to come of it, a surprising celebrity Twitter endorsement turns the group into overnight pop stars.  Meanwhile, roommates Chloe and Beca have begun a friends-with-benefits arrangement and are not prepared for all the ways this will change what they mean to each other, or for how much industry pressure they’ll face to keep the relationship secret.  Can America’s hottest new girl group maintain friendships and cope with falling in love while navigating the chaotic world of Hollywood life?  Bechloe love story/Bellas friendship.  Canon, post-Pitch Perfect 2.

Rating: M

Pairing: Beca/Chloe

Status: In-progress

Words: 26,000+

Link to Soundtrack and Playlists (This page is sort of like my version of a theatrical trailer, some of the songs have little preview snippets from upcoming chapters, but it’s nothing too spoilery that’s not already in the plot summary, the passages mostly just hint at the set-ups for certain storylines!)

Personal Note:

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Who run the world? GIRLS!! ♫

I ACTUALLY FINISHED IT!! A day later than promised but oh wELL

I love Pitch Perfect. I’ve watched both of em a million times and they’re my go-to feel good movies when I need a pick-me-up. 

I’ve seen a few Pitch Perfect crossover AUs out there already but I personally like the idea of all the Voltron girls getting together as the Bellas! (gimmie more ladies DreamWorks!!)

This is from the Bella’s final performance in Pitch Perfect 2! If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend checking it out (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Oh, and if you’re wondering why Plaxum isn’t there… eue 


The Cullens Reimagined

Simonas Pham as Edward Cullen » Soo Joo Park as Alice Cullen » Willy Cartier as Jasper Hale » Sabina Karlsson as Bella Swan » Tyson Beckford as Emmett Cullen » Marquita Pring as Esme Cullen » Idris Elba as Carlisle Cullen » Shanina Shaik as Rosalie Hale

Mia madre cerca il dialogo, ma non sa che dentro ho il diavolo.
Quante volte messo all'angolo, quante vite mi rimangono? Ti direi che sto una favola, ma non c'è niente di magico, vorresti una bella trama ma, il finale per me è tragico.
—  Panda

You just know Chloe choreographed the numbers just to be close to Beca

submitted by: @sgarrett49(You gave me Daddy!Jared feels…so I blame you for this hahaha)

Jared came back down the stairs and into the living room after finally getting Bella, your four year old daughter, to take her nap. 

You looked up as he walked around to sit beside you on the couch, “Well that took longer than you thought now didn’t it?” You held back a giggled and bit your lip at his exasperated expression.

“She wanted to play more than she actually wanted to take her nap! First it was a tea party, then it was playing with her dolls, and then she grabbed all her princess stuff wanting to ‘make daddy into a pretty pretty princess’.” Jared said in his best Bella impression running his hands carelessly through his hair with a smile adorning his face as you laugh harder, “I swear she gets more rambunctious every time I come back home.”

“She’s just excited to see her daddy again. She’s at that age now where she understands that you leave and don’t come back. It’s hard for her.” You sigh scooting over to lean your head against his shoulder. “It’s hard for all of us.”

Jared slings an arm behind you and pulls you in to kiss the top of your head, “The hiatus is soon and I’m going to be spending so much time with the two of you, you’ll be begging to send me back to work.”

Wrapping an arm around Jared’s midsection and snuggling closer you sighed in content, “Three of us you mean.”

“Yeah thre…wait what? Three?!” Jared pushed you back to look at your face to see just how serious you were. His eyes were wide and they started to tear up the moment you took the small ultrasound picture out of your back pocket to hand to him.

“Say hello to baby Padalecki number two daddy.”

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This is so emotional. The Bellas final pep-talk before their last performance… I’m fucking crying.

So Anna and Britt totally grab each other’s hand in the first second of this video

Ciao bellas~!
Yes we’re finally online <3

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