Guysssssssssss, thank you so much for 1K followers. Honestly, it means a lot to me. So, as a thank you, I’ll do a special for you guys to know me better. 

NAME: Júlia Weiss

AGE: 20

I’m a WWE fan since 2005, yess. 

I have a boyfriend, who doesn’t know about this blog >.>

My favorite color is yellow.

I love movies and my favorite is The Godfather 1 (’cause Marlon Brando is on it)

My girl crush is Jennifer Aniston, yes.

I love sports and especially american football. I’m a Patriots fan.

My favorite place is London, England. I’ve never been there before, but it seems like a lovely place.

I love music. Queen and Pink Floyd are my favorite bands.

I won a contest once for Miss Beauty in my former town. I’m cute (no I’m not)

My boyfriend meet Randy Orton once. I hate him for that.

I love interactions and I love talking. 

I have one cousin named Nicole because of Nikki Bella. I chose her name.

My favorite PPV of all time is No Way Out.

My wrestling crush is Edge and AJ Styles. 

My favorite Diva is Brie Bella and Lita. (Lita is the GOAT)

My favorite superstar is The Undertaker and Kurt Angle. 

I hate babyfaces. I cheered for a few babyfaces like Daniel Bryan and John Morrison, but that’s it. 

I’m a heel girl and my favorite heel of all time is THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN. 

I never went into a WWE show before.

But my boyfriend did. We were friends at the time, so he choose to take his brother in law over me. 

And I’m a WRESTLING fan. So don’t take anything that I say in my blog like a personal thing, especially if I say something about your favorite wrestler. I respect all opinions.

Sooooooooooooo, I’m gonna tag some blogs that I LOVE and I really care about them. 

@ajstylesworld @llowkeys @the-geekgoddes @sweesters @glamourwrestling @theory-of-me and @shanemcmahonsjerseys I know that I’ve barely talked with some of you, but I love your blogs. <3