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twilight saga meme: [2/5] quotes → new moon, page 534

“This is not the life I would have chosen for myself. I wish there had been someone to vote no for me.”

dan’s liveshow 21/03/17: sad goth. sleepy boy. hood & long sleeves. hydration. daniel vs dan name rebrand? phil is a hamster trafficker. dan scandal 2017: kill phil for stealing cereal. get out is really good and entertaining. my horse prince final video. phil and i vs me and phil. phil had a crisis in the movie theatre. ‘local hipster, daniel howell’. furry polygamy group chat. gesticulation. doesn’t like to stand out. ‘drink from me and live forever’ hoodie. dan’s watched phil since 2007. youtube comments rant. gender equality and sexuality convo. labels can help but they don’t define you. guess the crime cameo. stop with the bee movie. goodbye cyber pals

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I really couldn't care less about Abel, the only thing I have to say is I'll be happy when Bella has a new relationship because she's so supportive, it's cute to see. He posted some pics a few times but she was SO supportive of him with the videos and posts she made, I'm a girl and bi and I'd date her so fast lol. She's girlfriend goals and one day someone will see and appreciate that and treat her like she deserves to be treated. Until then I love how happy and successful she is now.

One of the things I’ve always said I loved about Bella is how supportive, loving, and comfortable she is being affectionate with her loved ones the way she is. It’s so clear she cares deeply for the people in her life and is always there for them. I would really love to see her be in a relationship where not only is that appreciated from her but reciprocated. Almost everything we saw and got from their relationship was initiated by and/or shared by Bella and I want her to be with someone that wants to love and show her off as much as she wants to love and show off because she is a very supportive person, especially with him and that’s an amazing thing and I really hope she’ll get someone real who’ll put energy into her like that. 

Bella seems alright now; she has a lot of her family and real friends always with her lately so I know she’s being loved up and taken care of by then. It’s a new era for Bella and I hope she rides it out single for a while and focuses on work and reflect on everything that’s happened so she can find someone who deserves her attention later and that she can share in the happiness with. 

Idk if this opinion is unpopular or not but I feel like it’s stupid to even try and compare Dan and Arin’s problematic jokes to Jon’s flat out actual racism. To act like Arin and Danny’s Asian accent is on the same level as Jon “rich black people commit more crimes than poor whites” Jafari is just delusional.

PP2 SHOULD have beens

After putting further thought into this, the following things are things that (I think) SHOULD HAVE happened in Pitch Perfect 2:

- Luke
- Luke’s abs (because come on!)
- Lily being with Donald because he thought she was adorable!
- Kimmy Jin passing by Beca on campus and just saying “the white girl is back”
- Aubrey confessing her love to Uni
- Lily “shouting” for Bechloe to just kiss already and Amy telling her to not to shout
- Beca telling her dad about the internship
- Hearing one of Beca’s mixes (can they just release an album of mixes??)
- Beca playing an idea for the set to her co-captain Chloe
- Beca telling Emily freshman aren’t allowed in the booth
- Fat “Amy” using her real name, Fat Patricia
- Amy breaking the news she’s with Bumper to all her boyfriends
- Shower guy drunk at that party pointing to Beca saying “that’s the girl with the really great voice, I saw her naked.”
- The Bellas singing “All About That Bass” in the riff-off then shouting “NO TREBLE”
- Drunk, extra flirty Chloe
- Seeing who Cynthia Rose is marrying?
- Beca letting Chloe give her the back rub and obviously experimenting with other things as well

These are things that SHOULD NOT have happened:
- Jesse (because why?!)
- Jeca

There’s always opportunity in PP3…

Critica de La Bella y la Bestia

Durante meses he dicho que el cine se ha prostituido lo cual es cierto pero nunca había señalado lo bueno de ello, cuando hay una película buena, es buena en todo sentido y este es el caso.

La Bella y la Bestia (Versión animada), es una película que hemos visto mas de una ve en la vida, en mi caso cientos de veces y a pesar de ellos durante las dos horas con algunos minutos que dura la versión en live action siempre estuve sorprendiéndome, sin saber que escena es la siguiente.

Las canciones y los efectos especiales son mágicos, no hay palabras para describirlo, “mágico” tiene el significado mas cercano.

Emma Watson le dio vida a bella de la forma mas correcta posible, nadie podrá interpretar a bella de mejor forma, de igual forma los actores que dieron vida a Gaston y Bestia fueron elegidos de manera correcta.

Sin duda comprare el Blu-Ray en cuanto salga, vale la pena, en mi opinión supero y por mucho la versión live action de Cenicienta y Malefica.

Y es la primera vez que Disney incluyo a un Homosexual, lo cual nunca pensé ver y lo aplaudo, espero pronto tengamos a un protagonista Gay o Lesbiana.

10/10 es de ley verla.

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Yolanda is so annoying she left reality tv cause she "wants to bring back the privacy back into her home" but then signs a deal that is basically a model and there momager show? A opportunist at best tacky. Happy Bella would never sign a trashy tv show deal like that ....

Yolandas a liar. She didn’t leave reality TV, RHOBH demoted her from housewife to friend of the show so she left to get someone who will pay more attention to her. I don’t know how shes gonna be a modeling coach, she wasn’t any level of famous when she modeled over twenty years ago and has nothing to do with her wn girls careers. Her own mother agency wouldn’t sign on Gigi and not a single throwback is a campaign image- just random beach shoots (half of which are from the same 2-3 shoots). That should show how little an impact she left and connections she has… Ridiculous. 

She’s honestly obsessed with being on reality TV. I really don’t like her and I hope Bella (and Gigi) don’t get dragged on to that show because that would be so embarrassing man… I know Bella loves her mom so much but I just do not like her. I do think Bella will end up doing or trying to do some kind of reality TV gimmick eventually, too.

Unpopular opinion

Am I the only one who is over the whole Miz & Maryse vs John and Nikki thing?

First, fans complained about Natalya and Carmella bringing up her personal life. Now people are foaming at the mouth at seeing the two interact on tv.

I really hope it doesn’t end in a proposal at Wrestlemania. Nikki seems like a sweetheart and that’s such an impersonal way to be proposed to.

FYI: I like John and Nikki. I’m just bored of the storyline.

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I need an opinion or several. I have fibro, depression & anxiety (such a lovely bunch of pals). I'm currently unemployed and looking for a job. Several of the applications I've filled out have asked if I'm disabled and I answer 'no' because we all know that regardless of any law, that would get my application tossed without a second glance in most cases. At what point should I disclose my disability? During an in-person interview? After I've been hired? After the probationary period?

*sighs* this is such a difficult question. I actually recently dropped my chronic illness into conversation with my boss and I’ve been working there a year. I feel this was probably far too long to wait and personally, I would disclose it after the probationary period - mention you are struggling from flare ups and felt they should know.

But my answer isn’t gospel. What are other people’s opinions?

Bella x

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Abel really could've have made Bella into household name if he did half of things he's doing Selena with her. They were already relationship goals and a nice aesthetics . I'm so mad for her. I know relationships end but she deserved so much better

They had a vibe and were like a cult ‘relationship goal’ for some people just based on their image. His image, though, isn’t about being in a serious relationships; him and Bella were pretty much drama free and super private for two years. There was no way to get more buzz out of that relationship without taking things to the next level and he may have only been keeping her around for so long so he could come up with a hot, young model on his arm. 

She does deserve better. This whole situation is embarrassing for her, like he’s making her look like some insignificant chick he once banged in order to ‘remind’ people that he’s a player. And shoving his ‘relationship’ with S down everyone’s throats so quick after breaking up with Bella and while saying they’re taking it slow is the epitome of obnoxious and stunty bullshit. 

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Lexi commented on a backstage pic of Kendall where her face looked really puffy 'she's never looked better', and she tagged Binx, then Binx replied with 'lol' or something. So juvenile and rude and then stupid of them to not realise everyone can see their shitty comments.

Yeah, that’s pretty mean, I don’t why she couldn’t just dm the comment to her if she wanted to say it like instagram is so public, everyone sees what you’re doing that and everyone knows it. Really dumb. I don’t know why I thought it was something about Lexi and Binx bullying Gigi, but I guess it was Kendall.

edit: So Lexi commented on a Vogue Germany photo of Kendall and Lexi backstage somewhere (and I guess her face looks puffy? It looks normal to me) and Lexi commented “shes never looked better *crying emoji*” and @/ed Binx and Binx commented back “thats so fucked up *crying emoji*”. Lexi issued an apology and Kendall posted a photo of her and Binx backstage somewhere a few months later. 

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What happened between Gigi and Binx?

I think it might’ve actually been Kendall, not Gigi, now that I’m thinking about it? And if I’m remembering it was more Lexi then it was Binx and they said something shady about her on instagram and literally everyone talked about it and I still see people bring it up but I bet it was like two years ago. I think people just bring Gigi into it because they have trouble recognizing that Gigi and Kendall are not one single entity lol. I know Lexi apologized but I don’t know if any of them are friends or anything.

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Is Aly related to Marielle's husband? Only reason Im asking is bc they both have the last name Aflalo

I have no idea. I think so but I also I don’t because Ally and Marielle don’t follow one another and Ally doesn’t follow Marielle’s husband or either of his brothers. She might be on of those people that doesn’t follow family though? Idk, I have a hard time believing Marielle wouldn’t follow her if she’s an in-law and one of Bella’s best friends.

But Marielle and Bella also aren’t close like that, there’s like a 15-20 year difference in ages and we never see them together. So, then I also think Ally’s not related because I don’t know how much exposure Bella would’ve gotten to Marielle’s husband in general, let alone his extended family? Like they have the same last name but that might be a coincidence.

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bella is such a precious human being omg if i was in her situation i would've been petty af but she just liked rimas pic just?? how??? can she be so nice?? makes me love her even more that she's so mature about everything

But I lowkey think that is how Bella is getting her pettiness out, though. Like that might be enough for her to like pictures and make vague captions. She’s very non-confrontational and passive so her liking a pic and acting like literally nothing has happened for months now is her kind of being like “fuck you, I don’t care” like “you can cut me out of your life but you’re still in mine”. 

The Unfollowing, especially having the whole crew unfollow her- people who were her friends and who were still going to be in her life despite her and potato being on rocky terms- was meant to jar her. It was meant to make her upset and hurt her feels, it was a manipulative power move to strip her friends away like that. But she’s just ignoring it and kind of has to. 

It’s like when you’re in secondary school and you have a bully crawling up your butt because they have their own issues and the emotional range of a toddler who can’t find his mom. You have to just ignore their antics until they get bored and go away. He’s basically running out of things to do to her before people, in general, realize he’s acting crazy immature and he starts exploiting the break up) and she only continues to hustle and continues to be around and go out with her friends who are actually there for her.

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BELLA HUNG WITH TACOOOOOOO in calling it she's gonna be hanging with tyler soon i'm

I hope so! She hung out with Taco on Vday, too, there was a whole group of people together and he posted a photo of Bella and Kendall on his ig. She’s getting into that social circle again, imo. I feel like she’s being a lot more social lately and hanging out people we haven’t seen her with in a while (or barely/never saw her with??) so I think it wouldn’t be weird if they were in the same group again and hung out like I’m dying for a reunion.