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Warning: Spoilers, potential seizure trigger

Title: Hella Bella

Editor: Tsukinabi

Studio: Clover Studios

Song: Mmm Yeah

Artist: Austin Mahone feat. Pitbull

Anime: Princess Jellyfish

Category: For fun

Yay!! Corgis Begging For Stuff has been named the Cutest Blog of 2013 by the Daily Dot.  Thank you to all the adorable corgis and friends who have helped us gain thousands of followers and have given viewers many, many smiles and laughs.

Quick addition: My job maintaining the blog is the easy one. The success is the direct result of the Corgi Tumblr Community who submit photos and who allow me to stalk their blogs for content. So the congratulations goes to you and your adorable corgis. Keep on begging!

Here is a list of all the corgis who have been featured since the beginning four months ago. (let me know if I forgot anyone!)

Bailey, Mia, Trinket, Bandit, Wash, Rocky, Oliver, Scamp, Archer, Nitro, Dexter and April, Jasper Islington, Corki, Zelda, Linus, Teddy, Henry, Buck-beak, Baxter, Einstein, Pepper, Chompers, Kona, Vegas, Menchi and Ein, Ventus, Sampson and Lola, Roosevelt, Chubby, Sherlock, Abby, Jake, Gizmo, Cosmo, Snickers, NYC Cardis, Eleanor, Pudge, Guinness, Boomer, Holly, Miso and Ollie, Sweetpea, Stubbie, Pebbles, Napoleon, Thor, Momo and Mofi, Stanley, Simon and Tess and Caleb and Tempe, Fonzie, Sam, Chief and Fizzy, Beefy, JP, Sophie, Tess, Severi, Mochi, Coco, Nugget, Machete, Kuma, Apple, Booker, Binky, Jackson, Winston, Zoey, Sully, Meridoc, Dr. Watson, Kipper, Murphy and Franklin, Chuckles, Otis, Giordi, Fae, Daisylila, Korbin, Gandalf, Millie, Stella, Tucker, Hercules, Rufus, Ralph Bobby, Frankie, Smudgler, Mimi, Beebop, Harry, Luna, Zoey and Steve, Peanut, Chi-Chan and Ookii and Curry, Walas, Miss Ella, Charles-love, Cthulhut, Gawyn, Scout, Tesla, Waffles, Rue, Binky, Carlton, Ruby, Mr. Moose, Gwendolyn, Chairman Baobaoski, Kirby, Templeton, Dolly, Disco, Dale, Chloe, Ghibli and Ed!, Miles, Benny Butt, Hambone and Cupcake, and Wolfgang, Kiki and Tutu, Lenny, Lucy and Oy, Qrthur, Gerty, Hank, Lady London, Yoshi, Butters, Fenris, Cora, Sneakers, Pica, Kanji, Moe, Boedozer, Brick, Brisco, Katiekay, Summer, Sir Dudley, Charleston, Omelet, Copper, Mozzie, Draco, Gatsby and Scout, Dora, Jackson, Cheza, Short Round, Henry, Aneira, Emi and Helix, Tofu and Mango, Clemy, Sparkplug, Wileywoo, Sophie, Fawkes, Elvis Hippo, Tiberius, Reddington, Quinn, Sir Percival, Sookie, Devyn, Conney, Bella, Newton, McCoy, Lola and Kota, Wallace and Maple, Nani and Pua, Berry, Megatron, Maple and Lenny, PT Apple, Tobias, Bruno and Rocky, Ohowyn, Bella, Kipling, Clover, Baxter, Emma, Eevee, Rosie, Marnie, Daisy, Buster, Rexy, Ginger, Scoops, Pecan, Frodo, Alice, Gerty, Io, Toby, Lenny.

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The Internet loves Corgis; they may be the lone breed of dog that can challenge cats for dominance of the Web. With their stubby legs, roly-poly bodies, perky ears, and intelligent faces, they’re truly the total canine package and consistently achieve near-fatal levels of cuteness (as almost every listicle-based website has deduced).

The little buggers are especially adorable when putting on a show in pursuit of assorted treats, and human food in particular: There are hind-leg balancing acts and slack jaws, wide eyes and hangdog expressions, and no two Corgis beg alike. Will that one ever get ahold of the baby carrot in his master’s hand? Can this one stretch far enough to sample the sub sandwich sitting on the coffee table? Rest assured: One simply doesn’t say no to that face.