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Favourite episodes - 1/10
3x23 - Beach Party

The Gold Coast is playing host to a beach party, and Bella wants to ask Will if he will go with her. But she is upset when she misunderstands a conversation she hears between Rikki and Will, and thinks that they are going together. Bella then has no alternative but to ask Nate, which confuses Will (as he was about to ask her). Cleo receives a gift telescope from Ryan. Things are straightened out at the party, however, when Zane tells Will to stay away from Rikki, Will exclaims that he likes Bella. Bella and Will become a couple. Meanwhile, Sophie is trying to persuade Zane to change the name of the cafe.


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Reverse Punk-Nerd AU (RPNAU)

Jack is the nervous nerdy new kid in Berk and Hiccup is the resident bad ass punk. No one would have ever imagined they’d end up together, but, well, no one can predict the ups and downs of the human heart, either.

Biology on Sena’s Tumblr | Biology on Sena’s AO3

Reverse Punk-Nerd AU (RPNAU)
Sequel to Biology

After the events of Biology, things have settled into a pleasant rhythm for Jack and Hiccup–until Jack’s brother gets back into town. Now, between Jackson and Hiccup’s father, Stoick, finding out about their relationship, the boys have even more problems on their hands than before.

Chemistry on Sena’s Tumblr | Chemistry on Sena’s AO3

The Hunger Games AU

[summary pending]

Starvation on Sena’s Tumblr | Starvation on AO3

Guardian High AU

Hiccup and Toothless managed to defeat the Red Death, but at a price–they died during the battle. The next thing Hiccup knows he’s waking up to a miniature-Toothless and dragon features all over his own body, the Tooth Fairy Queen explaining that he’s been chosen to train as a new Guardian at St. Luna’s Academy…

Child of the Moon on Sena’s Tumblr | Child of the Moon on AO3

Omegaverse Reverse Punk-Nerd AU (RPNAU)

When Jack, a lowly omega, goes into heat at school, it’s practically torture. Then he runs face-first into Hiccup, the school’s top alpha. Pheromones and hormones take over–and things get more than a little complicated in a very short amount of time.

*Note: This fic is VERY NSFW. It contains MANY graphic scenes of sex between two men.

Marked on Sena’s Tumblr | Marked on AO3

Nekomimi AU

Hiccup is a house cat, a Viking cat with a pedigree a mile long–and an owner who doesn’t appreciate him for who and what he is. Or maybe it’s more that Dagur appreciates him too much. The only things that keep him going are Mr. Oswald’s kindness and Dagur’s other cat, a purebred Night Fury named Toothless who dotes on Hiccup, protects him the best he can, and cleans him up after the particularly tough nights.

But things just keep getting worse and worse, and finally Toothless can’t take it anymore; so he gives his best friend a shove out the door, forcefully freeing him from the abuse–but also pushing him away from the only home he’s ever really known–and right into the life of a stray. And that is when he meets a scruffy white haired mixbreed named Jack, who seems determined to show him that living life on his own terms isn’t just new and different–it’s positively amazing!

Stray on Sena’s Tumblr | Stray on AO3

Omegaverse AU

[summary pending]

The Greek Alphabet on Sena’s Tumblr | The Greek Alphabet on AO3

Dragon Apocalypse AU

After centuries hibernating in the deepest fathoms of the seas and oceans, the dragons have awoken. Their return means mankind’s inevitable fall–until Hiccup Haddock realizes that some dragons can be trained. Along with Jack, they and their dragons traverse the ruins of the new world, setting out to destroy every alpha dragon they can find in an attempt to bring some hope to humanity’s survival.

Raining Ashes on Sena’s Tumblr | Raining Ashes on AO3

Zoo AU

[summary pending]

Cats and Dogs on Sena’s Tumblr | Cats and Dogs on AO3

Soul Keeper AU

[summary pending]

Soulless on Sena’s Tumblr | Soulless on AO3


-We All Scream For Cuddles
-Lost In Translation

-Lines and Crossing Them
-Time and Place (NSFW)
-The Middle and The End


-Second First Impressions
-Funeral Pyre
-Night One

-All Or Nothing
-Dream Catcher
-Ice Time
-Talk Me Down
-Seeing Things
-What No One Knows
-In The Cove (about an OC Hijack son, not Hic and Jack themselves)

RotBTD/Supernatural Crossover
Main Characters: Hiccup Haddock, Jack Frost, Rapunzel Corona, Merida Dunbroch, Sam & Dean Winchester, Castiel, Kevin Tran.
Ships: Hijack, hints at Destiel, Kevin/Merida BROTP

Jack, Hiccup, Merida and Rapunzel go on an impromptu adventure, ending up stuck across the globe in the United States. There things take a strange turn, even for them: Rapunzel disappears and the only help they can find comes in the form of a pair of Hunting brothers, Sam and Dean, and Castiel, a fallen Angel stripped of his Grace.

Random Stolen Independence Scene #1
Random Stolen Independence Scene #2
Random Stolen Independence Scene #3
Random Stolen Independence Scene #4 (NSFW)

Stolen Independence on Sena’s Tumblr | Stolen Independence on ffnet

Main Characters: Emma Overland, Hiro Hamada, Tip Tucci, Sherman Peabody, Sophie Bennett, Bella “Baby” Tooth, Sandy Crood.
Ships: One-sided Emma/Hiro srsly Hiro is an oblivious idiot.

[summary pending]

The Understudies on Sena’s Tumblr | The Understudies on AO3

Jurassic Park AU

[summary pending]

Draconic Park on Sena’s Tumblr | Draconic Park on AO3

Supernatural AU

Roxas and Ven are young Hunters, traveling the world, always on the road, tracking down and destroying dangerous supernatural creatures. Now they’ve come to Destiny Islands, lead there by clues from their brother, Cloud, to find something there that’s killing local high school kids. And after Destiny Islands, who knows where they could end up next?

Phantasmagoria on Sena’s Tumblr | Phantasmagoria on AO3

Zombie Apocalypse AU
Co-written with Michiko Kale.
Ships: RikuRoku, friends-with-benefits AkuDemy.

[summary pending]

Life After Death on Sena’s Tumblr | Life After Death on AO3


-Legalities (RenoRoku)

Supernatural AU

Bucky is a Hunter without a past, no memories of who he really is or where he came from–and that’s possibly for the best. When he meets Steve, a man sharing his body with the angel Sariel, he begins to fall in love… and along with the strange new feelings, horrifying shards of his previous life begin to return to him.

Wayward Sons on Sena’s Tumblr | Wayward Sons on AO3


-Mi Casa
-Red, White and Blue





A deafening crack, a violent gust of wind and a wall of snow: an avalanche. Now a Herald and her Companion are trapped, buried beneath ten feet of ice, and there is nothing they can do but wait for death to come, all the while their partners try desperately to save them.

Be Still on Sena’s Tumblr | Be Still on FFNet


Kylla and Karrie wake to smoke, ash and flame, their family’s farmhouse afire. They set out to escape the blaze, but in the end only one of them will make it out alive… and only with the help of a Companion.

Fire And Ashes on Sena’s Tumblr | Fire And Ashes on FFNet


A loyal and lonely cat searches for her lost owner–and finds him in his beloved tavern, at his favorite seat, with his beloved friends. She finds him there, despite the fact that he died a week ago.

Last Call on Sena’s Tumblr


New extended trailer of Pride And Prejudice + Zombies