Hetalia Characters When They Try Acting Flirty
  • Canada: Hey sweetie. I lost my bear....can I sleep with you..?
  • America: Hey girl. From a scale of North Korea to America how free are you..?
  • England: Hello, darling. I lost my phone number. Can I get yours?
  • France: Bonjour, mon amour. Are you from France? 'Cause MaDAMN!
  • China: Ni Hao. Is your name Ah Beng? 'Cause Ah Beng thinking about you.
  • Russia: I'll be Putin it in you tonight...
  • Italy: Ciao, bella. Do you have any Italian in you? Would you like some?
  • Germany: idk he just flexes his muscles and takes off his shirt.
  • Japan: Will you be my waifu?
  • Romano: Would you like to see my colosseum?
  • Prussia: He flexes his muscles too. Probably winks and wiggles his eyebrows, too.
  • Netherlands: he just throws money at you.
  • (I am not sorry)

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How would the 2p! Allies and axis react to their s/o being jealous of spending more time with someone else?

2p america: Don’t worry babydoll, i’m all yours; or do i have to show you? B) (Will take your feelings into account and spends more time with you)

2p canada: no need to be jealous and all, you know you’re my maple leaf, nobody can replace my maple leaf. ( will continue to see the other person, but limits the time)

2p england: Oh gosh, i didn’t know you felt that way! I’m sorry poppet, you should’ve said so, does it make you feel better i can stop seeing […] ( immediately stops seeing the other person)

2p france: hm. Lets go on a date. (Avoids conflict and spoils you)

2p china: kittin’ what ya mad about? Jealous of [..]? Really now? Does my kittin miss me too much heh. (Avoids confrontation and will turn it into an ego boost)

2p russia: It was pure on a professional level, no need for jealousy. You know how i l-like you.

2p italy: mia bella prinsecsia, how could ever anyone replace you? ( will cut cords with the other person and showers you in compliments)

2p germany: Will never figure it out unless you tell him.

2p japan: s/o, you’re overacting, i’m not stupid. Anyone knows leaving you would be just plain suicide.

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How would the 2p allies react to someone making fun of there s/o for wearing black clothing and make up?

2p america: Who ever says something like that again will be seeing nothing but black

2p cananda: sigh, how people want to die. Imma find these shitstains, show them my peace of min’ . Nobody messes with my maple-leaf.

2p england: Pardon? Poppet i’m sorry but i’m going to talk to that piece of scum and let them know they have to bibbity-bobbity-back the heck up. In the meantime here’s some cupcakes.

2p france: wait here, i’ll be back in 10min.

2p china: ExUSe M e, kittin’ you slayin’ and they judging ?????Oh bOy iMMA KICK SOME ASS.

2p russia: hm? Don’t worry you look fine in every way, don’t let them get to you.

2p italy: beLLA, why didn’t you say earlier?Anyway i’m going to skin those fuckers alive.

2p germany: [looks in the camera like in the office] who ever did this is a dead man.

2p japan: Don’t listen to them. They’re stupid

2p prussia: You okay? I’m here if you want to talk and stuff…

2p lovino: Clearly they don’t know what fashion is, tch, don’t worry donna you’re my gf so you know a lot more of fashion than them.

2ps Reactions To S/O Wanting Kids

2p America: “You really want a mini me running around here, huh??” He would laugh about it, but certainly wouldn’t be against it.

2p England: “Oh, poppet! I’d love to, if you want to, but-” He would be all for it, very excited, but also very worried. What if something goes wrong? What if he isn’t the best father? He doubts everything that could happen.

2p China: Cue nervous laughter and a lot of stuttering. As much as he would like kids, he’d find the whole thing to be kind of difficult. He’s not the most consistent person, let alone a consistent father.

2p France: “….” He wouldn’t really want a kid. He feels like he messed up raising Matt, and he doesn’t want to mess up again.

2p Russia: “I see. You really want a child?” He would make sure that it was truly okay with it. He’d be somewhere in the middle, as the idea would put him off for a little bit, but if you give him time he will warm up to the idea of having a child.

2p Canada: “You sure..?” “…Okay.” He’s wanted kids before, but never asked. He wants to prove to himself that he can take care of a child, better than he thought his own father did.

2p Italy: “Oh,bella,I don’t see why not… But why?” He’d be okay with it, but would want a specific reason as to why you wanted to have a child with him.

2p Germany: He’d give you a big hug immediately. “Hey, of course! I mean, they’re basically a little bundle of insomnia, but that’s not so bad!” He’d love to have a child with you, as for him it shows him just how much you do love him.

2p Japan: “Hm…” He wouldn’t decide immediately, not really liking the idea a whole lot. Though he isn’t completely against it, just let him think about it.

2p Romano: Cue dramatic gasp. “Oh bella, of course!!” He’d be all for it, already making up plans for the baby. Name, baby shower, room, whatever; he’ll have it done in no time.

2p Austria: “Oh, darling, of course~, I was wondering when you’d ask~” He has been wanting kids for a while now, as it kind of says to him that now there’s no way that you’d leave him.

2p Prussia: “W-What? Are you sure? I don’t… Think that I’d be the best father, but…” As much as he would love children, he doubts that he’ll be the best he can be for his child, so is mostly just worried.

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S/O refusing to leave the closet, screaming, "IM TOO UGLY TO GO OUTSIDE!" Refusing to go on a date 2 p and s/o planned for months. Reaction?

(I can relate to this on a spiritual level)


2p Germany: “C'mon katze, you look gorgeous”

2p Japan: “Now is not the time for this, babe.”

2p Romano: “No no bella you look beautiful! It’s the world that’s too ugly for you!”

2p Spain: “Amor, you look fine now come on so we’re not late.”

2p Prussia: “Nein, liebe, you’re beautiful!”

2p America: “Babe, you’re overreacting; you look fine.”

2p England: “Poppet, you look lovely!”

2p France: “Can we just go already?”

2p Russia: “Uhm…if you want, we can save it for another time and stay home.”

2p China: “Noooo kitten nooo you’re beautiful!”

2p Canada: “Babe, calm down, you look fine.”

Cullen Family Imagine #2: Protection of the Dark

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Can I get a whole Cullen family imagine with 357 and 349 and it’s set in the time where the Voltori meet Renesmee and the Cullen family see the reader on the Voltoris side and they worry about her because she used to be a Cullen, but what they don’t know is that she left to protect Renesmee and Bella she made a deal with Aro sorry if this is confusing and P.S. I love your blog❤️❤️

349. “You can’t protect me.”

357. “You don’t need to protect me.”

It’s funny actually, how we all ended up here. Me on the side against my family. It started when the human my “brother” fell in love with decided to throw herself off a freaking cliff to see a hallucination of him. Even if I don’t like her, my brother meant more than her life. My family means more to me than her, but she became a part of it, so I have to force myself to care for her. 

It really started when the four of us: Alice, Edward, Bella, and I were being seen by the Volturi. Aro took an interest to Alice but when he held my hand, I knew the gig was up for me. Alice, Edward, and even Bella left Italy without me in confusion. Even with mind-reading, Edward didn’t know what had transpired. I became a part of the Volturi guard and I never got to say goodbye to my real family. My power was far more valuable to Aro than Alice’s.

I have an ancient power that goes from vampire to human to vampire. It’s not inherited, it possesses you and becomes your until you are killed. My power captures the souls of people by the masses and disintegrates their bodies. Ever heard of mysterious disappearances of colonies or civilizations….yeah……..that’s my ancient power. I don’t know who had it before me or how I got it, but I’ve kept it secret for over a century till Edward got his mate. 

Now, here we are. Me, standing beside Jane and Alec. My family across from me, gazing upon me with worry in their faces. It was difficult to keep my emotionless expression. I missed them horribly. As Edward, Bella, a shapshifter named Jacob I learned, and the hybrid child that is my niece approached, I felt a stir within me. While Aro inquired the child, Edward sent me a look to which I responded,

You don’t need to protect me.

He looked unfazed, his big brother nature was unbending. Bella refused to make eye contact with me. I looked at the child. She did resemble them both. But you did not feel much for the girl but pity. I found her name to be already cringeworthy, no offense to Esme. But when the final decision was being made, my family tried to reach out to me. There pleading looks were too hard to bare. My heart was aching and my power was just below the surface from my anxiety. No matter what they did, I knew what the decision would be. 

That’s when I saw Alice and Jasper break the treeline and make their way towards Aro. But I was on verge of snapping, I coudn’t withold my plan any longer, my power would take my mind if I did. I sent a blast of air to my brother and sister, sennding them to our family as a misty black cloud with silver lightning covered the field where I stood. Aro thought it was me preparing to kill my family’s side of the field, he was wrong. With a scream of agony as my power transfigured my body into a black shadowy figure, all the vampires around me were killed. There souls taken through bolts of glittery lightning. Their bodies dissolved and becoming part of the mass force above me. Thunder could be heard and my power was still raging. I didn’t know how to stop it. I never had to use it to this mass before. 

That’s when I heard the voice of Carlisle and Jasper. They were calling my name. I realized that I was still screaming. They were trying to find a way to get to me. But if they came too close, I didn’t think that I could stop my power from consuming them. 

“Don’t come any closer. You can’t protect me. I have to figure this out on my own. Just go, before it gets worse! ALL OF YOU!!!”

I was screaming again. It felt like my brain was being ripped apart. The storm seemed to grow louder. My eyes were closed and I was no longer on the ground. I felt suspended. But something kept me from going further. I felt it then, a hand in mine. My eyes peaked open and I saw Bella was holding my hand. A fierce determination in her eyes. I saw strength in her I had never thought could come for her.

“You did this for us…you had a plan the moment they took you. You could hide your thought’s from Aro and Edward. You planned this so you could come home. You are home, just let go of your power. It’s destroying you. We all miss you, even me though you never liked me. You’re Edward’s baby sister. You’re the baby sibling that everyone loves and wish they really had, even me. You did what you planned, come back to us.”

My breathing hitched unexpectedly, and I felt my power reach my heart. I felt it beat for the first time in decades and I screamed as I felt every liquid in my body move. My voice came out in a whisper,

You can’t protect me. Not from this. I still blame you for all of it Bella, but I’m starting to think that you just may deserve my brother after all.”

Then I left go of her hand and she tried to grab me again, but it was too late. The darkness had me and souls came to take me in it.

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Hello. I was wondering what the 2ps would do if their s/o tried to sneak up on them and scare them? I wish you luck with your blog!

2p America: “Aaa! Oh doll face~ You didn’t actually scare me. I knew you were right behind me. I just wanted to see your reaction. ” He would be scared and jump a little but then play it off and pretend like he knew you were there the whole time.

2p England: “Aah! Poppet you scared me. Thank god it was only you.” He would definitely get scared and jump. Depending on how scary you were he would scream. But he would calm down once he knew it was you.

2p Canada: “Hm? You should know by now it’s hard to scare me.” He wouldn’t be scared and would turn around and give you an annoyed look. He would roll his eyes but in the inside he would be screaming at your cuteness.

2p France: “Really? This again?” He would be bored or unamused if you didn’t scare him. If you did scare him he would find it slightly funny. But over all he couldn’t care less.

2p China: “Ah! Oh my god s/o you scared me. Now you got to make it up to me somehow~” Oh god. This guy will be scared but he will quickly calm down. He will want you to do something in return to make up for scaring him. If you aren’t in the mood he will back off immediately.

2p Russia: “*sigh*. S/o. Aren’t we a little to old to go scaring each other all the time.” This guy loves you but, he finds it immature. He will be slightly scared and then feel as if he needs to lecture you to make sure you know how you could have really scared him.

2p Italy: “Bella, just what were you trying to do? You know I can’t be scared.” This guy is a liar. He may try to sound all tough but you secretly scared the crap out of him. Of course you don’t need to know that part. He may roll his eyes but smile and kiss your head.

2p Germany: “Ah! S/o? Is that a camera? Haha babe you got me good. No hard feelings but I eventually have to get my revenge. ” This guys is a prankster. This was probably payback for some prank he pulled on you. He would be scared but then laugh it off before promising revenge. Warning: don’t start a prank war with him. It won’t end well for either of you.

2p Japan: *literally isn’t scared at all. and just stares at you. * this could go two ways. either you won’t scare him at all and he will just look at you for a couple seconds before walking away. Or he wouldn’t get scared but he will act scared just to see you happy.

2p Romano: “Ahh! Don’t scare me like that! I could have spilt my drink on my new shirt!” Once this guy calms down he will laugh with you. But don’t do it again. He doesn’t want to mess up his hair and clothing. This time he’ll let it go though.

2p Prussia: Please don’t scare this precious baby. He will most likely be very scared and you will have to calm him down and it won’t be a good situation. If you say boo or something it won’t be a big deal. But that’s it.

2p Spain: “That’s the best you can do?” I’m guessing this guy has seen it all. To scare him you’re going to have to do something crazy. Good luck. But he may act all annoyed at you but don’t worry. He still loves you

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Hello! If I remember correctly you had an ask a while ago about what to do in Edinburgh and so. I tried to find it but I couldn't. I am going there this summer and although I have been already, by bf hasn't and I want to give him the best time. Any suggestions? You are such an inspiration btw, always. Thanks!

Ahh, you are too sweet, <3 and I think I know the ask you are talking about, let me see now, ah yes here we go:

It’s January Scotland so make sure you have an umbrella. Also yes we do tip (Edinburgh is tourist central so the servers are usually students or foreigners on 0 hours with very little job security so tipping is appreciated) from experience the average is usually about 10%, although 20% is appreciated. If Bella Italy is there I’ve always had good service in there and the prices aren’t too bad, also look for the small local looking coffee shops, they tend to have the best food, and it’s where the locals eat so the prices aren’t extortionate. 

For Scottish food, ETD and I rather like “The World’s End” on Royal Mile as well. But also Broadies at the middle is good too. Just basically eat your way from one of the mile to the other and you can’t go wrong.

As for places you should see: the castle goes without saying, the royal palace if it’s open is also fun (but expensive) and the Edinburgh dungeons are always a hoot, as is King Mary’s Close (on the Royal Mile) which actually takes you under the city in to the old city on a guided tour, that’s probs one of my fave things to do while there. Here’s a link

This is probably one of my fave things to do.

Fair warning the Edinburgh Dungeons requires audience participation and has some jump scares so it’s not for everyone.

Also there’s lots of ghost tours and stuff and walking tours which you can find the info for outside the St Tron Kirk on Royal Mile. Oh and the St Giles Cathedral is really pretty inside and that’s also on the Royal Mile.

Another fave of mine is the Optical Illusion Museum which is across from the Whiskey Experience, which let me tell you, don’t go see those two in the wrong order.

Some other things I would recommend are:

The National Museum of Scotland:

The Surgeon’s Hall Museum (if you’re into that sort of thing)

The Writer’s Museum (we have a lot of museums okay)–Museum.aspx 

Also the zoo is a nice day visit (someone please tell me they still to the penguin parade?)  and there are guided tours of parliament which is much the same thing these days.

You also can’t really go wrong with a hike around the city or up to Arthur’s Seat, provided you get a day where it’s no raining sidey-ways.

@ Scottish tumblr fam if I’ve missed something you think should be on here please add it!