There were plenty of great scenes that were unfortunately left out of the Twilight movies. Edward removing Bella’s garter with his teeth, winking at her, and proceeding to throw it straight at Mike Newton’s face shouldn’t have been one of them. 

Cúpula Recomienda: Por una rosa

¿Quién dijo que las princesas tenían que esperar a ser rescatadas?
¿Quién dijo que las princesas eran cobardes?
¿Quién dijo que las princesas lloraban?
¿Quién dijo que las princesas no podían domar a La Bestia?

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— Benito Taibo/Javier Ruescas/Laura Gallego.


  • Beca: Stop looking at me. Stop looking at me.Stop looking at me.
  • Chloe: Please look at me. Hey! Psst. I love you, Beca. I have secret love powers. Look at me!
  • Stacie: huh, I have 29 teeth. No that can’t be right. One. Two. Three-
  • Jesse: Beca’s in love with Chloe, and I have nothing. Oh, look. I found an M&M. Oh no...
  • Flo: My life sucks. Okay, I really hope no one smelled that.
  • Fat Amy: All right! Im the best-looking person in this room. No. In this whole town. No! No, in this whole state. No...
  • Aubrey: Dumb-asses.
  • *CR enters the room*
  • CR: “So, how’s it going?”
  • Aubrey: “Real good. Jesse just ate something off the floor.”
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You so two faced. You call people sexist, say that they say misogynistic shit and then screaming at women who disagree with you . You so easy to get triggered. Just because you don't like someone opinion doesnt mean you can make assumptions about people. You can debate with people but don't throw out things if you can't handle the negativity. Stay silent next time, hon.

I’m sorry, but when a person tears down or slut shames a woman for who she’s dating or married to (especially in the wrestling business), or says that a guy is the only reason for her success, then yes that is 100% a sexist and misogynistic to say. That’s not an opinion. Nikki Bella is one of my favorite female wrestlers on the roster, and people slut shaming her for relationship with John Cena or saying that she’s only successful because of him doesn’t fly by with me. And I will say the same for any other female on that roster. I’m not two-faced for calling people out sexism and misogyny, I’m not two-faced for standing up for what I believe in and calling people out on their crap. If you’re the same anon who came to my inbox to say I tear down other females, that’s simply not true. Take a look at my blog and all my tags, so you’ll see all the things I post of women’s wrestling and of all the women in WWE. My idea of supporting women doesn’t involve tearing down other women or slut shaming, body shaming, and making other degrading comments about them. It’s not two-faced to call out people who do those things.