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Grown up Campbell x Bella aesthetics

Now building a name for herself as a somewhat successful events photographer, Bella is somewhat baffled when Stacy sets her up on a blind date. She argues that she can’t go, that she has work, and Isabel to look after, and how can she get a babysitter at such short notice? But Stacy insists, and even takes six year old Isabel for the night (and that’s worrying enough for Bella), and soon Bella finds herself at a Camden restaurant on a Friday night, blinking up at this lanky, skinny Scotsman with a wide grin and a mile-a-minute gob. It takes her less than ten minutes to place his voice, and suddenly she realises she’s been set up with radio DJ Campbell Bain. He’s nice and all, but somehow Bella doesn’t think he’s her type.

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Modern AU where Stannis and Renly know about Robert's bastards(Mya,Bella,Gendry and Edric) and they up taking better care of them than Robert. Renly is the Cool Uncle(TM) and takes his nieces and nephews to theme parks and beech and is always there for advice. Stannis ends up being a PTA-uncle,checking up on their grades and trying to fix things if he think they're being treated unfairly, He also has them over often since Shireen loves her cousins and they treat her like a sister.

YUP, but I gotta add.

Renly and Stannis get into little squabbles about the kids all the time. Renly wants them to have fun and spoil them while Stannis wants them to learn to be independent functioning adults (unlike his brothers). It usually ends up with slapped-together compromises courtesy of Davos. 

Renly thinks Stannis works to hard with the kids and offers to do Stannis’ half for a week and nearly dies from the overloaded stress and responsibility because sometimes Stannis doesn’t really hang out with the kids one-on-one but he is on top of E V E R Y T H I N G. He knows Gendry sucks at reading and has been working with Gendry’s reading teachers to figure out ways to help. He has an ongoing email with Mya’s coaches about getting her scholarships. He has personally doled out mad cash to get Bella braces and even insists that she can get whatever wacky color she wants from them. He even offered to be the fucking boy-scout leader in Edric’s troop despite still working his full time job and taking care of Shireen. Renly is in awe. 

Meanwhile Stannis is amazed with Renly (though he’ll never say it). They’ll have dinner twice a month to go ove all the kids and while Stannis has all the academic and financial stuff down, Renly knows all their personal stuff. He knows all of Gendry’s friends and everything about them. He knows Mya is nervous about university and gives her endless advice. He knows Bella is really talented at painting and hangs up her paintings in his home (and Stannis’). He knows Edric’s insecurities and tries to help out with them.

Oh yeah, there is a third uncle and his name is Dadvos. He brings over home cooked meals and gifts for the kids nearly every day. He teaches Gendry to drive, takes Mya to all her football games, brings Bella fun arts and crafts projects, and teaches Edric to cook. Renly fucking loves it and Stannis is appreciative because feeding those kids is a M E S S. 

Robert still dads it up though. Just because he isn’t a great father, doesn’t mean he doesn’t try! It’s never fantastic but his kids and brothers are used to him stopping by and trying to parent. He gives Gendry his first beer (yeah he is only thirteen but Robert thought he was old enough!). He teaches Mya to fight properly (AND BOY DOES SHE). Edric loves to sit next to his dad and listen to Robert’s stories about “the good ol’ days” and Robert always calls Bella his beautiful flower and while he is a shitty father who has made some shitty decisions he still kind of loves his kinds and tries to be there for them in awkward ways.


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Continuing the AU with Renly and Stannis&the Robert's bastards,can you imagine the sibling relationships? Mya and Bella going shopping and Bella making pretty banners to wave at Mya's football games. Mya,Gendry and Edric playing football together. Bella teasing Gendry on his crush on a certain Stark girl and all the siblings lowkey ship it. And their relationships with Shireen? Mya,Bella and Shireen having Girls-nights. Shireen helping Gendry with reading and him giving her piggy-back rides.


Mya teaches Bella and Edric self-defense and personally goes to their schools at the slightest hint of bullying to LAY DOWN THE LAW. She is also the only one to beat Gendry in an arm wrestle and the two constantly play fight.

Gendry give piggy back rides to EVERYONE (they tried to get him to give one to Stannis but neither were comfortable with that idea). Gendry and Bella are really good at climbing trees and Mya is super jealous. She is ok, but Gendry and Bella somehow fly up there to her dismay. 

Bella loves make things for her brothers and sisters (including Shireen) and fixes the many rips and tears they all get in their clothes. She also braids Mya’s hair no matter how short or long.

Edric gets all of Gendry’s hand-me-down clothes but that’s okay because Gendry is kind of a lowkey (highkey) role model for Edric and especially when he is younger, he tries to imitate Gendry ALL THE TIME. Edric and Shireen get along the best and the two spend hours together :)

For Father’s day, they all ban together to do something really nice for Renly, Stannis and Davos, hell even Robert. Bella knits them sweaters (she had been working on these for weeks with Edric constantly by her side and helping). Gendry and Edric attempt to make a really nice dinner for them. Mya singlehandedly scrubs Stannis’ office clean (not that it was dirty because the man keeps that office pristine). Shireen makes beautiful hearffelt cards and ALL THE SEAWORTH KIDS ARE THERE AND HELPING and it is probably the first group dinner where Robert is 100% sober and attentive, Renly isn’t trying to egg Stannis on (well, only a little bit) and Stannis fucking smiles and Davos is crying because his kids both biological and pseudo-adopted did this wonderful thing. 


Asteroid Bella (695) 🌷✨

The asteroid Bella relates to the word “beauty”. It is what we value as beauty, where we value it in our lives and how our own beauty is seen by others.

If in retrograde, Bella does not indicate a lack of beauty but rather someone finding it hard to see that beauty. They may have to work harder to see themselves for beautiful.

In regards to aspects, harsh aspects will indicate that Beauty is vital in how the other planet is expressed. E.g, Bella/Moon - The natives emotional stability depends on whether or not the they feel beautiful, Bella/Mars - The native feels as though to be assertive, they must feel beautiful.

Softer aspects will indicate ease, the energies compliment each other and Bella makes other planets more charming and appealing.

Bella in Aries/1st House: Beauty is important to how the native expresses their image, needed for assertion.

Bella in Taurus/2nd House: Beauty is important to self worth, can contribute to financial income, soft and earthy beauty. Good singing voice.

Bella in Gemini/3rd House: Beauty in how one communicates, flair for writing and poetry, compassionate manners.

Bella in Cancer/4th House: Beauty standards are moulded by family, warm and comforting beauty.

Bella in Leo/5th House: Potential placement of makeup artists, using the self as a canvas for expression, beauty in creativity.

Bella in Virgo/6th House: Modest, innocent beauty. Prone to perfectionism regarding the appearance, beauty provides a service.

Bella in Libra/7th House: Beauty attracts others, generally very attractive, charming.

Bella in Scorpio/8th House: Deep and intense beauty that pushes the threshold of taboo, a diamond in the rough.

Bella in Sagittarius/9th House: Beauty in their wisdom, hippy/bohemian aesthetic, incorporating culture into beauty.

Bella in Capricorn/10th House: Beauty is important to reputation, beauty in public image that portrays an elegant, sophisticated style.

Bella in Aquarius/11th House: Unconventional, unique beauty, breaking society’s beauty standards.

Bella in Pisces/12th House: Ethereal, enchanting beauty, beauty that is more than skin deep, natives may be blind to their beauty that is very much visible to others.

Dizem que quando estamos apaixonados o tempo voa, mas ao seu lado, eu me sinto como se o tempo parasse, como se nenhum problema me rondasse, nenhuma preocupação existisse, como se tudo que está acontecendo tivesse mais do que 100% de chances de dar certo. Quando volto à realidade, é que percebo que o tempo passou mais rápido do que eu imaginei. Percebo que nossos “minutos” tão preciosos passaram de horas e que é o momento de nos separarmos. E é aí que a saudade já bate no meu peito e a vontade de te pedir pra ficar “um pouco mais” me invade. Percebo que sem você ao meu lado tudo fica mais feio, sem graça. Eu preciso de você comigo para me tornar feliz. Preciso dos seus beijos, seus sorrisos, seu abraço que me acolhe como nenhum outro. Como não ficar tão viciada em você? Sou meio complicada, eu sei, mas é que não dá para não pensar assim. Você se tornou minha mania, se tornou parte da minha rotina e sempre que estamos separados só sei pensar em quando estaremos juntos novamente. Eu não consigo me ver longe de você, meu corpo sente sua falta, meu coração implora sua presença. Eu não sei, não quero e não consigo mais pensar em um “eu” sem você. Fica comigo, não vai embora não. Te ofereço meu abraço quentinho, meu coração incansável e te dedico cada pensamento do meu dia, te dou meu amor, compartilho cada dor e prometo que jamais faltará nada se juntos caminharmos pela vida.
—  Escrito por Kellyn, Danielle, Kíssila e Isabella em Julietário.