*horse compliments*

A collab sweetiebloom with my favorite artist ever @dawnf1re! If you aren’t familar with her work please go correct it because gat damn it’s the cutest art anyone makes ever at all. Anyways safe to say I really loved working on this, think I picked up on some stuff too so hopefully I’ll be able to steal some of her cute after this.

Anyways, enjoy some adorable sweetiebloom with thanks to Dawn!

• Mondo Marcio - Segui La Stella


‘It didn’t sit well with farmers’

‘The cows in the audience were fUMING’

'The cow union went nuts’

😂😂 the whole fucking cast of beauty and the beast makes my life

they are wonderful people and they should make more movies together 😂😂 doesn’t even have to be BATB sequels/prequels 😂😂okay but also Luke’s laughs that josh seems to pull out of him also

Hai mai pensato di andare via e non tornare mai più? Scappare e far perdere ogni tua traccia, per andare in un posto lontano e ricominciare a vivere, vivere una vita nuova, solo tua, vivere davvero. Ci hai mai pensato?
—  Luigi Pirandello: Il fu Mattia Pascal.

butternut_gouache: “That girl is strange no question.” I don’t know why. This just needed to happen. My two lovely bookworms and a big stack of books!