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"A lolita outfit is composed of basic key elements. These can be broken down into: headwear, blouse, bell-shaped skirt, undergarment, legs, and footwear. Each element is essential in creating the proper lolita aesthetic, but as you will see, there is much room for variety within them. Although none of these can be called absolute necessities, remember that coordinating a lolita outfit is a bit like making a cake." Too bad you can't tell that the skirt is bell shaped because I'm sitting down.

You’re wearing a costume Lolita outfit with cheap fabrics, and the skirt clearly has no petticoat under it nor does it look like it comes past mid thigh. Or is the skirt an actual petticoat? Either way, there’s no volume there and it looks too short, plus if that is a petti they shouldn’t be exposed as they’re underwear.

(that being said, you can buy Lolita clothes cheap but this is not one of the pieces you want to use) ~ Admin Vivian

Steampunk print skirt I made with a fabric I bought on spoonflower.
I sure as hell won’t be shopping there again, because they use the kind of sticker that means automatic customs, and with the prices spoonflower charges that means me paying an extra € 25ish on top of everything else. So yeah, not going to happen.
Also, their basic combed cotton is not a nice fabric to work with, it’s more like stitching the bastard love child between lining cotton and cardstock XD.
I really wish I had gone for Kona Cotton but yeah, too late now, I just know this skirt is going to crease like no tomorrow.
But hey, on the upside, I had been eyeballing it for years, and now I have it, so yay for that :)



💀 Ariana Grande cc:

Hairstyle by kalilies

Top and skirt by jinglestartk

Flower hair-band by sims4-marigold

Eyebrows by Vampire_aninyosaloh

💀 Keke Palmer cc:

Hairstyle by stealthic

Top by belles-simblr and skirt by missfortunesims

💀 Lea Michele cc:

Hairstyle by nessasims (original by butterflysims)

Jeans Overall by jennisims

💀 Emma Roberts cc:

Hairstyle by nessasims (original by butterfly sims for sims3)

Top by simista and skirt by belles-simblr

 💀 Skyler Samuels cc:

Hairstyle by nessasims (original by skysims)

Clothes by missfortunesims

💋 Make up:

Face shine by Screaming Mustard 

Lipsticks by js-boutique here x ( I think their page is under construction at the moment) and by Screaming Mustard here x and here x

Blush and eyeshadow by darkosims3

Also eyeshadow by tsminh-3

Lashes by vampire_aninyosaloh here x
and by maygamestudio​ here x

Bubble gum by jennisims

🌟 Poses:

1 & 5 by onelama

2, 3 & 4 by dalisims

😍 Thank you so much cc creators!! xx 😍

Click on the 2nd pic for higher quality❣


Late 60s Early 70s fashion:

Miniskirts (Part 2)

Pic 1: High School Fashion (1968)

Pic 2: England (1969)

Pic 3: Leigh Taylor Young in I Love You Alice B. Toklas (c.1967-1968)

Pic 4: London (1969)

Pic 5: Top Of The Pops Rehersal (1969)

Pic 6: Top of the Pops (1969)

Sources: Enrico Natali (1968), Alamy, APA Pictures, BBC