Here’s my favourite generation of the UK Star Princess costumes, worn app. between 1995-2002, especially typical for the late 90s. The style disappeared around the time Rachel Barrell got her new costumes ca. 2005, when the bolder colours and cone shaped skirt was introduced.

The UK Star Princess costumes used to be my favourites. They had the lightest bell shaped skirts, just flowing as Christine danced in Masquerade. They had neatly beaded and decorated bodices with tabs like rose petals. They had clear colours with a lovely ombre effect in bodice and in skirt hem. Bring ‘em back.

Steampunk print skirt I made with a fabric I bought on spoonflower.
I sure as hell won’t be shopping there again, because they use the kind of sticker that means automatic customs, and with the prices spoonflower charges that means me paying an extra € 25ish on top of everything else. So yeah, not going to happen.
Also, their basic combed cotton is not a nice fabric to work with, it’s more like stitching the bastard love child between lining cotton and cardstock XD.
I really wish I had gone for Kona Cotton but yeah, too late now, I just know this skirt is going to crease like no tomorrow.
But hey, on the upside, I had been eyeballing it for years, and now I have it, so yay for that :)

Introducing the Anna-Bella bodysuit. This body suit can now be paired up with your favourite Anne-belle knit skirt! Be sure to check out the lilac skirt to match the top we just received it in stock! Also please review our size chart before purchasing. Hope I didn’t disappoint too many of you X