The Prince and Me!Belle x Adam AU

        Crown Prince Adam of Villeneuve, a small country in Western Europe, is known more as a playboy than a competent ruler. He convinces his parents to send him to an American College, to, in his words, experience more of the world. His real goal is to “experience” as many American girls as possible before coming home. So, paired with his butler Lumiere, he travels to attend College as just “Adam,” with out anyone knowing he is a prince. While there he meets Belle, a dedicated Engineering student who spends all of her time on her work. Belle and Adam are made lab partners in their shared Chemistry class and immediately find themselves arguing. When Adam’s parents cut him off after he wastes most of his money, he’s forced to get a job bussing tables at the same restaurant as Belle, and the two learn to tolerate each other. While he may not be the best chemistry student, he does know Shakespeare, which comes in handy for Belles required English course. As the two grow closer, they spend Holidays together, help each other study, and Belle teaches Adam how to do average things like laundry. Things seem to be looking up for the pair, until the two are caught making out in the library by paparazzi and Belle learns Adam’s true identity. She’s stuck with a choice. Follow him to Villeneuve and become his wife for the rest of her life, or live out her goal of becoming an engineer.

The Gold fairy...

This explains Rumple’s gold obsession.   First with his baby blanket looking an awful lot like this.

And giving Belle the gold dress…   Because of mother issues!   Oh, Freud would have a field day with him!

And with the straw doll his father gave him….

Does this mean every time he spun straw into gold it was the equivalent of subconsciously calling out for his mother?  And the specific act of turning straw into gold was essentially crying out for a barely remembered mother since his father had abandoned him.

shouldernova  asked:

what do u mean by belle's free people phrase

I mean Belle’s free people phase, is what I mean. By which I mean while many people in “Beauty and the Beast” are dressed in ballpark fairytale-style approximations of the 1700s, Belle puts herself together like a wannabe model for some pseudo-bohemian brand like Free People.

I’m not one to bitch about the costumes, but i think everyone has to admit these clothes are pretty modern in cut, in the way they’re strung together. Emma could have worn the above as Hermione back in 2007 and not seemed all too out of place. All of them, including the look below, which is one of my faves—

—have this free-flowing bohemian quality, through the loose fit and the greater variety of textures and prints than I normally see in 1700s stuff. Girl, you do you, you can rock these looks half the time, but also i feel like eventually she’s going to want to look cohesive and not like she pulled five separate outfits from a drawer and then sampled all of them. More like how she looks in the end of the movie, anyway.

cureinthewriting  asked:

Did Belle upset you in this episode? She sure upset me. She's now completely back and forth. For the past few seasons she has believed that Rumple really was a beast, now she's back to agreeing that he always was a good man and she would see it, just because she's now told he was suppose to be a Savior. It made me completely sick. I just want her to decide and stick to it, not pick what she wants because it helps her at the moment!

She didn’t make me sick, no.  I think Belle’s back and forth is heavily dependent upon how Rumplestiltskin is acting.  In the past, she’d lost all hope that he was something other than the Beast, but he’s won her trust back (to a certain degree), and she’s again seeing the man she always knew was under the Beast.  Now she’s trying to help him see that, trying to give him hope that his destiny wasn’t always to be dark.

anonymous asked:

i've seen a lot of people say that in mac and dennis' relationship that dennis would be a top but i have to disagree. i think that mac is more of a top. like i can picture mac making most of the moves and generating most of the power. i think it's also because i picture dennis being very vulnerable with mac when they're online and having mac be the only one to see that side of him

um i would like to exchange some heated words with these so-called “top dennis” believers, because in my very humble opinion, dennis is a textbook example of a needy (and a lil bit slutty) bottom and mac is very much an attentive and affectionate top.