bell's inequalities


Kristen Bell calls attention to the many ways employers have cheated women out of income in this new video

After all, a smiling Bell explains, women are only making 77 cents to a man’s dollar. She’s quickly corrected by a Black woman, who only makes 60 cents to the dollar. A Latina woman then reveals she’s only getting 55 cents.

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The only genuine hope of feminist liberation lies with a vision of social change which challenges class elitism. Western women have gained class power and greater gender inequality because a global white supremacist patriarchy enslaves and/or subordinates masses of third-world women. In this country the combined forces of a booming prison industry and workfare-oriented welfare in conjunction with conservative immigration policy create and condone the conditions for indentured slavery. Ending welfare will create a new underclass of women and children to be abused and exploited by the existing structures of domination.
—  bell hooks, Feminism is for Everybody

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No justice, no peace.