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au where the first time they meet is at a ball and they just instantly charm each other

so i’ve been listening to Hamilton for months and Satisfied’s conversation between Angelica and Hamilton always reminds me of Nessa and Oliver

let’s just hope that their story actually gets a happy ending squints at miss taylor @nessaandoliver

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Spite Prompt-a-Thon: Teacher!Gold helps Teacher!Belle with grading her students' assignments at her house. They make-out while Gold fingers her until they hear Belle's husband pulling up in the drive-way.

Lesson Plans


Notes: So… yeah. Things just keep happening. IDK. Warnings for infidelity, if that’s not your cake. Hope this meets with your approval, Anon. Thanks for the prompt! Unbeta’d so it’s probably a hot mess.

The pile of essays lay scattered across the coffee table along with a box of red pens. A few stapled pages had slipped off onto the floor, one sliding half under a chair. Most of them were done, but grading the remaining forty or so would have to wait because Belle French was otherwise occupied.

She arched her back and moaned as Gold broken their kiss. A thin trail of saliva dripped between their wet, open mouths for a moment before he nipped and licked his way along her jaw to her neck. One minute they’d been elbow deep in her eighth grade English literature essays, the next they were inches apart having a heated argument about the shooting of Lennie in Of Mice and Men. She’d run out of breath and paused, and found herself staring into his soulful brown eyes.

Then he’d closed the distance and crushed his mouth against hers. And she’d kissed him back. As much as she wanted it to feel wrong, because she had a husband and it really was so very wrong, it didn’t. It felt right.

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I don’t get how Rumple fans can defend him. He’s been a horrible husband and Belle is right not to trust him and to try and get away.

Someone please tell me what Rumple has done lately to earn her trust before he was backed into a corner and his mother took his kid? Honestly, I could be forgetting stuff because I don’t retain much from an episode after I watched it, but I’m pretty sure before that he was doing the same bullshit to Belle he’s always done. She didn’t think that Rumble saving her and letting the town burn was romantic or a good thing, which is what he was doing (or appeared to) before she gave birth. Part of me has to wonder, is he being truthful because he wants to be better or is it just because he no longer has power over the situation and has no other choice. At this point, I don’t think he does anything for Belle out of selflessness, he just liked the way being with her made him feel and he wants to have a family to make up for failing Neal and he did fail him, multiple times.

Maybe I’m being too harsh on Rumple but for the most part I’m totally on Belle’s side. Not about going to Hook’s boat, that was just stupid but that’s just more of the writers sucking up to Hook. Same shit, different day. As for her going to Zelena for help… who else can Belle go to at this point who might help her with what she needs, which is to get away from Rumble. The writers have totally failed to give Belle a real friend who has never used her or treated her as a priority, which really sucks for Belle. Her only semi positive relationship is with Rumple who has lied to her and treated her like property. Where are Belle’s friends? Why does she not get to have them?

Anyway, Belle has given Rumple so many chances to not lie to her and show that he’s a not a villain who will manipulate, black mail, and kill people and he’s failed her every single time. Why wouldn’t Belle be willing to believe “her future son” telling her to get away from Rumple as fast as possible? She’d be the biggest moron alive to believe anything Rumple says at this point.

Yes, sending her kid away was extreme, but she was only thinking about what was best for him. She doesn’t want her child to end up like Neal. She was afraid that if she talked to Rumble that her heart will override her sense and she’ll run back to him yet again. A mother’s first instinct is to protect her children against any threat, and sometimes that threat is the baby’s father and she knows all of the pain and heartache Rumple has caused her and she doesn’t want that for her baby. Do I think she was much better off with the people who didn’t give a shit about her when she was under the sleeping curse? No, but again she has no other friends in that town.

I don’t know, it seems like a lot of anti-Hook people are talking about how horrible the show is being to Rumple because I guess if you hate Hook you have to love Rumple and give a stamp of approval to everything he does. I don’t. I think Rumple is a great villain and I loved watching him be bad but he totally fails at trying to be good. It’s also hard to feel to sorry for him because at least half all of the bad things that have happened to him, he brought on himself. His current situation with Belle being a prime example.

What I think would be best for Rumple’s character at this point is to be completely evil. I just want the writers to commit to a path for him like they did with Regina. You can say she hasn’t suffered enough for the bad she’s done or that the plot should acknowledge her sins will always be with her, but she doesn’t do evil things anymore and now constantly puts other people and their feelings before herself. Regina has changed, Rumple hasn’t and it’s frustrating to watch a static character the narrative keeps telling me has changed until he hasn’t and now he’s evil again.

I put this in the Rumple tag because this is not hate. This is a critique of his character. I want to like Rumple but I can’t when he’s treated Belle the way that he has. I guess I want to understand why people defend the frankly horrible shit he’s done.

Wedding Bells | Kyungsoo (D.O)

Rating - Fluff

Word Count1.6k

Summary - In which you get married to Kyungsoo!


Part 1

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I was looking through the unsent invitations planning on a way to get them through by tomorrow morning, when I heard my phone begin to ring. I decided to ignore it as there were way too many things that needed attention, but it happened again. And again. And again. The rings got to the point where they were unbearable, and I stormed over to where my phone was lying and picked it up, not looking at the contact

“What the heck do you want?! Its 1am!“ I snapped at the caller, but my anger melted away as I heard the long offended gasp my fiancé let out after hearing my comment

“Rude! All I wanted to do was to see whether my Jagiya’s okay” He defended, as my mind was only processing the what he called me

“W - what did you just call me?”

“Sorry was I not supposed to? Y/N I-” He began to apologise

“No! No, I liked it…” I cut him off, smiling idiotically as I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear

“Noted. Well now the question I was actually going to ask, how are you doing?” He asked whilst I sat back down at my laptop, desperately trying to find the addresses

“Not exactly well. It’s a night before my wedding and I’m still chasing people down with invitations” I sighed dropping my head down onto my desk

“That sounds so weird” He simply pointed

“You’ve said weirder things” I scoffed earning a chuckle from him

“’Our Wedding’ doesn’t saying those words give you chills of excitement?” He randomly asked

“My point exactly” I rolled my eyes

“Okay Miss Sarcastic. But seriously are you excited?” He asked as I made my way to my bed dropping my head onto the pillows, smiling at his question

“Of course I am! It would be concerning if I wasn’t don’t you think?” I giggled. Our conversation continued for hours as the invitations and the fact that we both had to get up early, had completely slipped my mind. We never seemed to find an end to our conversations, one topic leading to the other, which led us to falling asleep whilst we were still on the phone to each other.

 *The next morning*

Traditionally, I had to wake up extremely early in the morning to make sure everything was going to be running smoothly. I slightly struggled with the first bit seeing as Kyungsoo and I had gone to sleep at about 3am. It was now 10am and the idiot must’ve been peacefully sleeping whilst I had to get my hair and makeup done. After hours of extremely agonizing transformation, I went downstairs with the help of my sister to find my parents waiting expectantly for me. I gave my mother and father a light smile, before we went out to the limo which was going to take us to the venue.I stood there in front of the huge doors which would reveal hundreds of guests attending my wedding, the person who was going to officiate my wedding, and the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. 

My father came beside me offering me his arm and a warm smile as I returned one, wrapping my arm around his. The doors were pushed were open, but before noticing anything, we both caught each other’s gazes and the whole world seemed to have stopped. He was stood in his black tux complimenting his well-built figure, with a bowtie around his neck tucked perfectly under the simple white dress shirt. I gave him a little grin which he returned, before wrapping my arm tighter around my fathers as I began to walk down the aisle.

We never seemed to break eye contact as I made my way up towards the slightly elevated level. I let go of my father’s arm as he backed away into the front row, with a look of pride spreading across his face. As the wooing and light chatters continued, I decided to finally look up at him and seeing his light smile form into a bigger one was simply the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

“Are you sure you want this Y/N? There’s no going back after you say the words” He teased taking a hold of my hands making me lightly giggle

“Oh I’m sure. But I don’t think you’re ready for me to be a part of your life. I’m a lot of work you know” I stated earning a chuckle from him

“I’m willing to take my chances” He winked before the ceremony finally began. The exchanging of vows and such, took place as my world was slowly being changed to being into something I had no clue about.

“You may now kiss the bride” The officiant said making my heart beat at the speed of light. Great! Our first kiss just happened to be the one that sealed our commitment. No pressure. I looked up at his nervous eyes, giving him a reassuring smile as we both began to lean in. Our lips were inches away when my eyes fluttered closed as he captured my lips into a sweet kiss. Saying it felt like fireworks would be an understatement, because it felt like something so wonderful, I couldn’t put it into words. As we pulled away, I heard loud cheering, more concentrated from the area where his friends were wooing over our kiss. A toothy grin was plastered on his face as we looked back at each other, making me lightly giggle and look down at the thought of this perfect man being my husband. We soon went to our reception venue.

After a good half an hour of getting congratulations from guests and being introduced to Kyungsoo’s friends and family, e soon went to our reception venue.  We were attached to the hip as we had conversations with relatives and he didn’t seem to mind at all! Neither did I… It was finally time for the first dance. As the announcement was made, he instantly got out of his conversation with Chanyeol and a smile formed onto my lips as he took my hand and led me to the middle of the room. He placed his arms around my waist and I connected mine behind his neck. We stared intently at each other as we lightly swayed to the beat of the soft music playing in the background

“You’re my wife now… It’s like official, we’re a thing now” He as a matter-of-factly pointed making me fall into uncontrollable fits of laughter “Oh shush, as if you aren’t having trouble processing this” He huffed, sticking his bottom lip out in an adorable pout

“I actually processed it the day we were set up. I just wanted to see how long it would take you” I shrugged making him shake his head at our random encounters.

The wonderful night soon came to an end as we drove to the house we were going to live in until we found our perfect one. It was small, but it was cozy instead of suffocating. I sighed in content as we stopped in the drive way, smiling over at him as he took the keys out of the ignition. I got out and closed the door behind me, before attempting to walk to the front door, only to be literally swept off my feet by Kyungsoo. I let out a shriek as he picked me up bridal style see what I did there? and began to walk forward, making me wrap my arms around his neck.

“Since when were you so romantic?” I giggled at his sudden sharing of affection as he simply shrugged

“There a lot of things you can’t learn about a person in a week” He pointed un willingly letting me down as he grabbed the house keys from his pocket. As soon as the door was unlocked, I swung it open and the very first thing I did was to take off the heels my sister had made me wear because it looked good with the dress. Kyungsoo watched in amusement as I collapsed onto the sofa, still in full bridal wear, making him smile down at how tired I was

“Come on! Off to bed we go” He instructed pulling my off the sofa, as if I was a 5 year old. Let out a whine before giving into his attempts, and getting up. I made my way to the bedroom and took out a pair of pajamas from the suitcases that were dropped off by his parents before we arrived. I saw him enter the room and give me a smile before he opened his own, whilst I went into the en suite to freshen up. As I exited, I found a really tired Kyungsoo, completely knocked out on the bed wearing his T-shirt and pajama bottoms. I shook my head at how adorable he looked, before turning the lights off and making my way onto the bed. At first I kept a moderate amount of distance as no cuddling was initiated due to the fact that we were both so tired. But when I turned onto my side, I felt his arm wrap around my waist and pull me flush against his chest.

“Keeping warm purposes…” He mumbled with his eyes still closed making me roll mine

“Right… Okay sure” I sarcastically agreed running my hands through his hair as my eye lids began to feel heavy

“Quit being sassy and go to sleep” He whined wrapping his arms tighter around my waist, making me giggle at his desperation for rest. We soon drifted off into a peaceful slumber, tangled in each other’s arms. Okay maybe marriage wasn’t such a bad idea…

A/N: The feels I got whilst writing this were just… Gah! Okay well I hope the anon that requested this is happy with how it turned out. I kind of joined two requests cause I  thought the ideas were mostly laced with cute and squishy Kyungsoo! I hope you loves liked this imagine and thanks for the awesome support. Later Loves 

-Shazz xx



“Oh come now pet.” Loki soothed his bride. “I was training for battle before I could walk.” he told his wife with a wink. 

“Well perhaps your pet doesn’t want our child getting hurt.” Belle told her husband, cradling their child. 

“You know I didn’t mean it like that. Sweetheart how about we agree to disagree and spend some time together after we put our little gleam to bed?” He asked in her ear as he went behind her and began to rub her shoulders. 

Belle’s smile stretched into a grin. “Alright, but don’t think you’ve one this time.” 

A Choice Or Two

Prompt: Belle chooses Rumple over “heroes”

Summary:  After a fight with her husband Belle ends up talking to the Charming’s and gains a new perspective on things.

Warning:  Not friendly towards really anyone but Rumple and Belle.

Recipient:  @charmedrumbelle

AN:  Hi! Surprise, I’m your Santa! I really enjoyed talking to you these past few weeks, and I really hope that you enjoy your gift!

The library was empty.  Well, no, that wasn’t totally true.  The head – and only – librarian was there.  Belle sighed, setting aside a children’s book with a very green cover featuring a tree and a little boy on the front.  Sitting at the desk and sorting through a collection of new books for her library had done nothing but give her time to think; instead of the desired outcome of distracting her from her thoughts.  She had hoped that the menial task would be enough to clear her mind after her last argument, if it could be called that, with her husband.

Rumplestiltskin had promised to be honest with her, and honest he was; easily admitting that he had no intention of helping Emma, her parents, or the any of the company they chose to keep ever again.  Instead of doing the rational thing and trying to talk it out, she had left the house in a huff once more.  They’d never get anywhere if they didn’t communicate and now that Rumple had opened up she had fallen back on her own bad habit of storming away, making it hard for them to actually talk.

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Himuro Headcanons

Alright alright I was talking about Himuro (what a suplise) with the most lovable and beautiful Admin from hq-fantasies & Here’s some things I wanted to share:

  • He was definitely invited to model at some point. Hell, he constantly gets calls from modeling agencies, but he always turns them down for multiple reasons:
  1. He’s constantly busy with basketball and school.
  2. He already attracts a rather large amount of girls, he doesn’t need to become more popular.
  3. He needs his free time to catch up on his American dramas.
  • His love for pickles is transcendental. You can walk in on his house with a jar of pickles and he will make a small excited “hng” noise, before grabbing them and laying back on his couch.
  • You’ll also find him laying on the couch, watching random tv series while snacking on his pickles whenever he’s home.
  • Wal-mart worker: “Hey it’s that Emo guy who comes to buy pickles at 3 AM”
  • Question: Boobs or ass? Answer: Both.
  • One time he saw his crush struggling with a bunch supplies. He picked one up and threw it into the air, and then the next one, and the next one… And he started juggling everything. He walked all the way to where his crush was heading like that. 
  • He’s also really skilled with his hands from all that juggling. If you catch my drift. If you don’t let’s just say his hands are all he needs to make you scream his name.

This has been a PSA.


*Dark!One Rumple does something bad* 


*Dark!One Emma does something bad*


*Rumple becomes a hero, fighting for Belle and being ready to die AGAIN for her*

“That’s not a redemption arc.”

*Hook becomes a ‘hero’ by kissing Emma and being her boyfriend*


*Rumple being under DO’s control for 300 years and still being able to love and sacrifice himself for his son and his wife*

“That was in S3, long time ago, now he’s a piece of shit, he never did something heroic, he’s a manipulative coward.”

*Emma being a total asshole under control of DO curse after TWO MONTHS*


*Rumple being good*


*Rumple being bad*