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Tonight’s Beauty and the Beast production was a success!!
I was asked to make the costumes for Beast, Belle, Babette, Lumiere, Madame de la Grande Bouche, and Mrs. Potts for a middle school play! And their wish was my command.


This is my miniature garden diorama that I made last year. I’ve always had this ongoing idea in my head about an amazingly huge, luxurious palace in which all the Disney characters (mainly the princesses) live out their stories in a way that’s intertwined, like a big soap opera. And so for years I’ve wanted to actually build this palace (or parts of it) in miniature, like a dollhouse, to display my figures in. I’ve been collecting little details and planning it for ages. This part is (obviously) a piece of the beautiful gardens that would be behind this dream castle, where the princesses can walk the pathways, have tea on the lawn, or take a little swan-boat ride on the stream with their beau’s. It’s meant to be idyllic, tranquil, bright, and colorful. Mother Willow from Pocahontas presides over the garden, giving wisdom to anyone who asks for her advice. The stream is made from a painstaking mosaic of shiny blue stones covered in a layer of hot glue. The gazebo and trellis in the back are made from recycled pieces from an old and broken Disneyland Main Street model set, so the gingerbread accents are technically modeled after the details on The Crystal Palace, the Emporium, and the Confectionery in Disneyland. The figures shown are the 4" figures from the Mini Castle Playsets from the Disney Store. Next up I’ll be showing you all my second piece in this series, the library!!

Chi è stato innamorato, innamorato davvero, si riconosce: non si accontenta, non ci riesce. Non si accontenta di due baci dati a caso in una discoteca. Non si accontenta di una notte. Non si accontenta di una storia tranquilla. Non si accontenta dei “forse”, dei “se”, dei “ma”. Chi ha incontrato l’amore si riconosce: potrebbe vagare anche tutta la vita come un disperato per riviverlo, almeno una volta, almeno mezzo minuto. Lo vedi camminare con gli occhi preoccupati, malinconici, speranzosi, lucidi di ricordi. Chi ha amato non può fare a meno di volere altro amore.
—  Susanna Casciani
Michigan Gothic

- It is 3rd grade. You are taking a test about maps and have to fill in the names of The Great Lakes. It is silent. You look up, confused. You’re trying to remember the last one, you always forget the last one. “HOMES.” your teacher declares. “HOMES.” your teacher repeats. “HOMES.” your classmates chant.

- It is the middle of a humid summer day. You quickly run to Meijer to pick up a few groceries. There is a man on the bench outside. You go in and wander around the drink aisle deciding which refreshment will best cool you off. Vernors? You decide on craft beer. Bells. You walk outside. It’s night now. There is snow on the ground. How long were you in there? Does time exist in Meijer? The man on the bench, he’s still there. He is always there. You look up at the sign and realize, it’s pronounced “Meijer” and not, “Meijer’s”. Fifteen more inches of snow has fallen.

- You’re taking a road trip. You head south on US-127. Your mind wanders into a fit of complaints about potholes. It is suddenly two hours later. You realize you are lost. You stare at your palm, then back at the road. Your palm… The road. “You are in Hell.” your palm announces. “I’m in Hell.” you say aloud. A middle aged couple, laughs. 

- It is the week of November 15th. The stores have become vacant of Red Bull and beef jerky. Schools have closed. The roads, empty. Be vigilant near the forests. 


Bells are a multi-purpose magical tool of ancient provenance and international use. They are incorporated into a variety of spells:

  • Fertility spells (a bell won’t “work” without the clapper inside it)
  • Spirit-summoning spells
  • Protective spells
  • Space-cleansing spells
  • Healing spells

Church bells derive from magical use, not the other way around.

Bells are crafted from many materials: silver and iron are considered most auspicious, especially for protection, fertility, and healing. In addition, bells intended to do double-service as amulets may be crafted for symbolic use: thus bells are found in the shape of pinecones, cats, and frogs.

In some Asian traditions, having been well used, bells are then melted down and the resulting metal used to create other magic tools, such as ritual cups and plates. The grease from large bells, such as church bells, may also be scraped out and used as a component of banishing and hexing spells. It is a frequent component of Goofer Dust.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)


This is gonna be a weird post y'all but its the result of my fiance not being all that interested in some items from his Feb. Loot Crate lol

Up for Trade:
- Yume merch

- Osomatsu-San Keychain (unopened)

- Crystals. I really want some more raw crystals for display, size doesn’t really matter to me its more about appearance. ( I don’t need any clear quartz, selenite, or amethyst )
- Crystal beads
- tiny bells (not craft “jingle” bells but actual tiny little fairy bells wow that description sucks)

Contact: you can reach me @riesigarschbaume

BTS Concert

Hello, We just got back from the four hour drive to Jersey. It was great, Ginger was stuck in the middle of the back seat while sick, I dropped my phone in the toilet, great time all together. However, seeing BTS live made it worth it. Hoseok’s laugh sounds like a beautiful bell crafted by angels, Jimin gave up on trying english, ADORABLE, and Jin messed up his english, ALSO ADORABLE, Rap Monster did that dance he does, Suga had us do most of his lines, V killed every patron with his high notes. Good job BTS! We had a great time. To paraphrase Rap Mon, It’s great that we can span races, ethnicity, religion, and all that with music.

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90s Slasher Playlist

The name of one of the blogs I follow, 90s Slasher, inspired me to create this playlist.  Not all of the films the songs are from are actually slashers, but I feel the selection captures the essence of popular 1990s horror.  Maybe I’ll make a Soundcloud playlist with as many of these as I can find on there.

In the Mouth of Madness-John Carpenter

Living Dead Girl-Rob Zombie (from Bride of Chucky and Psycho)

Another Brick in the Wall Part 2-Class of ’99 (from The Faculty)

Transformation-J. Peter Robinson (from New Nightmare)

Why Was I Born? (Freddy’s Dead)-Iggy Pop

Red Right Hand-Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (from Scream)

Altered Ego-Marco Beltrami (from Scream)

Hush-Kula Shaker (from I Know What You Did Last Summer)

How Soon Is Now?-Love Spit Love (from The Craft)

Bells, Books, and Candles-Graeme Revell (from The Craft)

Save Yourself-Stabbing Westward (from Urban Legend)

Thunderkiss ’65-White Zombie (from Bride of Chucky)

Laurie-John Ottman (from Halloween: H20, and the album Portrait of Terror)

Got You (Where I Want You)-The Flys (from Disturbing Behavior)

Helen’s Theme-Phillip Glass (from Candyman)

Scream-Silkk the Shocker Feat. Master P (from Scream 2)

Summer Breeze-Type O Negative (from I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Jamie’s Escape-Alan Howarth (from Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers)

Spookshow Baby-Rob Zombie (from Urban Legend)

Funky Shit-The Prodigy (from Event Horizon)

Guilty-Gravity Kills (from Seven)

Crazy Little Voices-RA (from The Rage: Carrie 2)

Hey Man Nice Shot-Filter (from Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight)

Cici Creepies-Marco Beltrami (from Scream 2)

The Swing-Everclear (from Scream 2)

Flagpole Sitta-Harvey Danger (from Disturbing Behavior)

Blue Monday-Orgy (from I Still Know What You Did Last Summer)

Keep Hope Alive-The Crystal Method (from Species)

What’s This Life For-Creed (from Halloween: H20)