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Coney Island Baby || Closed

Belle had wandered too close to the beach this time. It was the early morning and the sun was coming up just over what the humans called an “Amusement Park”. Belle always loved to see the lights at night. She could hear them laughing and playing and wished more than anything that she could too. It would be almost a month before she could go on land. Once a year she could go on land, have all the fun she wanted and then jump back into the sea by midnight or else she would be stranded on land for the rest of her life. 

As she admired the glow of the sun on the empty rides she suddenly felt something knock against her head. Her nose felt funny and her head rung for a little bit before she poked her head up out of the water. “HEY!” She yelled, “What the hell was that for?!” 



Disneyland Fireworks with Tinker Bell by George Landis
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ride zee rollercoaster


i was feeling nostalgic and made this. ZINGO was the wooden roller coaster at bell’s amusement park in tulsa, and stood there from 1968 until the park closed in 2006. the major components of ZINGO were recently put up for sale on ebay - not including the name. it was a huge part of my childhood. blah blah blah emotions blah blah. feel free to please do delete this text if you reblog.