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Beauty and the Beast - Lindsey Stirling


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All these 200+ videos are free from:

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  • Cheating
  • Abusive relationships 
  • “Forbidden Love" theme

(If not 100%, then there is a warning!)

Just gay ladies being happily gay together. <3

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I saw Beauty and the Beast today and I kept thinking about how this is one of GRRM’s favorite stories, and how one of the themes is that “beauty is found within,” which is definitely a major theme GRRM incorporates into his own writing

which got me to thinking about the YMBQ prophecy again

“Queen you shall be … until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear.”

and the (tragic) irony here imo is that Cersei keeps thinking of a shallow, surface beauty, when I think the prophecy refers to inner beauty (kindness, empathy, love, self sacrifice). 

Like, Cersei worries over Margaery’s appearance (“Only a fool would ever claim [Margaery] was more beautiful than I”) when it’s Margaerys kindness and charity work winning over the smallfolk that are the true threat to Cersei and House Lannister.

And rumors of Daenerys, “the most beautiful woman in the world,” are reaching Westeros, when the most beautiful thing about Daenerys is her willingness to fight for everyone, to save everyone. It’s such a contrast to Cersei, who is so selfish and who doesn’t care how many bodies she has to step over. 

100% certain Dany will be the YMBQ

“Beauty and the Beast Expansion”

As Disney’s live-action reimagining of Beauty and the Beast continues to hold global audiences captive, Tokyo Disneyland’s Beauty and the Beast-centric Fantasyland expansion breaks ground. We’ve previously covered this area, which will feature new eateries, shops, an exciting new trackless E-ticket dark ride, and a new live show venue. This new piece gives us an overview of what it will feel like to walk down the streets of Belle’s Village, with the peaks of the Beast’s Castle looming above us beyond the trees. Based on the art, by the time this project opens in Summer 2020, we can expect this area to be a larger, more lush version of Magic Kingdom’s Beauty and the Beast area.

Art ©️ Disney


Gateway to Fantasy by CetusCetus
Via Flickr:
Not a fantastic photo technically, but I’m a sucker for any sort of high advantage shot. This shot was taken on Disneyland Paris’ version of Characters In Flight, Panoramagique. It sits at the end of the Disney Village, on the resort lagoon and due to the more compact nature of the Paris resort, it offers stunning views of the parks, resorts and the surrounding area. Whilst we were up in the air, the winds picked up pretty significantly, cancelling the flights after ours, and giving us a particularly bumpy landing. Much worse than the landing we experienced in a non-tethered balloon. Well worth the 12 Euro price tag though, and something I’d love to do again if I ever got the chance, perhaps at sunset. In shot is, of course, Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty Castle) with the Pirates of the Caribbean show building directly behind it. To the right is Fantasyland including (from left to right) Dumbo the Flying Elephant with Toad Hall Restaurant behind it, Le Carrousel de Lancelot (Lancelot’s Carousel), the “Meet Mickey Mouse” building with Fantasyland Train Station behind it. Next to that is the Cheshire Cat flower bed in Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and right on the edge of the frame you can see part of the roof of Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups. (I’ve added notes to the photo for guidance) Parc Disneyland, Disneyland Resort Paris

Emilie de Ravin SBUK3 Sunday M&G+Panel
  • Emilie and Robert hugged and it was beautiful  #Rumbelle #SBUK3
  • Emilie said Bobby is her favourite person to work with  #SBUK3
  • Belle would have psychic powers if she was magical #SBUK3 
  • If Belle had a theme tune, it would be Dancing Queen #sbuk3 
  • If Belle had a theme tune, it would be Dancing Queen #sbuk3 
  • If Emilie could be another character she would be Cruella #SBUK3
  • Emilie’s favourite scene is something we haven’t seen in the season finale and Bobby might be in it! #SBUK3 
  • Emilie’s favourite costume is the yellow gown she wears in The Enchanted Forest #SBUK3
  • Emilie said she enjoyed playing Lacey in season 2 as she said it was boring playing the same character all the time #SBUK3



Rumbelle Week / Day Threed
Rumbelle+Colours: Silver

Belle spent the last few minutes just staring at her own reflection. No mistaking what was in front of her very eyes; gingerly, she lifted a hand to press to the side of her head. Although still shy of her thirtieth year, she was surprised it wasn’t more prevalent, considering all the stress they’d faced over the last few weeks. Now, how to -

“Belllleeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Came the muffled whine from the adjoining room. Speaking of stress, it had been a long and trying day, and both of them were beyond tired.

With a wry smile, Belle stepped to the doorway of the master bath, looking in on the bedroom. Rumplestiltskin lay flat on his back on the bed, limbs splayed out in the exact position where she’d left him 10 minutes prior. The only difference being that he’d managed to change into his blue silk pajamas (that she’d often favored wearing herself many-a-morning). He’d tossed a pillow across his eyes to block out the offending bathroom light. Switching everything off, she carefully made her way over to the bed while her eyes adjusted to the moonlight peeking through the drapes.

Rumplestiltskin cracked an eye open at her as she perched on the edge of the bed.

“Everything alright Sweetheart? You usually spend less time in there than I do.”

“Hmm,” Belle peeled off her slippers. “I found one.”

“Found what?”

“…A white hair.”

The other eye popped open. “What?”

She pointed to the side of her head to touch the offending strand.

Rumple just stared at her for a moment in semi- amusement, then flopped over on his side, facing away from her in a halfhearted sulk.

“Oh yes,  right. ONE.”

Despite the playful timbre to his voice, Belle felt a bittersweet ache in her heart. He never spoke of it out loud, but she could tell the gap in their physical ages sometimes bothered him.

Gently, she reached over and carded the shining streak that lived near his left temple. The one that lately seemed to be growing day by day, that could usually only be seen peeking out from the tufts of his long hair.  The one she secretly adored.

He grunted as she crawled under the sheets and snuggled up behind him. Lightly running the back of her finger up the line of his jaw, she stroked the soft sideburns which were also peppered with gray.

 “Mr. Gold has a silver lining,” She purred, trying to soothe. “But only I get to touch.”

Finally, Rumple smiled. “You can touch as much as you like,” he said, pulling her into his embrace and tucking her under his chin.

“Really?” Asked Belle, with a hopeful note.


 Rumplestiltskin would regret those words come morning.

“Standby Me”

I’ve gone back and forth and called this series a few different things but I’ve decided to officially call it “Standby Me” referencing both their friendships and the name of the line if you don’t have fast pass. Someone requested a wallpaper with all three pairs so far so here’s something at 1280 x 720p :)


Today, the 28th of March, is the 23rd birthday of Pink Floyd’s fourteenth studio album, “The Division Bell”.

Recorded along 1993, “The Division Bell” deals mostly with themes of communication in its lyrics. David Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson co-wrote most of the songs, and it was the first album since “The Dark Side of the Moon” to feature Richard Wright on vocals. Some of the recordings took place on Gilmour’s houseboat, “Astoria”, which he purchased a few years earlier. Unused material from these sessions later became part of Pink Floyd’s last album, “The Endless River”.

“The Division Bell” sold over 6 million copies, thus becoming Pink Floyd’s fourth best-selling album. It peaked at 1st position in both the UK and the US, though received mixed reviews. The album was supported by “The Division Bell Tour”, which became the band’s highest-grossing concert tour ever.