bell jellyfish


Our bell jellies are ringing! These Polyorchis bell jellies are the latest gelatinous choir to put on a concert in the Monterey Bay, and they’re now on display in our Drifters Gallery! 

This gif, captured by Stewart Whitfield, shows the water off Thailand’s coast and you can probably hazard a guess as to what’s happening here. Baby fish (juvenile shrimp scad, aka slender yellowtail kingfish) are hiding under the bell of a jellyfish, using its stinging threads as protection from circling predators, namely a trumpet fish nearby.

But the jelly’s billowing structures aren’t what they seem.

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Jellyfish becomes a floating safehouse for tiny fish!

This amazing encounter shows baby fish hiding under the bell of a jellyfish and using its stinging threads as protection from circling predators. This “floating safe house” will provide them with protection and food until they’re big enough to venture out on their own.

Hey folks, it’s that time again

This time: Blue Diamond.

Since Blue Diamond has a lot of draping fabric, but is also oceanic themed, I like the idea of the fabric moving and flowing like a jellyfish’s bell. She drifts and floats ethereally but when she wants to move it all works like fins and it’s sort of ambiguous if her full-length skirt is a skirt or a tail, because depending on situation it acts like both.

Blue Diamond with a mouthful of needle-sharp teeth and gauzy, trailing fins dangling from her limbs. 

Bioluminescent Blue, with unusually bright, reflective eyes and pupils that change shape with the cycle of the moon. Whose skin is a starfield; faint and indistinct in direct light, but positively radiant away from the sun. 

Blue who has the same ghostly “wind” to her that Lapis does, that she and her many layers just don’t seem to have any actual weight to them, just drifting and flowing as she moves. 


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