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So there was light and there was a big smacking key called the X-Blade to protect the light. The light got named Kingdom Hurt me more, but people began to get all touchy and emotional and human because wow, why did we think having everyone in different unions would be a good idea. Well guess what, THERE MIGHT BE A TRAITOR FROM THE DARK, OH SNAP. Also the main master just fucking evaporated into the atmosphere and we now need to all fight each other because a fucking book said so.

Well, these kiddos who didn’t fight ‘cause they’re cool managed to survive the literal nuclear war that apparently happened and 5 specific little 10-year old fucking children are chosen to lead the world on. But at some point they fucked up and everything got worse because shit darkness, use the X-Blade so we ca- NO NOT LIKE THAT 


The dwindling wielders of the Keyblade, that weapon that fucked up everything, have to train new Keyblade wielders and there’s this one kiddo who was actually from the Keyblade War who was being trained. But then he fucked up a thing and his Master Fucknort decided “fuck you, you suck, go die” and stole half of his life force because edgy memes.

So then this cinnamon roll is assigned to a new master Square with training friends Water and Rock. But Rock is an edge-lord and has a thing for darkness while Water is just trying her best and failing horribly. The 3 end up falling into Fucknort’s plan with Cinnamon Child being forced to fuse with his half-heart and then kill himself, Rock had his body taken away and his mind shoved inside a suit of armor and his heart shoved in the Darkness and then he nearly killed Water, but Water won the fight, but then she threw herself in the edgy darkness because ?????

oh yeah cinnamon roll shove his consciousness inside a 4-year old and unintentionally possesses them kinda maybe


Dorkupine McBananashoes gets booted off the island he lived on with a fucking key and starts on a hunt for his friends. But OH NOES, HE’S A CHOSEN ONE CAUSE he has a giant fucking key. So he has to defeat the edgy shadows because the key is good at it and oh yeah Disney

BUT THEN! Edgy friend gets JEALOUS because the Dorkupine has a key, so then he goes to the edgy shadows and their evil master Disney Villain. But then he gets possessed by Satan and shit really hits the fan.

Dorkupine ended up somehow inhaling The Girl’s life force into his body and now has to release it to wake her up. but shit he killed himself

BUT HE DIDN’T HAHAHAHA pretend that didn’t happen


also feelings because wow you didn’t think you’d, cry did you

On the journey to find the Jealous friend, Dorkupine’s balls drop and he goes through puberty in one night and he FINDS THE NOT-SO-EDGY CASTLE.

in that castle, gay people of darkness attack and threaten to kill The Blonde Girl who is important to Dorkupine but she’s not important because she doesn’t exist and what the fuck, we’re going to sleep, okay bye


Jealous friend actually survived being possessed??? But the ghost of Satan still haunts him until OHOHO MICKEY MOUSE saves his cute ass along with BANDAGE FACE MAN and The Blonde Girl

The Blonde Girl tells Jelly Belly to suck it up and help him wake up his friend by going in search of the light or some bullshit, I dunno, he has a cool coat now


Yeah, he’s super cute too, but doesn’t he look familiar, OH YEAH HE’S THE CINNAMON ROLL except he’s not because apparently they’re 2 different people

So Cinnamon Roll 2.0 is brought into a cult alongside Olive Oil and Knuckles and they basically fight edgy darkness to get back their life force or something

But OH NO, OLIVE OIL IS ACTUALLY ARTIFICIALLY CREATED AND NOT GENUINE OLIVE OIL INFUSED WITH VINEGAR. so then she dies and we fucking cry because nothing matters anymore

Cinnamon Roll 2.0 gets betrayed all over the place and just wants to be happy, but noooope time to go back to Dorkupine, you little shit

Cinnamon Roll 2.0 gets reset to Summer Basics and goes through 6 Days of Hell by being betrayed by his “friend”, finding out he never existed, and that he’s going to die


so then you get on a train and you’re told by Disney Character to go fight more edgy darkness except now there’s a NEW threat… those cool black coats… are dank memers

ALRIGHT GO FIGHT EVERYTHING also here’s some new clothes cause wow you grew


anyways, fight the edgy darkness, take on the memelords, get confused because what’s going on, WHY IS SATAN BACK, I THOUGHT I KILLED HI-oh it’s just Jelly Bell- JELLY BELLY?!??!

yeah so then you learn about that Cinnamon Roll 2.0 that assimilated with you and how the fuck do you not know about the 4 other fucking hearts inside you, jesus christ

you find The Girl, you find Jelly Belly, you fight a dragon and then you go home because yay the plot is over

BUT IT’S NOT BECAUSE HERE HAVE A LETTER and not be told what it says for 7 fucking years



i’m not kidding they have to go to dream disney and free the dreams or some bullshit but OH NO TIME TRAVEL HAS ENTERED THE GAME

so basically dorkupine and jelly belly get sent back in time to when they were booted off the island and then they get new clothes but OH NOES THEY’RE SEPARATED FROM EACH OTHER

but it’s okay because square enix finally looked back and realized how good a franchise twewy really was and they put it in the game isn’t that neat

so basically dorkupine is being manipulated into giving into the egdy darkness and he… actually fucking does jesus christ, so then the cinnamon rolls and olive oil try to save him but wow that’s some EDGY DARKNESS, PHEW

so then jelly belly needs to save his boyfriend’s beautiful ass but he sorta fails because suddenly MASTER FUCKNORT IS BACK???? AND HE HAS 13 VERSIONS OF HIMSELF??? including an insanely sassy young version of himself hot damn 

so then you fight a fucking hard boss and you find out that Knuckles never actually died even tho Cinnamon Roll 2.0 and Dorkupine sorta made him commit suicide but hey it’s okay now RiGhT?/

so then you dive into your boyfriend’s heart and save him from his nightmares because wow this kid has fucked up nightmares, is he okay

and then you’re told about ol’ master Water who’s stuck in darkness because she saved Jelly Belly’s ass a year ago and he gets super fucking pissed about it and goes to help her

Then Dorkupine is told he sucks cause he gave into the darkness and he actually looks like he’s crying god help this child


would you look at that, it’s almost time for KINGDOM HEARTS III TO COME OUT

Happy Holidays from the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Tips to make the season bright:

When storms make rough seas, what do seals do? Find a comfy beach and nap it out!

Though only a few inches big, bell jellies have at least 100 wispy tentacles and multiple sets of eyespots.

Eels have an extra set of jaws in their throats to help secure prey—and hit those high notes!

In addition to looking stylish, blackfooted penguin coats provide a double layer of insulation: densely packed feathers over a soft layer of down.

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones!

Because of course I got onto this bandwagon, why the heck not ^^ And if you haven’t already, then you need to cause @macabrecabra​‘s Aquawatch has been on my mind for at least the past week. So of course I went into a full on drawing spree with several characters from the AU, including ones that my OC Koa may be most likely to interact and get into trouble with

I couldn’t help but convey my love of jellyfish and comb jellies into Koa’s merform design, so she’s a part of the Radiant Ghost Jelly species, which’ll be explained under the cut

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Our bell jellies are ringing! These Polyorchis bell jellies are the latest gelatinous choir to put on a concert in the Monterey Bay, and they’re now on display in our Drifters Gallery! 

Many many thanks!!!!

I’ve done this before but after the most horrible of weekend of horrible weekends, I think i need to do it again. As many of you know I’m a surgical assistant in a major trauma center in my state. I’m won’t go into details of my case Friday night, let’s just say that there’s a special place in HELL for one little girls father!!!! Abadon, Crowley and Lucifer together would show this man absolutely no mercy!!!! Anyways, this little girl came to the operating room Friday night for a fairly routine procedure, given her condition. The surgery was long, it was HOT as HELL in the room, and even the surgeon couldn’t hold back his tears at what we had to do to this little girl just so she could survive (hopefully). She’s very far from out of the woods. On to my reason for this post. After nights like these, it’s often difficult for me to cope with the horror some people can and do inflict on each other, which is where you amazing, talented humans come in. You all make it easier to ))@get out of my head and go somewhere more (much more) pleasant!!!!! I can’t tell you all how much your amazing Fastories mean to me and help me. If anyone ever tells any of you that 1) Fanfiction is not a legitimate form of writing. 2) Your hard work doesn’t mean anything to anyone and will never be recognized. 3) Your work is unimportant. 4). Your work will only ever be recognized by teenagers. 5) YOU’RE NOT A GOOD WRITER. 6) People only read your smut!! 7) SO MANY MORE THINGS BUT I’M HAVING A HARD TIME THINKING. (NO SLEEP). I’m going to tag a bunch of people that have helped me the last few days. (Please don’t think this is all inclusive, I’m sure I’m forgetting people!!). If I follow you, it’s meant for you!!! Also, this is in no particular order. Well except for the first tag. She means everything to me, and I can only pray that she knows that!!e Tagging: @onlygodcanjudgeme-sh @chelsea072498 @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @helvonasche @atc74 @luci-in-trenchcoats @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @inmysparetime0 @percussiongirl2017 @bringmesomepie56 @riversong-sam @wheresthekillswitch @torn-and-frayed @kittenofdoomage @ohmychuckitssamanddean @ilostmyshoe-79 @saxxxology @salvachester @arryn-nyxx @percywinchester27 @jessica-bones-winchester @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @whatdoyouthinkmyjobis @chaos-and-the-calm67 @lipstickandwhiskey @emilywritesaboutdean @avasmommy224 @deans-wife-has-needs @adventures-with-the-winchesters @purgatoan @dr-dean @dancingalone21 @kas-not-cas @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms @like-a-bag-of-potatoes @mrs-squirrel-chester @deevvoon @impaala-dreamer @roxy-davenport r@callmesweetheartifyoumeanit @demondeansdomme @plaidstiel-wormstache @frenchybell @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @nichelle-my-belle @iwantthedean @jelly-beans-and-gstrings @for-the-love-of-dean @faith-in-dean @mrswhozeewhatsis @mrswhozeewhatsis @mrsbatesmotel53 @winchester-writes @sdavid09 @bkwrm523 @iwriteaboutdeans Like I said, this is definitely not all inclusive list!!! If I left you off, I sincerely apologize!!!’ Also, some names may also be here more than once. My only excuse it that it’s now 3:42pm and I haven’t slept for about 24 hours?!?! I love you ladies, so damn much!!!!!


No. It’s wrong! It’s nothing like it at all! This is a flower hat jelly. Its bell gently spreads out. From there, there are a lot of extending tentacles that prettily glitters brightly. It’s elegance can compare to nothing in this world. Its tentacles are in pink, yellow or green. It’s really beautiful!

(Princess Jellyfish)

✨ merry christmas mono 🎄🎁🌟

Quick story time. This is my best friend jellie-bells, I met her on tumblr about a month ago. Now here’s the thing, I meet and talk to a lot of my followers on here, kik, and everywhere you guys reach out to me, but Ellie was different. From the moment she first messaged me on kik I knew there was something about her. And our friendship developed faster than anything I’ve ever experienced. She’s the first person I’ve ever skyped as a friend, I’m really introverted and anti social in person, so I was terrified. But that skype call probably is what took us on the path to becoming best friends because we hit it off instantly. All the sudden we started finding out all these weird coincidences between us. We both have cats named “Little”, our music taste is close to identical, we’ve both gone through similar situations, we both have the same views in a lot of things, and we see the beauty in the world that a lot of people take for granted. I don’t believe in soulmates anymore, but if there would be anything like that in this world, she’s the closest thing to mine. She’s the only person that’s ever made me cry out of happiness, and I’m proud to call her my best friend. We’ve gotten into some really intense arguments, probably more intense than anything I’ve ever gotten into with anyone else, but the fact that we work through it even though we don’t have to, even though we’re just friends, I think there’s something really special about that. Thanks for finding me Ellie, you’re the tinkerbell to my peter pan, I’m glad to be searching for neverland with you.

Streaming results for today ùwù featuring (from left to right)  my werefluff sona, my bf, the-nerdy-reindeer and shellyshockz, votbear, middroo and mcpippypants, googlyjelly and miflored, soothe-bell and team-reverie 


Thank you so much for sticking with me! I had a lot of fun! See you next time :3

jellie-bells  asked:

Today at the beach it was really foggy and overcast and a rogue minion kite careened toward me out of the fog, then disappeared into the fog in the opposite direction. It made eye contact with me once. Was it a message? A sign maybe. I'll never know. I'll never forget. I have been traumatized.

This is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever read


This blog is run by Benji (strangeparker) and Elise (jellie-bells). We’ve both gone through a lot of really dark stuff in our lives and made it through, so we decided to take our experience and our love for helping people and start an advice blog! We will be answering any questions you have and we’ll try to give our best advice for any sticky situation you might be in, whether it be about relationships, parents, friends, school, or any other bind you may need a new perspective on. We’ll do our best to respond quickly! If you’d like to reach one of us specifically please make sure to end your message with either xEllie or xBenji so that we know, thank you!

Eight Nights With Mr. Gold, Chapter Four

Originally posted by thedisneydiaries

Summary: The town of Storybrooke is devoted to Christmas, so much so that they revile Mr. Gold for not participating in their celebration. Amid this tension, Belle French discovers that he is actually Jewish and he’s alone on Chanukah. Naturally, she can’t let that stand.

Author’s Note: I am once again overwhelmed by your response. Thanks again. I also have to give a little trigger warning for some anti-Semitism in this chapter. No violence, mainly a people suck kind of thing, if you really want to skip it, stop after the car. 

Happy Chanukah!

Chapter 1 2 3

Belle entered Granny’s the next morning and an interrogation as she sat down in a booth.

“Why are you wearing that scarf like that?,” asked Ruby.

The blue chiffon scarf was tied around her neck. Belle smiled. “I was just trying it out.”

“Uh-huh. What happened? Spill.”

Belle glanced around as Ruby sat across in the booth. She untied it, revealing the massive hickey on her neck.

“What?,” Ruby hissed. “I thought you were with Gold.”

“I was.”

“He did that?!”

Belle smirked as she tied the scarf back up.

“What else happened?”

“We snogged about two hours, then he drove me home and we snogged again in his car.”

“You just made out? What is this? Junior high?”

“If you had kissed him, you would realize how fun it can be, but I’m not sharing.”

“You could have worn a turtleneck…”

“But he’s meeting me here for breakfast. I wanted to remind him.”

“What? You invited Gold here?!” Ruby jumped up. “Why?!”

“For breakfast.”

“Granny! Gold’s coming!,” called Ruby.


“It’s just for breakfast!,” Belle called after them.

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