bell hooks the cat


Hey, hey.
So you know the cat Nerf tosses into the lake.
Wouldn’t it have died. Cats can swim, but well, that was one heck of a throw, and it must have been pretty lucky to survive that.
So then Harrison pulls it out of his hat, well and healthy. Explain-

(Submission by @yat-yay-everyday​ ! )

ooh, good question! 

hmm,..,…looking back on the episode, Nurf simply puts the fishing line in the cats bell (is there even a hook or a sinker??) and yeets it into the water

we then see the cat pop its head up, splash, then go back down again

then nurf puts the fishing rod down next to him.

so, considering there probably isn’t a sinker on this damn thing, i drew up four conclusions:

a) the cat swam back to shore just fine (cats can swim well on instinct)

b) someone jumped in after it

c) Harrison saved it, somehow

d) cartoon logic

I think ‘A’ is most likely because there’s not much stopping it from going to shore, especially when Nurf put the rod down.

I’ve deigned some pretty cool snow globes over the years. This one, from a few years ago, was the most popular. It also happens to be one of my favorites. A lot of thought goes into a compelling composition for a snow globe. It has to look good from every angle. Not just the front. I love the mix of characters and the way Genie’s tail brings your eye around the entire piece. Countless overlays were done to get the characters looking just right.