bell farm

not to sound like an old lady but I remember……

  • back when there weren’t hacks and we all had to duplicate crap with that turn-off-your-wifi-when-the-session-is-ending-at-the-exact-right-moment
  • when clover paths blew up in popularity and we all shared the same pain of having to dupe for hours and hours to fill our towns with clovers and WHOA I FOUND A FOUR LEAF CLOVER I WONDER IF THAT MAKES ME LUCKY
  • I remember when all the drama was on acnlconfessions and about 50% of it was furries
  • that infamous club tortimer troll guy who made me cry that one time and wow that was so stupid omg
  • “why is marshal so popularrrrr I only liek the UGLY villagersss” - about 30% of submissions to confession blogs
  • when I sold marshal to someone for 40 million bells omg
  • beetle farming for hours and hours to pay off them loans because once again NO HACKS
  • kind souls posting their high turnip prices and letting people come to their towns to sell, those people saved my life
  • the great pastel vs. forest towns debate (is that still a thing?)
  • when the sloppy set was a Huge Deal and now I never see it??
  • north tbh, I miss it
  • dream suite: “is that a bra rack”
  • debates about whether or not tom nook is really evil
  • discovering that you could put ur kk music on shuffle = mind blown
  • the excitement of discovering various new features in acnl for the first time- gem rocks, the clam shell music boxes, bamboo!! amazing!!
  • the term “dreamies” I rarely see it anymore and I am grateful for that
  • and also why did everyone hate jambette so much
  • plot resetting for HOURS
  • when everyone posted jumping-in-puddle pics
  • “don’t ever wear a crown to club tortimer”
  • villagers vs. pets tag (’: 

maaaan those were simpler times maaaan

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What are your favourite books?

For non-fiction, I have made a few lists of my favourite books which are in here:

As for fictional books:

Lolita, 1984, The Wasp Factory, Gone Girl, Justine by the Marquis de Sade, Animal Farm, The Bell Jar, We Need to talk about Kevin, The Collector, 120 Days of Sodom, The Virgin Suicides, The Rules of Attraction, The Catcher in the Rye, Ada or Ardor, The Beach, Veronika Decides to Die, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Lovely Bones.

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Since most head canons seem to revolve around Rumple and baby Gideon (which is sweet, but sad), I was wondering if you had any head canons for Belle and baby Gideon. Sometimes it seems as if she's almost forgotten as a parent, which is one of my issues with 6B (she never had any real scenes with adult Gideon)

Sure; here are a few of my favorites:

Baby Gideon tugs on Belle’s hair and winds it around his wrists, so she starts wearing ponytails and casual up-dos. When he gets a little older, he teethes on her hair. 

Gideon’s first word is “book,” closely followed by “mama,” and “ummel” aka Rumple. (Rumple is still flustered because Gideon hasn’t said dada yet).

Gideon has little stashes of picture books. All. Over. The. House.

Gideon’s favorite table food is ground hamburger. He’s not ready for ketchup, yet.

Instead of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” Belle sings “Sparkly Rumple Had a Castle” to the same tune. It’s Gideon’s favorite song.

Belle dresses Gideon in blue a lot, not because it’s a “boy color” but because it’s her favorite.

Belle takes Gideon to the library and sits him in his bouncy seat to play while she works. Thanks in part to his frequent visits, he loves the smell of books.

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my fav is that one where Clarke owns a farm and bell is a wolf military thingo oh my lord I've re read that around 10 times? but tbh all ur fanfic is so so good

…anon I don’t know you but I want to be friends with you. ‘wolf military thingo’ ahdkajhdak I’M STILL LAUGHING

tell me which one of my fics is your favourite!

The teeth recovered after serial killer Belle Gunness’ farm house burnt down, her dentist confirmed that these teeth belonged to Belle and that she must have died in the fire that consumed her property. It is thought that Belle had used these teeth to fake her own death, dressing a female corpse in her clothes and placing her false teeth next to them, ensuring the body would be incorrectly identified as herself.

4x10 review//really done with this show right now honestly

- here it goes guys let’s go to war
- look at bell babe opening an episode
- i don’t love octavia but i love her friendship with Clarke this season
- whoever had the dog tag meta go you boo you got it
- Ilian my love
- the love of my life bellamy blake is so gorgeous I love every shot of him
- also go gaia you the bomb
- I know there will be an interruption like black rain or something but honestly I’d be lowkey hilarious if luna won
- “I never leave myself exposed” only emotionally hun
- Bellamy please come control your wife thanks
- okay but clarke thanks for giving your husband some closure
- but “I want humanity to survive” is legit guys she appropriates but she is overall trying to have someone to survive she just goes about it so freakin wrong
- we deserved a hug
- but can we mention Bellamy has hope again and I am here for it
- luna got that trident looking spear love
- that guy had a freakin thor hammer gosh
- “i couldn’t tell her i loved her, even with the world ending” guess who he won’t make that mistake with???? could it start with a c??? probably
- gotta give octavia some credit that was smart
- I’m pretty sure Illian is going to die but I really don’t want him to. I really do love him & his sheep farm
- bell babe looking hot
- father Kane back in action
- literally how does one hate the love of my life
- Illian about to come to help
- did I call it? you betcha
- i’m sad but i have to move on, luna freaking took his necklace with her spear
- I love how bell babe just chills in the corner
- you have three major characters left,, how are they going to get out of this @100writers????
- Indra with tears in her eyes,, just kill me now
- “I trusted you!” Roan also deserves better
- bell get out of there before you die thx
- literally just said “what extra is this?” out loud at the screen to the guy who tried to knock out bell
- NO wAY
- holy shit
- she sounds so shocked
- guys i am so hurt by the deaths
- when bellarke’s together become the chant of everyone
- bellamy waking up all confused
- all respect gone what the hell clarke
- literally so pissed and done with the show wtf how do you do that

Gaston's massive garden??

Gaston had to have own 84 chickens (hens) because in the song he says he eats 5 dozen eggs a day, so thats 60 eggs a day! I own chickens myself and around 14 chickens will lay 10 eggs a day, and well 14 x 6 = 84 sooo yeah he’s gotta be rich right?? Because that must be a big garden

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If you're still taking Swanfire prompts- how about zombie apocalypse?

“That guy looked just like you.”

“He did not,” Neal said in disgust, kicking the corpse for good measure.

“He kinda did,” Henry agreed with his mother, eyeing the unfortunate soul. “He had a different accent, but he definitely looked like you.”

“Sleeveless McGee?” Neal reloaded his nine. “You both are crazy, I don’t look anything like him.”

Emma observed the cadaver skeptically, and then looked at Neal with a bemused expression.  “You guys could be twins. If this dude climbed into my bed, I don’t think I’d be able to tell the difference.”

“Okay, next time, I’ll let the doppelganger shoot me and you can go home with him,” Neal said disgruntled. “Can we get out of this bar? He might have cronies wandering around.” 

“Plus it’s almost nightfall,” Henry added. “Let’s get back to the farm. Belle and Gold are waiting for us.”

“Agreed,” Emma said grimly.  She took one last long look at the body.  Neal had shot him cleanly in the head, after the man had made some…untoward suggestions about what he’d like to do to her.  There hadn’t been time for either party to notice how identical they looked.  Still, it was unsettling.  

“Remember that one chick we ran into?” Emma asked. “In the woods that one day? She nearly blew my head off. Looked exactly like Tamara.” 

“Whatever,” Neal mumbled. “Let’s go home.”

i should check my transcript for the semester after acnl came out because all i remember about most of spring and summer ‘13 was lying naked in my dorm room very very high and farming bells on the island and i bet my grades support that 


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