bell boeing v 22

  • me lying awake at night: a private jet like the gulfstream G650 costs roughly $65 million. kaibacorp used to manufacture weapons, so they probably have all kinds of military aircraft specs and designs in the archives. how much did it cost to make kaiba's blue-eyes jet? we can reasonably speculate that the jet is an alteration of existing military aircraft specs, based on the cockpit design and the lack of traditional cabin space one could expect to see in a commercial aircraft. it would require extremely powerful engines to successfully achieve vertical take-off, which is a necessity for the kaibacorp tower launch pad. existing commercial aircraft of analogous size do not currently support engines of that caliber. the bell boeing v-22 osprey, which is developed explicitly for military use, costs about $70 million and has the ability to take off vertically. based on this information, we can estimate that the blue-eyes white dragon jet is based on an existing military aircraft and probably cost about $70-80 million to manufacture, factoring in additional costs for the manufacturing required to build an aircraft of such specialized design. with this speculation in hand, we can move on to the next question: what kind of pilot's license would kaiba need to fly th -