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The Lake House (2006) dir. Alejandro Agresti

“In the mean time, the one man I can never meet… him, I would like to give my whole heart to.” 

kitchen sink

James Potter to all children grow up except four: so if i’m john lennon

James Potter: then sirius is ringo starr

James Potter: remus is paul mccartney

James Potter: and pete can be pete best

Peter Pettigrew: ok

Remus Lupin: i can deal with that

Sirius Black: i heard ringo starr was a massive dick

James Potter: exactly my point

Sirius Black: blocked

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So i had a weird dream. I was in the atla universe and somehow got trapped in the spirit world. And I almost got eaten by like 5 different creatures. And then I ran into Roku and he was like "woah wtf are you doing here??" and i was like "idk fam. I'm tryin to get home." And he just like sighed and was like hold on a minute. And then Korra came to save me, but like it was you?? Idk but you lectured me about letting myself be tricked by spirits and I felt like I let you down. I'm so sorry mom! 😭

this is the single most greatest thing ive ever fucking read lmfao

I don’t know what to label us, it keeps on shifting between “could’ve been” and “we never happened” and “WHY DON’T YOU LOOK AT ME THE WAY YOU USED TO ANYMORE”. Most of our conversation are cut short because I know this won’t go the way I wanted, I know you won’t say the words I wanted to hear. Say, maybe I’m a fool for making you left me. Say, maybe I just wanted you to try.

I heard you’re not supposed to move on just because he has but damn what am I supposed to do when he look that happy with her. I know she won’t fuck this up. So maybe it’s not that I don’t know what to label us, maybe I don’t want to label us at all, maybe I just want to shove this to the dustbin, maybe I just can’t take it that he has moved on, maybe I still do love him. But let’s stop with this maybes, all I know is I should stop dramatizing the way he left me. My first question to him was probably “Was it painful to love me?” I should stop wondering when will he came back. He won’t.

—  owlandowly // I took a glance on the hourglass and see the top part empty.

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I've been going around trying to find the best brush to outline my drawings! ;; what brush did you use to draw/color in general?? are they pressure sensitive?? PLEASE TEACH ME SENPAI

I use the same brush to draw and color! Its Bar 1 em (airbrush) and you can find the settings of the brush in my faq! (in the description)

tbh I relate to this a lot;;;;; I don’t like to lineart + i’m bad at this so it took me a lot of time to find a brush that works for me! So try this one and a lot of other brushes and settings! :^DDD