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Honest Tid-Bits: Design/life goals for 2014

I realize I haven’t been dialoging a lot, so let’s get to it! Hope all of you guys have had a blessed beginning of the year, I can’t believe we’re almost done with the first month already. 

There’s something about going from one year to the next that compels you to set new goals to become a better you. I know it’s like the end of the January, but hey, it’s never too late to share my heart. Here are just three of my many goals/dreams that I’ll aim to reach for this year. They’re pretty simple but ever the more effective. I’m all about honesty and vulnerability so I thought I’d share, so ya’ll can keep me accountable. 

1. Follow the frigging through

I’m really good at starting things but finishing them is a whole other story. If there’s no deadline to it, it just trails on forever, this mainly applies to my personal projects. With clients it’s all good because there is someone and a deadline I need to work for. But with myself, oh boy… and in life generally, I just really need to learn how to follow through. For example, last year I started six books and finished maybe just a mere two. I have piles of projects to release but still haven’t gotten around to photographing and publishing them (which is like the easiest part!) I just need to do things from start the finish.

2. Choosing the habit of happiness

It’s so simple that it almost sounds naive. I’ve been reading this marriage prep book and in a chapter it talks all about choosing to be happy and making a habit of it. Studies have shown that it takes a conscious decision to be happy and those that made an effort effectively lived a happier life! It’s not that I don’t already love life, but there’s always room for more happy (Pharrell says it well!) and this year I want to be more selfish and hoard even more happiness to myself.

3. Comparison is the thief of joy

The very bane of my existence. I hate being jealous, as much as I hate comparing myself to others (they sort of come hand in hand) it just wrecks you inside and holds you back from achieving your dreams. Sometimes I look at my friends, designers, industries’ leaders etc, and I just feel like everyone’s going somewhere and getting more successful by the day and in comparison I feel like I’m going no where. Comparison is the thief of joy, and I absolutely hate it when it steals my joy. Lately I’ve been doing some soul searching and I’ve realized every time I get down on myself, it simply comes down to my identity and who I am. Someone else’s success shouldn’t determine how confident I feel about myself/designs. My goal is to become more reassured in who I am and the talents I’ve been given, that I would completely be comparison free by the end of this year. (Is that even possible? I sure hope so!)

Anyways, just sending my thoughts into the outer space. Let me know if you have any solutions to my resolutions, or if you’d like share yours with me, because I’d love to hear them!

x. Bee