A moment of hysteria:
A childhood graveyard, a childhood nightmare.

as if one day, the doors shut and no-one returned. I felt frightened, like an excited child. I was a trespasser.

Mother nature has been left to take care of the park, abandoned, enjoyed by no-one, she’s slowly withered her way around the bars that where once gripped tightly by children,

The only souvenir I could take from this place was the sound that still haunts my thoughts. The big wheel, that continues to turn for no-one’s enjoyment and the echo of a thousand screams that once kept Spree Park alive.


It’s #TATTOOTIME at @highvoltagetat! So excited about doing this tattoo right now!! #backtothefuture #greatscott!
Tattoo time in @highvoltagetat , yeah @thekatvond you are amazing!!!
Can’t believe after 8 years of friendship, I tattooed my dear friend, @belin_one for the first time today! ️
Back to the future.
Nice work my dear @thekatvond no tengo palabras para agradecerte lo que has hecho en mi brazo… You aré amazing, and i don’t forget you never!!! Many kiss and I will se very soon.