buckle up kiddos its rwby theory time

(EDIT 2/17/2017: i put taiyang as the cowardly lion when its been revealed that he isnt. i fixed it now.

so we finally got to see this kid again and we even got a name for him: oscar

theres several theories running around about who he is-spring/summer maiden, related to ozpin, etc-but i noticed something in the credits

that lady who shouted at oscar

she’s his aunt

now, we already know that almost every character in rwby refers to a fairytale character, so its safe to assume that oscar does as well. so a famous fairytale character with an aunt…

dorothy, obviously, is one of the first to come to mind. she was raised on a farm, and oscar lives on one as well.

so far, weve had several characters in the series allude to wizard of oz characters, although we havent got a dorothy or wicked witch yet

we have ironwood and qrow, the tin man and the scarcrow

and we have ozpin and glynda, the wizard and glinda the good witch

“but we dont know how he relates to these characters, how can he allude to dorothy?”

while we dont know if hes related to any other character in these series, hes already been contacted by one of the five relating to wizard of oz characters…

…ozpin himself

this is also a really strong reference to the oz series, since the wizard used mirrors to help create the illusion of a giant floating head. and one of the most iconic scenes is when dorothy realizes the wizard is just a man performing tricks.

i dont know about you guys, but im pretty sure this kid is dorothy. the real question is, wheres toto?