buckle up kiddos its rwby theory time

(EDIT 2/17/2017: i put taiyang as the cowardly lion when its been revealed that he isnt. i fixed it now.

so we finally got to see this kid again and we even got a name for him: oscar

theres several theories running around about who he is-spring/summer maiden, related to ozpin, etc-but i noticed something in the credits

that lady who shouted at oscar

she’s his aunt

now, we already know that almost every character in rwby refers to a fairytale character, so its safe to assume that oscar does as well. so a famous fairytale character with an aunt…

dorothy, obviously, is one of the first to come to mind. she was raised on a farm, and oscar lives on one as well.

so far, weve had several characters in the series allude to wizard of oz characters, although we havent got a dorothy or wicked witch yet

we have ironwood and qrow, the tin man and the scarcrow

and we have ozpin and glynda, the wizard and glinda the good witch

“but we dont know how he relates to these characters, how can he allude to dorothy?”

while we dont know if hes related to any other character in these series, hes already been contacted by one of the five relating to wizard of oz characters…

…ozpin himself

this is also a really strong reference to the oz series, since the wizard used mirrors to help create the illusion of a giant floating head. and one of the most iconic scenes is when dorothy realizes the wizard is just a man performing tricks.

i dont know about you guys, but im pretty sure this kid is dorothy. the real question is, wheres toto?


Chapter 100 Thoughts

…It’s so surreal to type that out, wow. 

The bubbling sense of dread I felt while reading this chapter was impressive. I figured something drastic and likely chaotic was bound to happen, but it was still unnerving to watch that outcome unfold.

A declaration of war is made against the enemy in the most theatrical way possible, and the point of no return has officially been crossed. 

I’ll admit that Eren’s actions sorely disappoint me, but I wouldn’t by any means call it character regression. That’d imply he was falling back on old, detrimental habits seen in the earlier arcs of this series. Reiner even asks outright if Eren intended to act on those destructive, vengeance-fueled impulses when being confronted. The answer to that was not a clear-cut yes. 

Eren takes time drawing out his observations for both Reiner and Falco to process. The explanation that the people inside and beyond the walls are not fundamentally different after all, that there’s a mixture of good and despicable types no matter where you go, that who is seen as the bad guy varies wildly depending on the perspective – addressing all that requires the person making those claims to actually recognize them. Those realizations are not something the Eren from 50 chapters ago would have made.

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A/N: okay, so this is my FIRST EVER one-shot. i believe my writing sucks and i’m new to  this industry. the idea came to my mind and i just wrote it. i hope you like it and be good to me, guys. :D and, um, sorry for mistakes.

Paring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson x Reader

Warnings: none except coursing

Aaron’s POV:

(y/n) was my co-star and she was playing Pietro’s secret love. She was one year younger than me and believe me or not, but I’ve never seen such a beautiful and hilarious girl like her. Literally, she was hilarious. She made pranks on everyone, but no one was mad. She was that kind of person who people wanted to be around. She was always smiling, laughing and helping, even scenographers. It was just wow! And I liked to be near her, I liked a lot. I had a crush on her, for the first time she smiled at me. We liked each other since we were introduced and hanging around. We were almost inseparable and the cast teased us, that we would be a sweet couple. I was laughing outside, but inside i wanted it so bad. She was friendly with everyone and I always felt jelaous when someone was near her, especially Chris Evans. I saw that he liked her a lot and I played it cool, but inside I was furious when he touched her or made her laugh. I wanted her for my own. I have never felt like that before. Even with my ex-wife. She has never made me so jelaous like (y/n) has. Deep in my heart I knew that (y/n) is the one I’ve been looking for my whole life. But the problem was that I had no idea, if she felt the same way or she just treated my like a good pal.

Nevertheless, we were on the Avengers set filming one of the last scenes. I was lying on the ground and pretending I was dead. It was scene where (y/n)’s character was holding Pietro’s dead body, stroking his face and finally kissing his lips. Believe me, I couldn’t wait for the last thing.

It was first take and I was really nervous. I was an actor for long years, I’ve kissed and had sex scenes with actresses, and then I was trembling like it was my first time on set.

‘’ACTION” I heard Joss voice.

I heard (y/n) steps. I was waiting for her touch on my face, but instead I felt light kicks on my right side. I did nothing, my eyes were still closed. Joss didn’t said ‘cut’ so I thought we were still filming.

‘’Pietro, wake up.’’ I heard (y/n) voice with accent and I knew she did it for fun so I play along.

‘’Pietro, you ass, wake up, I’m so horny’’ I did nothing. ‘’Pietro wake up, I’m so horny, I want to do nasty things with you, very nasty and naughty.

I tried not to smile, but inside I was laughing and wanting do nasty and naughty things with her for real.

Then I felt my shirt went up and her warm hand on my abs. I shivered under her touch. I heard her and the rest cast and crew giggle. I lied still, I felt her above me, her face was inches from mine and felt her hot breath on my lips.

‘’You play dead very convincing, Aaron.’’ (y/n) whispered ‘’I almost believie you and it would be such a shame to not having that good and handsome actor around.

I heard her smile in those words and I tensed up immediately. I wanted to lean in and kiss her, but I fought this urge.

‘’Relax, big boy. I’m just fooling around.’’ She said and gave me a quick kiss on the chick. I felt her standing up. All crew members cracked up with laughter. I opened my eyes and saw that she was looking at me with wide smile. I smiled as well and stood up from the ground.

‘’Okay, cut! That was lovely, (y/n), but I thought about something more dramatic.’’ Joss said with a smile.

‘’Okay, okay, I will try my best in the next take’’ (y/n) said to Joss.

‘’Oh my God, look at Aaron y’all’’ I heard Downey ‘’He is as red as my armour. Someone has a crush on (y/n)!’’

Everyone eyes land on me and I felt my cheeks burn, but I tried to play it cool and just laughed.

Then I went to my trailer, I had to rest from that tension. I was falling for her, that was for sure. But I had no idea, how to show her that. I took off my shirt and lied down on the sofa. Few minutes later I fell asleep.

I didn’t know how long I slept, but I was woke up by knocking on the door. I groaned and wiped my eyes. I yawned and opened the door of my trailer. (y/n) was standing in front of me. Her (y/h/c) hair was in a little ponytail and her fringe was covering her beautiful (y/e/c) eyes. She wore black tank top and skinny ripped jeans in the same colour. On her foots she has a pair of black and purple Adidas Flux.  I noticed that she bit her lower lip while looking at me. Suddenly, I realized that I was shirtless. My first thought was to wear something but then I decided not to, I just straighten up and showed all my muscles. I know, it was lame, but I wanted her to look at me, I wanted her attention.

‘’Umm, hey Aaron. I just wanted to check if everything is all right with you…’’ she mumbled stroking back of her neck.

‘’Oh, I’m just fine. Took a nap, thanks for asking.’’ I said laughing a little.

‘’So I just woke you up, sorry! I have the perfect timing.’’ She said sarcastically with a smile.

‘’It’s totally fine, (y/n), don’t worry!’’ I said a bit nervous.

‘’That’s cool. So, I won’t disturb you anymore. Take care, brother of Moses.’’ She joked and winked at me.

She started walking away. Fuck, Aaron, now or never.

‘’(y/n)! Maybe you want to come inside and have a drink with me?’’ I said and kicked myself in the ass, because that was so stupid question.

‘’Why not.’’ She turned around and got inside my trailer. I shut the door and asked her to take a seat. I took two bottles of coke and handed her one. She thanked me and I sat next to her. We were silent for couple of minutes, only drinking our cokes.

‘’I hope you are not mad at me for that prank earlier. You know how I am…’’ she mumbled not looking at me. She looked so pretty.

‘’Not at all. It was really funny and…’’


‘’And I felt nice. I like being in your company.’’ I said scratching the back of my neck.

‘’Aww that’s sweet, A. I like being in your company as well. You’re such a nice guy. I feel really comfortable having you around. I mean it!’’ (y/n) said looking in my eyes and I smiled.

‘’Same here. I’m really happy that you joined us on the set. Without you, it would be really boring here.’’

‘’I think not, ‘cause of the others and especially Downey, but it’s nice to hear that.’’ She laughed ‘’And I knew that we became best mates!’’

‘’Yeah, I knew that too…’’ I said a little bit disappointed. So she saw me only as a friend. That was clear.

She smiled and we were silent again. The tension was big. I almost couldn’t handle it. I just wanted to lie on her and kiss every inch of her skin. I couldn’t wait for our kiss scene, I wanted to taste her lips, feel them on mine own.

But what happened next was like a blur. She put her coke can on the table and sat on my lap, that I was between her legs. She put her hands on my bare shoulders, squeezing them lightly. We were looking into each other eyes. I couldn’t move, I didn’t know what to do. Still looking at each other, her hands went to my chest and abs. She dug her nails into my skin and I couldn’t help but moan and closed my eyes. Seconds later, I felt her breath on my neck. She was just lightly touching my neck with her nose and lips. But even those things drove me insane. My hands laid on her hips and I squeezed them. (y/n) changed the side of my neck and did the same. She entwined her hand in my hair and pull. My head leaned down exposing my neck. (y/n) kissed my Adam’s apple and I bit my lip. Her fringe was tickling my skin. Her lips was so warm and soft. I started breathing heavily, my hands went to her back pulling her closer.

‘’Aaron….’’ She whispered into my skin. Shivers went down my spine. ‘’I couldn’t take it anymore. I need to be closer to you, as much as possible.’’

‘’I feel the same, really.’’ I said and she looked at me.

‘’I really liked you from the begining, you know, as a friend and as a man. You’re funny, smart and smoking hot, but I knew that you were divorced, have kids and I thought that you didn’t want any woman in your life for some time, so I decided to just stay close and little by little show you my affection in every gesture. Everything I did, I meant it. ‘’ She said not looking at me.

I was stunned by her words. I didn’t know what to do or say.

‘’Please Aaron, say something. Do I have a chance to be a part of your life?’’ she whispered.

I took her by her chin and lifted her head. She looked at me with worried expression.

‘’And do you want to be my better half?’’ This time I whispered.

She smiled broadly and crashed her lips into mine. She put her hands into my messy hair. Her kisses were hot and passionate, longing and honest. I gave back kisses immediately with even bigger fervency. She stood up on her knees and leaned down my head again. I put my hands on her ass and squeezed it hard. She moaned into our kiss. Then she went lower, to my neck and started kissing and nibbing delicate skin. A growl came out from my throat.

‘’(Y/n)…’’ I hissed when she bit my collar bone.

Then, I took her under her tights and laid her on the sofa. I was hovering above her, our faces inches apart.

‘’I thought you don’t feel the same. I wanted to be close to you as well and I was furious and jelaous when any other man touched you or something. I knew that we don’t know each other for long, but I couldn’t stay away from you, even if I just got divorced. You are that kind of person, people want to be around all the time. You are so beautiful, caring, inteligent, smart, funny, you help everyone around. And maybe I am not an ideal role model for a partner in life, because I’m divorced twenty-five-years-old guy and father of two girls, but my feelings for you are so strong and, maybe this gonna sound stupid, but I feel like you are the woman I was waiting for my whole life. And you have to know that my past will be with me all my life.’’ I said honestly cupping her right cheek with my hand.

‘’Maybe this gonna sound cheesy, but I want you, all of you with your past, present and future. I want to make you happy and feel loved. I’ll do what I can and even more.’’ She took my face in her hands.

We were staring at each other and I really saw love in her eyes. I leaned down and kissed her hard. I licked her lips and put my toung in her mouth. It was good, it was right. I felt it in my whole body. Then she broke the kiss, wrapped her arms around me and pulled me tightly to her body.

We were like that for couple of minutes. She was stroking my hair carefuly and giving me light kisses on my temple. I wanted it to last forever. I wanted to be in her arms forever. I knew that, that time I had the right woman by my side. I felt a little regret that I haven’t met her earlier. Maybe by that time we would be marriage waiting for our baby boy or girl. I didn’t regret having kids with my ex-wife, my daughters were everything to me.

‘’You know what?’’ She whispered and I just hummed. ‘’I just experienced my first kiss ever.’’

I looked at her and she was smiling.

‘’I am honored to be the first guy, I mean it. And how it was?’’ I gave her peck on the lips.

‘’Not bad.’’ She laughed and took my messy, dayed hair away from my face.

‘’Not bad? That’s all? You just hurt my feelings. I am great kisser, ya know.’’ I said cockyly.

‘’So I’m now lying with Aaron or Pietro? I though only Pietro is so cocky and hell of a womanizer and Aaron is such a sweet-boy-next-door.’’ She said winking.

‘’I have something from Pietro in me, that’s why you fell for me.’’ I smailed.

‘’That’s interesting, but I prefer all Aaron in this smoking hot body. And I fell only for him’’ Her hands slid down my back.

I chuckled and kissed her neck softly.

‘’I’m yours.’’ I told her seriously.

‘’And I’m yours. All of me.’’ She said seriously as well and kissed me. ‘’And I’m hungry. Let’s get something to eat, handsome.’’

I kissed her once again and go tup, helping her too. I put fresh shirt on me and opened the door of my trailer. I went ouside and reached out my hands to her. She grabbed them and went down the small stairs. Then I took her by waist, brought her up and held her tight to my body. She took my face in her palms, pressed her forhead against mine and chuckled.

‘’You fucking owe my twenty bucks, Evans! I told ya, they’re gonna be a thing!’’ I heard Downey yelling and (y/n) and I looked in his direction. ‘’Thanks kiddos for helping me win!’’

We both looked at each other and laughed hard.

A/N: so, that’s it. tell me if you like my lame writing. maybe i could take request from you, for example about Marvel shit or Assassin’s Creed (i love AC af). feel free to write me. X

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Drawing tips and advice

Hey guys johnny the black mage here, with a brand new tutorial post. It’s been a pretty long time since I made a post like this. And to be honest, i didn’t think they were good enough. I didn’t think that what i had written might actually help people. But today i decided to take a gamble and go at it again. And what better way to start then to createone on the first day of inktober. Before I begin, i want to say that all the tips, advice, and observations here is what i learned from drawing every day. Every time i lose hope or confidence during a drawing, i think of these pieces of advice. They are quite helpful. Especially if your just starting out. Well let’s begin.

1# Understand that a drawing may take more time then a few minutes: This is an important piece of advice i learned after a bit of trial and error with a few drawings i did a while back. One thing you have to realize, is that sometimes depending on your skill level, a drawing may take you a bit more time. Especially if your a beginner. Sometimes a drawing may take you a few minutes, hours or hell maybe even longer. A day, a few days, a few days more, That’s just how it sometimes when your just starting out. But as you practice and get better, you will reach the point where you will be able to compose a drawing in a few minutes, compared to an hour. The best thing you could take from this piece of advice, is that your drawing will get done. It will just take a bit longer to complete.

2# Re draw re draw and RE DRAW: This part is very important it actually piggy backs from the first step. If a drawing is giving you a hard time, re draw it until you get it right. re draw is your best friend if a drawing is giving you a hard time. What i do, is figure out what areas are going to give me a difficult time, then i re draw those difficult areas one at a time over and over again about 20 or 50 times until i get them right. Re drawing is useful, but it won’t solve all your problems.

This is where the next tip comes into play the most important one in fact

3# Find mistakes and fix them: Like i said in the previous tip, this is the most important step, if you want get yourself out of frustration quickly. You need to form a habit to scan your drawing for mistakes and errors. After i find the mistakes in my drawings, i create a list of all the errors i have found on A piece of scratch paper. when i redraw the picture again all i look at the piece of scratch paper and avoid all the errors i written down. A lot of the errors you will find will be based around lines, proportion, and angels. Once you find the mistakes, you can either erase the drawing and start from scratch, or just fix the mistakes best you can. What you can do, is take your drawing and put it in front of the mirror, showing you all the errors in your drawing instantly. Then all you would have to do is write down all the errors you see. I would do this for a short time. Then practice looking for mistakes on your own. You don’t want to always have to rely on the mirror to spot mistakes when you can do it yourself. all it takes is a bit of practice.

3# Fix mistakes as you go: Another tip that will keep you from having to fix a whole drawing, is to fix any error you see immediately, the reason why we sometimes come to a point in a drawing where we have to erase a drawing and start over, is because we let all those mistakes build up. Because we didnt take care of them right off the bat. So getting rid of errors the moment you see them not only kills frustration, but allows you to finish a drawing much faster.

As you draw keep an eye out for any mistakes correcting them as you go. Doing this is good for geting you into the habit of looking and fixing mistakes. It will also let you get by a drawing much faster.

4# Don’t be afraid to redo a drawing: Don’t be afraid to redo a drawing if you know it’s not going to come out good. If you come to that point, suck it up, erase, and start over, and avoid any errors you may have found. It may be painful to erase a drawing you have worked so hard on, but do it anyway. You will come out with a much better drawing In the end.

5#Trust in the pencil: This is a tip i learned a few days ago. When your doing a drawing, doubt can quickly set in. Especially if it’s a drawing you think you can’t do. That’s when you have to trust the pencil and just draw. You have to believie that your going to draw what you set out to draw. And in order to do that, you have to not only belive in yourself, but also belive in the pencil. You have to believe that your lines, your proportions, your color, your shading, everything. You have to believe in yourself and trust in the pencil that everything will come out good. Believe that everything will turn out ok.

6# Draw spontaneously: Like i said, one of the biggest hurduling blocks in drawing is doubt and thinking. The wrong kind of thinking that is. Sometimes when we think we can’t draw we start to doubt. When that happens we spend more time afraid to draw then to actually draw. So to bypass that what you need to do is just draw. Be spontanious don’t worry about lines, shape none of that. Just be spontaneous. And after doing this for a while, fix up your drawing and correct the mistakes. While you are doing this you will also notice that your lines will be more fluid, lose and confident as well.

7# do it anyway: another tip is that whenever you feel like you can’t draw a good line, draw it anyway if you do this there is a 90% chance your line will come up acurite and more confentdent.

8# Don’t try to be prefect: Alright so the second to last tip is not to be prefect. Most of the time we obsess over every little line, every little shape and detail to the point where it just drains us of all the motivation to work. Why because we try to be prefect. If you are one of these people i encourage you to try not to be as prefect. If a tiny detail is off, let it go and move on. If a line doesn’t look quite right let that go too. Unless it’s a big mistake be free and not stress too much.

9# Belive you can do it: One of my favorite and easiest pieces of advice i can give you is to simply belive in yourself that’s it. Believe that you can and will become the greatest at your craft. That’s what helps me and keeps me going every day. @jump-around-jumpjump @leaderofultra12345 @kingofmonroeville @do-the-art-things

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