anyway here are some tips if you’re an auditory learner, and reading/writing notes down isn’t helpful

  • read your books out loud!! this shit is so helpful i cannot believe
  • record your classes if you can, and if you can’t ask a friend to read your notes and record that. (you can record yourself reading your own notes but that’s lowkey cringe so)
  • you can actually download text to speech apps, but they’re very monotonous and kinda make me laugh. idk if they’ll be helpful for everyone tho.
  • this advice is literally for everyone,, but don’t listen to music with lyrics when you study!! there are some great playlists for studying out there, and listening to lyrics is probably the most disruptive thing you can do to your concentration.
  • you know what i say? fuck aesthetically pleasing rewrites. highlight important shit!! write down important terms!! read your highlights. read your terms and explain them to yourself. teach other people who are struggling. explain them to yourself on your way to school. it’s all about hearing and listening, and that’s what you need to do the most.
  • for math, there’s literally no other way around it than to practice and listen, practice and listen. don’t start math with the mentality that you’re bad at it, because you’re already bringing yourself down!! 
  • foreign language is hard!! it’s different depending on which languages you’re learning, but pretending to have conversations can probably help. it’ll be overwhelming at first, but you’ll get the hang of it, if you do it often enough.