everyone hates jimin...

seriously you guys…the level of hate bangtan members have for jimin is unparalleled. you won’t believe it but don’t worry, i actually have receipts, starting with the leader, kim namjoon; 

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namjoon hates jimin so much he came around the table to join him. he even hugged him, the hate is REAL. 

(x) i really wanna see if i can find someone who hates me to look at me like this.

the hate is tangible…anyway, lets move on to the oldest hyung, kim seokjin

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seokjin hates jimin’s guts. for real, he despises jimin and that’s why he walked ACROSS the damn stage to seek COMFORT from JIMIN when he was hurting.

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no, but that’s why he’s feeding him;

moving on to yoongi, you know, this is the dude that REALLY despises jimin, 

yes, yoongi hated jimin since debut days. AND hes so UNHAPPY around jimin, gosh (x)

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moving on to hoseok;

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he PULLS JIMIN CLOSER, to seek COMFORT when he was CRYING because he hates jimin. 

(x) i sound like a fucking broken record but like, where do i find someone who hates me to look at me the way hobi looks at jimin 

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do you see the way hobi is pushing jimin away? next up, taehyung

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also what taehyung said;

(x) yes, the HATE IS REAL. taehyung hates jimin so much he’s thankful when jimin’s by his side, was the happiest when they first met each other, wants him to be happy always. 

finally, we have the maknae jungkook, this guy is the one who ABSOLUTELY DESPISES jimin, like damn. the hate rolls off him in waves,

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you know a good way to tell if a smile is fake? it’s by looking around the eyes. if the smile is fake, the eyes won’t ‘crinkle’ (yes, there’re studies)

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crinkled eyes? bunny teeth? jungkook hates jimin’s guts.


you tryna tell me that taehyung and jungkook hate jimin? bitch, those 2 are like the leaders of the fucking #parkjiminprotectionsquad, 

conclusion: ship whatever you want, but if you’re hating on the members and spreading bullshit like ‘everyone hates jimin’ then im gonna come back with receipts to prove otherwise. also, if you hate on jimin, you can fuck off. bye.

you know what doesn’t get talked about enough regarding severus snape? he was the best spy who ever lived.

he worked closely under voldemort, a master legilimens, for years during the war and voldemort still gave him vital information and never actually thought he was a spy for dumbledore. he was pardoned by dumbledore for his crimes and voldemort! still! thought snape! was loyal to him!

voldemort didn’t kill snape because he was a spy, he killed snape for the elder wand. harry j potter had to point-blank tell voldemort that snape wasn’t loyal to him and voldemort still didn’t believe it right away! that’s how fucking good severus snape was! that’s how clever and duplicitous and cunning! he fooled and outwittted one of the most powerful and dangerous wizards alive and the wizard himself didn’t even figure it out!


Look what I opened today! I’d like to thank @maggie-stiefvater for such a beautiful piece of art…I can’t believe I get to own it!

I’d also like to thank the front-office staff for not judging me (much) for how excited I was when they handed it to me