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Everything Has Changed (1) - Carnivals & First Kisses.


| Authors Note: The gifs aren’t dylena, but I tried to represent how both characters were like when they were young in the scenery. This is also my first fanfic and it may suck, but oh well. Thanks. Enjoy! | 

Selena Gomez already started to accomplish her dreams at a young age. She had a beautiful best friend named Demi Lovato. She starred in shows like Barney. Suite Life and Texas Walk Ranger.

Until.. Selena went to Six Flags. She got pushed by someone, but he laughed. 

“Hey.. Can I get an apology?” Selena asked him while he squinted his eyes. 

“Umm.. I’m sorry?” He said not meaning it. 

“You are such a meany.” Selena said making him laugh once again. “Stop making fun of me.“ 

"How about instead of an apology we go around this whole six flags together.” He said while she smiled a bit. Him and Selena headed to the roller coasters which looked a little bit too high for us.

“Hey, let’s have an agreement!” He said while she kind of got stiff to what he was about to suggest.

“I guess.” She said while he nodded.

 "We stay as strangers. Both of us will not tell each other what are name is or anything about us.“ He said while Selena was hesitating for a second. 

Selena thought, What if he kidnaps me or something? 

She nodded, "Good.” He said while they went in the roller coaster. 

They sat in their seats which made him looked rather scared. 

“Are you scared?” Selena asked him. 

“A bit frightened.” He said while she laughed. It started to go and they started to scream. 

When the ride ended, Selena just laughed at how his face looked.

“How do you handle such a coaster like that?” The dizzy boy asked her. 

“Easy.. My mom thought me how to be fearless.” She said while he just gave her a smile. Selena decided to eat while some people tagged along. 

“Can you catch a popcorn just by someone throwing at it at you?” Another kid said. The once frightened boy had nodded and he caught a popcorn with his mouth. 

“Yes!” He shouted while they laughed. 

“How about you?” The scared-of-roller-coasters boy asked me. "Well, I don’t know. Let’s try.“ Selena said while she got ready to get popcorn thrown at her. 

"Here” He said while Selena didn’t catch it, so just she ended up laughing. 

“That was an epic fail.” Selena said while the scared-of-roller-coasters boy laughed at her. 

“Call me, Lan..” He said while she gave a weird look. Selena thought about it. 

“OK then.. Call me, Lena.” Selena/Lena said while Lan gave her a smile. "Come on, let’s go to more roller coaster rides.“ Lan said while getting up from his seat. "Want to get a piggy back ride?" 

"Sure.” Selena/Lena said while climbing on his back while all of them just rushed to the roller coasters. 

After another roller coaster, they sat in down together. "So, how did you think about that ride?“ Selena/Lena asked him. 

"It was less of a worry than I did expect.” He said while he put his hand on top of hers, but took it off before Selena/Lena could say anything. 

They just laughed it off. Selena/Lena and Lan went to the swing type ride while Lan rode behind her. It started to go in circles; Selena/Lena glanced back at him and gave her a smile. Selena/Lena looked back in front and moved her hair out of her face. She couldn’t help but smile because his smile was really amusing. 

After, both of them went to the nearest bathroom because Selena/Lena really needed to pee. Lan stood outside and waited for her. 

“Do you have a pen?” Selena/Lena asked him. He nodded and reached in his bag pack to give her a blue pen. “May I have your hand." 

"Why? Are you going to doodle on my hand?”

“Maybe.” She said while taking his hand to draw a perfect shaped heart.

Selena/Lena let go of his hand after and he started to look at it. She looked at him and he was already staring at her. She got really shy and just smiled away from where he was looking. Sun started to set and her Mom started calling her.

Mom: Selena, I’m here outside. Are you ready to go home?

Selena: Yeah, mom. I’ll be there in a few minutes.

Mom: Bye hun. 

Selena looked at Lan to see him frown a bit, “You need to go home?”

“Uhhh yeah, I actually need to go.” Selena said while his face changed into a similar face when a person thought of an idea. 

“I’ll walk you to out..” He said while she agreed to the idea. 

He took her hand and they started walking. 

Selena couldn’t help, but enjoy the moment for a while. She leaned on his shoulder which made Lan lean on her head. When Selena saw her mom, she let go of Lan. 

“Will I ever see you again?” Selena asked him.

“Umm.. Maybe. There’s a carnival before school starts. We’ll meet there.” Lan said while giving her a piece of paper that had the address. 

“OK, I’ll tell my mom.” Selena/Lena said. 

“Hey, be there.” Lan said before giving her one last hug. 

Selena went inside her mom’s car. Her Mom gave her “the look”. 

“Selena Marie, who was that?” Mary said while Selena gave a smile. 

“Mom, it was just a boy.” 

“Just a boy? You look quite cheery.” 

They exited the whole amusement park. 

“He actually made my whole month.” Selena said before she was already thinking about her next meet with him. 

                              ▲ ▲ ▲ D Y L E N A ▲ ▲ ▲ 

3 days had passed when Selena met Lan. And today was the whole carnival. She got dropped off by her mom to find the most colorful place she could’ve imagined, the state carnival. Selena looked around to find the familiar show had been wanting to talk to for the whole three days of torture. 

“Lan!” Selena shouted and she caught his eyes. 

“Lena!” Lan screamed and he enveloped her in a hug. 

“Good to see you again.” Selena said while she fixed her hair from the hug. 

“Nice to be here.” He said while he took her arm and they started to walk around. 

Both had a good time. 

“Wanna go to the ferris wheel?” Selena asked while Lan had glanced at the 50 feet ferris wheel. 

“Umm.. Are you serious? That is way too tall.” Lan said while she laughed at him. 

“Come on, live while you’re young.” Lena said while she took Lan’s arm to go to the line to the ferris wheel. Since there was not as much people they got seated quickly. 

Selena noticed that Lan closed his eyes when they were about to take off. 

“Let’s talk about life.” Selena said making Lan look at her weird. 

“I’m too young to talk about life.” Lan said while Selena just laughed. 

“Have you ever had a girlfriend?” She asked him. Selena remembered her first awkward kiss with Dylan Sprouse. Selena didn’t even kiss lips so she ended up kissing his cheek or something. She didn’t want to repeat that ever again. 

“No.” Lan hesitated to say. 

“Have you ever kissed someone?” Selena asked while Lan had looked straight at her lips. 

“To be honest, I haven’t kissed anyone.” Lan said making Selena a bit worried.

“How old are you?” Selena asked him. 

“I turned 14 actually this month.” Lan said while Selena was thinking about how they were one year and one month apart. 

“Have you kissed anyone?” Lan asked Selena.

“Well, it’s actually I was made to kiss someone.” Selena said making Lan upset because he felt a bit lonely since he hadn’t had his first kiss yet. 

“Can I kiss you?” He asked Selena who was already taken back. 

“Umm..” Selena said before Lan placed his lips on hers. Selena felt a spark that she didn’t feel when she kissed Dylan Sprouse. 

When the man who was running the whole ferris wheel seen the two teenagers kissing he just smiled at himself and let them have another cycle. 

“Kids these days.” The machine man said. 

Back to Selena and Lan, when the ferris wheel jerked it caused Selena to stop the whole kiss. 

“That was awesome!” Lan shouted making Selena laugh a bit. 

Both recovered and Selena’s face turned red since he was complimenting on how his first kiss was. When the ferris wheel reached to the floor, they got out to see the machine man gave them a smile. 

Lan held her hand and they played a few games to win stuffed toys. Lan won her a huge dog because he shot the ball in the hoop. Selena got kind of hungry so they decided to eat some flannel cakes. 
“What should we do with our whole situation? Obviously we kind of like each other.” Selena said to break some of the silence in the loud area.

“I’m moving.” Lan said making Selena’s world crush into pieces. “But maybe we can make a deal.”

“What deal?” Selena asked.

“Lena, I think that when we meet each other again.. We’ll continue this whole ‘I like you’ stage.” Lan said while Selena/Lena smiled.

“That sounds nice.” Selena/Lena said.

After their whole conversation, it started to become night time which meant both of them had to finally say their goodbyes.

“I guess I’ll see you next time.” Selena/Lena said to Lan.

“Yes. Just don’t forget about me ok? Even when you’re dating someone.” Lan said making her smile.

“Sure. Can we actually reveal our names now?” Selena/Lena asked making him reveal his lovely smile to her.

“I’m Dylan.” Dylan/Lan said making Selena process his name in her head. He squeezed her hand when she looked really concentrated, “You ok there?”

“I’m Selena.” Selena said while he started processing it in his mind. Both of them gave each other one last hug.

Selena and Dylan realized that in basically one whole week, everything had changed. 

Everything Has Changed - Teen Choice Awards '11 (When Dylan and Selena Meet)

[AN: Nothing to sayyyyyyyyy, just try to enjoy it. :) ]

(Teen choice awards) 

At the teen choice awards, I always expect the usual where everyone just gets awards.. But today it changed. Today was the day I met my soul mate, Selena. 

It was already a sunny two pm afternoon and I forgot Posey wasn’t picking me up today. I got dressed up to a black shirt and wore something brown, so it wouldn’t look like I tried to not wear anything fancy. I included my black pants with black regular shoes. I didn’t want to look all glamorous or really lazy, but my outfit was just me. 

I walked out to the smell of palm trees and the sun. It was the right temperature to go outside. I went inside and stuck the key to the ignition. I drove to the main highway and tried to not get into so much traffic. 

My cell phone rang into Posey’s ringtone, “Dylaaaaan! Pick up! Pick up!” I swiped the answer key. 

Dylan: Hey bro!
Posey: You could’ve picked it up faster. 
Dylan: Dude! I’m not the one who wanted to go alone ok? 
Posey: I’m sorry; I didn’t want to exactly drive all the way to your house then to the awards. Gas costs a lot now days. Ohhhhh, and you need to actually pick up Tyler. 
Dylan: Are you serious? He’s gonna brag on about how he would just go and surf on a surfboard that we would get tonight.

Posey: You know you love it!

Dylan: Man! I gotta go! I just reached his house.


I reached to the curb and fully stopped. I took my phone and looked for Hoechlin in my contacts. I called him about a dozen times before I turned to my left to find Hoechlin just looking at me.

“Oh my god!” I yelled and beeped the horn. I rolled down my window to find him already hysterically laughing.

“You’re face!” Hoechlin laughed.

I scoffed, “Just get in the car ok?”

He went in the front seat and started fumbling with my phone. “Look at that, you have Selena as your background?” Hoechlin sounded annoyed.

“Of course, I hope I see her today!” I cheered while starting the car.

“She will be there, but with that Bieber kid.” Hoechlin opened my phone and looked through it. I drove out of his driveway and headed to the Hollywood Freeway. “It’s some traffic here today.”

He started to take photos of himself which seemed really weird to me. “Come on Dylan, just take photos with me.” Hoechlin commanded making me jump. I was showing off my derp faces and Hoechlin was too.

“I am so going to use the surf boards if we ever win.” He excitedly said. I nodded along with what he talked about using the surfboards with. I laughed at how he was very amused with how he wanted surfboards so badly.

We reached the Universal Studio Hollywood and I was amazed since it was our very first time.

“Go to valet!” Hoechlin started yelling because he was too excited.

I went to valet; we got out of the car to be greeted by yelling fans and flashing lights from the reporters. We started walking to pose some photos for the magazines.

“Dylan!” Holland yelled for me to hear her. I looked around to see the light brown haired close to gingered hair girl waving her hand at me. I paced along the red carpet, but suddenly I saw Selena Gomez.

I was freaking out, “Hey Selena.” I finally had the courage to say hi to her.

She smiled, “You’re Dylan O’Brien!” Did she say my name?

“Yeah, I’m from—umm—Teen Wolf.” I laughed out loud. Is this actually happening?


“Oh gosh,” Selena tapped my shoulder, “You’re from Teen Wolf! I haven’t watched it, but I wanna watch it.”


“You haven’t watched it?” I laughed.


“No, not yet. I’m sorry, but I’ll try too.” Selena said sweetly.


“Can we have a photo of your guys?” A photographer asked. Selena and I nodded and posed for the camera. We posed for a few more and I felt really shocked.


“Selena! It’s time to go.” Her bodyguard ordered her while she agreed.

Selena turned her head to me, “It’s nice meeting you again!”

 “Yeah, absolutely.” We both hugged and I headed to Holland who was already giving me a look. I gave her a hug and she laughed.

“Look at you with Gomez!” She hollered while I chuckled. We walked a few more steps until Los Angeles Times wanted to interview us. 

Holland: Possible season two hook-up right here.

Dylan: Check it out!

Interview: But not real life hook-up?

Holland: Not real life hook-up, nah no, I won’t even try.

Interviewer: It’s your first teen choice, are you excited?

Holland: It’s my first time. Is it yours Dylan?

Dylan: Mine too!

Interviewer: Are you guys used to red carpet now?

Holland: I sleep on the red carpet. I’m never gonna be used to this.

Dylan: It’s really weird. I’m really bad at it. I think we’re probably the worst at it.

Holland: He has good jokes and mine are mediocre.

Dylan: She has some good jokes and BOOM! Hoechlin saves it!

Hoechlin: What?

Dylan: We’re talking about how bad we are at interviews.

Hoechlin: Oh yeah—sure

Dylan: He’s good at it though.

Hoechlin: No, I’m not.

Holland: He just looks pretty.

Interviewer: If you guys win tonight, what will you do with those surf boards?

Hoechlin: Surf boards—I’ll buy a surf rack and immediately put it in the back of my trunk and go surfing.

Interviewer: You’ll actually do it? 

Dylan: He was talking about it on the car ride here.

Interviewer: You’re actually going to use it? 

Hoechlin: Absolutely! It’s all I’ve been saying.

Dylan: We shared a car.

After the interview, we took photos together and we saw Colton with Tyler in the entrance of the whole studio. We took another photo together.

[Skipping the whole TCA process because nothing really happened. Selena performed I Love You Like A Love Song and sat next to Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.]

After being on the Teen Choice Awards, I had dinner with the whole cast. During the car ride with Hoechlin I decided to tweet, but I saw Selena was following me! OHMYGOD!

| @dylanobrien: Had my first heart attack today! But don’t worry it was only cuz Selena followed me :) best chest aneurism EVER |

| @dylanobrien: The Cutie Awards were great! Oh and if you haven’t heard. I met Selena… DAS RIGHT. And she was so sweet to me. Phenomenal hugger. cool! :) | 

| @dylanobrien: okay figured it out TCA’s are The Cutie Awards and Selena and I are nominated :) all it took was 5 minutes on the internet. boom. | 

| @dylanobrien: that bieber kid better not have cheated on @selenagomez if this rumor’d true he’s got #Stiles to deal with. |

| @dylanobrien: aight I guess he didn’t cheat on her.. But this is still a warning Biebs! Cherish Selena. |

I was contented with my life. :} 

[After a week] 

I woke up to everyone tweeting me to look at what Selena said on her Facebook. I googled her: Selena Gomez

And then I saw it.. 

| Selena Gomez: So I stayed up on my bus and went to MTV and Teen Wolf was on- haven’t watched the show- I sat and watched the whole marathon lol think I’m caught up |

I jumped and down on my bed. 

“So close to being with Selena!!!!!!!” I yelled out loud and favorited that tweet or whatever. 



Chapter 1. New York City! 

Chapter 2. Central Park 

Chapter 3. Baking Mends the Broken Heart. 

Chapter 4. The Second Time Meeting

Chapter 5. The First Date

Chapter 6. Such a Beautiful Day. 

Chapter 7. What Are We? 

Chapter 8. Meeting His Parents.

Chapter 9. Merry Christmas! 

Chapter 10. New Years Eve.

Requested by Anon: Hello dylena shippers! This is my second dylena fanfic series. I put it on Wattpad, but did not put it on tumblr ever since now. Sorry if I had some bad ideas, but oh well. Urgent: This does have a second part to the series.Ohhh, I hope you enjoy this dylena fanfic! #dylenafeels. 


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