Ask anyone who has grown watching “The Storyteller” and they will tell you that Richard Brook was real. Ask  the people who nominated me for a IFTA for my roll as a struggling drug addict, Brian in the show “Emergency” (see above gif) they will tell you that Richard Brook is real. Ask the people who remember watching me what I was just a little kid myself in the kids show “Jimmy” they will tell you Richard Brook is real. Ask my theater troop who I perform with every year. Richard Brook is real. One cannot just build a career out of nothing not even “Jim Moriarty” the man Sherlock Holmes made up. Reblog this for The Storyteller, for Brian, for the little boy on “Jimmy” who befriended that big, blue dragon. Reblog this for Richard Brook.

UPDATE: UCR Sherlock Meetup

UCR Sherlock Meetup

Date and Time: Wednesday, February 22nd, 7:00pm

Location: Getaway Cafe 

Hello All,

Thank you for showing your interest and making your preferences heard regarding the proposed meetup for Sherlock believers. Taking your input into account I would like to announce the final details.

Note the slight time change from the last post. I am looking forward to finally meeting my fellow believers. Please help spread the word. Also, if you plan on attending let us know so we can get a general headcount. I hope to see you all next week.

I will have obvious Sherlock flyers so keep an eye out for those to recognize me. You might want to carry something so we can recognize you.

Just look for the crooked man in a fedora.

Thank you all,

The Crooked Man