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TO THE ANON WHO ASKED IF I DO REQUESTS VERY NICELY AND ASKED FOR BENNY AND NINA: i do! ((just very slowly and in a random order with no guarantee i’ll ever do them and a chance that as i go to post it the whole ask will disappear,, my bad)) 

 here’s benny surprising nina by showing up at stanford for valentine’s day (the surprise is that valentine’s day was yesterday)

im just so overwhelmed by how much they actually prepared for the home party despite the fact that they’re on a world tour, doing japanese promotions, and even before- they were doing so many us promotions when they were invited to the bbmas????like where did they find the time to do this????

If Hockey Pucks Could Talk

  • “Hey! Watch it, how’d you like it if someone just carelessly slammed you on the ice? Rude.”
  • “Weeeeeeeee, oof, weeeeeeee.”
  • “I believe I can fly! Dₑₗₐy ₒf gₐₘₑ ₚₑₙₐₗₜy fₒᵣ yₒᵤ.”
  • “Hi there net, come here often?”
  • “Goalies are my favorite, you always hold me so nicely.”
  • “Lol, you missed.”
  • “Weeeeeeeee.”
  • “Noooooooo– oh god your face, oh god, I’m sorry, I think you lost some teeth, fuck, don’t move just uh…. Sorry.”
  • “Don’t give me to him, no come on, I’ll be good. I promise! Hes gonna let his dog chew on mfmfmgkgidiehhirjd.”
  • “Oh you’re gonna get a goal, here I go, over the lin— just kidding, Imma stop here.”
  • “I’m going, hope you got fast teamma— ᵢcᵢₙg fₒᵣ yₒᵤ.”
  • “Hey, hey, I’m on the left, catch me ple—nevermind I’m already behind you.”
  • “Can I go home with you? I’m afraid of the dark.”

“I know they talk like you’re too naive… (like) you’re too young but eventually, fools change the world. I believe that.” - #RM 2017

[V+ Chat] 170310 Kim Namjoon

I’m emotional, coz just the other night I was ranting about how the other generations sign us off as ridiculous, petulant, and entitled for dreaming big dreams and believing in what we deserve.

Try til you can fly! If you crash and learn what limits you, fight it. Shout not today to the nay sayers! Once upon a time no person could fly. Then some dreamers invented planes and made flying a reality. Who’s to say that you wouldn’t be able to create a way to make your dream of soaring become a reality too?

Namjoon believes in passionate fools. You should too. Be passionate, be driven, keep trying!

Dream, Hope, Keep Going!

It’s almost here! Samhain is next week, can you believe it? Time is flying on my end. I’ve been meaning to post this for over a week now, but am just now finding the time! Samhain is seen by some as the end of the “witch’s year” and bring this year to an end means letting go of this year and embracing the new! This jar focuses on letting go and making peace with your year and setting up your new intentions and preparing for your year to come.

  • ground ginger - welcoming adventure and new experiences
  • black pepper - banishing and releasing negativity from this year
  • sage - self purification for a blank slate 
  • anise - aide in finding happiness
  • cloves - for help in gaining what is sought

Like any of my jars, I recommend starting out with meditation, lighting the candle you will seal the jar with and taking time to clear your head and focus as much as you can on this. If it helps, I would also write down all of what you want to let go of, you can burn this or bury it if you want to. I also would recommend (witch or not!) to write out your intent and goals for the year to come so you have a physical reminder to meditate with and look at daily to keep yourself focused. Visualize these things while you assemble your jar and take as much time as you need! Seal your jar up (I have a tutorial here if you need help!) and meditate with it when you can to refocus your goals!

I know Samhain is usually associated with the fact that the veil is thin during this time, so spirit work is popular, but for those of us who don’t work with spirits, I wanted to bring something else to the table! (But I do have a divination spell jar if you do!)

I would LOVE (as always) to see your recreations, just tag me as a mention or a regular tag. All my other jars and originals can be found here. I hope this is helpful, and I would love to hear what you let go of/or your goals for the coming year if you want to share! 

Love you, little witches! Happy Samhain, and stay safe! 



When you’re all kind of “co-parenting” your youngest brother…

Dick: Damian needs to know that we believe in him. It’s the most important thing. If you tell children they have wings, they will believe they can fly.

Jason: Oh, really? I had a buddy that went to Gothamfest, believed he could fly, didn’t end great. That’s why hotels’ windows don’t open anymore.

And by “buddy”, he meant a drunken Roy.

me : Bam cutting his hair short could be a metaphor. His long hair gives off the impression of him being caged under FUG’s grasps, limiting his actions, and even following their orders. Cutting his hair would mean he cut his ties with FUG and finally broke free, moving on with his journey, trying to bury “Viole” in the past.

also me, an intellectual : I want his long hair back.


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❀Jack Avery❀

Reflex - You and Jack get into an argument and in the heat of the moment you think he’ll hit you.

Make-Over - You give Jack a make-over.

The ‘L’ Word - You accidentally tell Jack you love him and he grows distant afterward.

Priorities - Jack is dating your best friend and you suffer heartbreak.
Priorities pt.2

Bad Reputation Everybody is against Jack dating you because of your past.

Interruptions - Not too long after meeting Jack’s family, you two are caught in the act of nearly getting down and dirty.

Blame the Distance - Jack cheats on you in America while you’re studying in London and you get news of it.

Stealthy - You’re August’s little sister and you are secretly in a relationship with Jack.

❀Corbyn Besson❀

Unintentional - Corbyn doesn’t know you have feelings for him and him always bringing girls around finally gets tiring.

Hold On - Tragedy strikes after an argument.

❀Zach Herron❀

Nobody Gotta Know -  Your older brother, Jack, doesn’t know about Zach and your secret relationship.

Close Encounter - You get trapped in an elevator with Zach, whom you have feelings for and vice versa.

❀Jonah Marais❀

Unexpected - You catch Jonah cheating.
Unexpected pt.2
Unexpected pt.3

Capture and Effect - When live on YouNow, fans capture Jonah’s face while looking at you and rumors spread like wildfire. 

Marked - The boys discover a few hickeys on your neck.

RegretJonah thinks you regret losing your virginity to him.

Too Good at Goodbyes -  You end things between Jonah after your relationship goes downhill.

What is Love - Jonah, an acquaintance of yours, comes to the rescue.

Three Empty Words - You and Jonah are growing out of love, but neither of you want to bring it up.

❀Daniel Seavey❀

Or Something - Daniel can’t help but get irritated with you and Jonah’s strictly platonic relationship.

Memories - You get amnesia and the boys try to help you remember everything.

❀Imagines Based on Logan Paul’s Vlogs❀

(All in which are connected - you are Logan’s sister in each one)

03/28/17 - I Believe I Can Fly You are there to participate in the finger lift challenge with Logan and the boys.

04/27/17 - CoincidencesLogan stumbles upon you and the boys hanging around L.A.

05/21/17 - Viva Las VegasYou attend the BBMA’s with Logan and the Why Don’t We Boys.

❀Others (Mixes,N/A,etc)❀

Photographs and Wishes Based on the song Photograph by Ed Sheeran.



morganx1313 said: Can I request a one shot for Fionn? Maybe where the reader and him have been best fiends since they were little and he lets slip in an interview that he’s in love with her? If you can do this, thanks so much!

Word count: 1,409

Request here + masterlist + guidelines.

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Your heart was bumping in your chest waiting for the show to start. Tonight was one of those free nights when you could sit on your couch and watch a movie in peace, but there was an exception, tonight you didn’t want to watch a movie, instead, you were going to watch for the first time an interview of your best friend Fionn and his cast-mate Harry Styles.

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sorry guys but i’m not going to be over this for a while. Harry Fucking Styles wrote a song called “If I Could Fly” and INSISTED on this being the title and then he makes his first solo music video featuring him FLYING. i CANNOT WITH THIS BOY HE OWNS MY WHOLE HEART/SOUL/ASS

Things Ravenclaws Say #3
  • Ravenclaw: I believe I can fly
  • Slytherin: You have no wings, you can't levitate
  • Another Slytherin: As a Ravenclaw, you should know this.
  • Ravenclaw: There are flying broomsticks here and you say I can't fly
  • Ravenclaw: Put your ambitions back in your pocket.
  • Gryffindor, from across the hall: Oh snap!
EXO Reaction when their daughter’s boyfriend asks them for their blessing

Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Mental breakdown* “What is he saying… I stopped listening the moment he said marriage… is this really going on? My little girl is leaving home? I feel so lonely and it hasn’t happened yet… I need to cry”


“You have to promise me that you will take care of her. Promise me you’ll make her happy every day for the rest of your lives… I will only accept this is this is truly what she wants. She’s my number one priority and should be yours too” *Very serious dad*


*Probably will try to avoid the conversation until his wifey makes him sit and listen* “Please.. stop… I’m in denial.. she’s a baby.. let me believe she’s still my baby… fine fine.. go marry her but make her happy!”


“You seriously think you are worth of my daughter?” *Being a complete tease* “Nah I’m kidding, of course you can. You are like a son to me, I’m happy for you two”


“I will accept this… only if you tell me there will be plenty of food in your wedding. I want chicken okay? And chocolate cake. Just kidding, make her happy okay son? I wish you two the best” *So cool this dad*


*He’d be happy  and give his blessing but he’d be sad too in a good way* “She’s my little girl… I never thought this day would come. Can you believe it darling? Our girl is finally flying… I’m going to miss her so much”


“It’s not my yes the one you need. It’s hers. So if she says yes, I of course am going to bless it. Good luck boy! Fighting!” *So supportive this dad*


*Saw it coming* “Oh no no… don’t tell me you are going to ask me for her hand… I should have known… this is why we came here to this nice restaurant right? This is the moment I hand my girl to another man… ahh I think I’m about to cry”


He’d probably be the scariest father in law in the world until he turns his head, and stares at your boyfriend for some minutes and says: “Yes, I give you my blessing son. Now go, make my little girl happy”


*Unlike the popular belief, he’d be so mushy and squishy the moment he starts thinking about his daughter being in the altar and bringing home some cute grandchildren. Oh yes he will also give the boy some advice for the marriage* “Marriage is complicated but love can do it all; keep it strong, the love”


*He’d start crying out of happiness. But like nothing would be able to stop his tears. Poor boyfriend he’d have to deal with this precious unicorn sobs* “My baby… she’s getting married… I… I don’t… my heart.. happy… baby”


*It would hit him hard but of course he knows his girl is happy and has chosen a good man and he’d always support his little girl even though he doesn’t like sharing his princesses* “I didn’t think of this when we decided to have kids… my girl.. leaving me… this is hard to process.. it’s going to be okay… I will  always protect her”

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Commission! Toothless was really fun to make and, I have to say, quite a small challenge.

I’m pretty used to drawing dragons and animals in general, but Toothless was kinda hard because his design is so… consistent. His anatomy is really round, his wings and tail are really made so you can believe he’s able to fly. Before making the final picture I had to do a lot of studies (you can see some of them there) to understand how he moves and behaves.

I could spend days staring at his eyes. I loved how they turned out.