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2 times when Even probably took Isak’s hands 


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Oh my god, you're a Galavant fan, too! <3

Anonymous said: Just when I thought you couldn’t get cooler you watch Galavant?!? Whhhhhat!

It’s such a ridiculous show and I LOVE IT


cosima looking at delphine in 4x10 


                                      “if your demons were wildfires, 

                               i would burn my hands to conquer them.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Negan:</b> I love a gal that takes me to dinner and doesn’t expect me to put out... *Whispers in Rick's ear* If <I>I</I> ever cook <I>you</I> dinner though Rick, the same logic does not apply to you. And you don't even want to know what I'd do to you if you stood me up.<p/><b>Rick:</b> *next week on the supply run with Aaron* This boat has a hole in it, keep paddling and we will... Shit! Negan is cooking me spaghetti, I forgot!<p/><b>Aaron:</b> Are you paddling Rick?! This boat is sinking awfully fast... Rick?... Rick?!<p/><b>Rick:</b> *reversing violently away in the truck* You got this Aaron! I believe in you!<p/><b>Aaron:</b> *sinking* RIIIIICK!!<p/></p><p/></p>

Going into high school and throughout my freshman and sophomore year, I was really insecure about my body and couldn’t really appreciate the way my body was. I was soft in most places with some rolls here and there, and most of the girls around me were much thinner. I wasn’t necessarily very overweight, but I wasn’t at an “average” weight.

In the beginning of this year, my junior year, I really started to focus on little things that I wanted to improve, and I lost a little bit of weight to make me appreciate my body more.

Now at the end of my junior year, I FINALLY realize that I don’t need to lose weight to be beautiful. My body is perfect just the way it is. I am happy, and I am healthy. I would be beautiful if I was 20 pounds heavier or lighter. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, and I love my thick thighs and squishy tummy.

Are you afraid of us? The Last: Naruto the movie

It’s hilarious how the producers didn’t put Sasuke and Naruto together throughout the movie. They knew… They knew if they were together, we would attack (because we are fucking submarines) and bring out all of our sasunaru/narusasu feels, and that can’t happen because… Naruto adores Hinata, Pfff of course he does, it’s obvious.

I mean, did he chase after her for almost six years? Was he willing to die for her? Yes, of course. The development of the relationship between Naruto and Hinata is clear then…

Yup, they had to do a movie to prove it, when “Naruto” (the manga/anime/previous movies) is all about sasunaru/narusasu

Thoughts on Mika being asexual

Personally, I wouldn’t like Mika being 100% asexual and that does not makes me acephobic. I also do not believe the ship is sinking. Being an ace myself, I just enjoy the fanfics and fanart about Mika desiring Yuu. Not for the actual act of sex, but rather for the feelings involved. Either way, it might be fun for many people. We all enjoy Mikayuu in many different ways. In any case, I honestly believe Mika is actually demisexual (even if it considered part of asexuality, but let’s remember that you can have sexual desire only when romantic feelings are involved). And I don’t think he can be/was forced into asexuality where he is not able to feel sexual desire as that’s something that has to do with the mind. Even if he turned into a vampire and blood is like sex drive for vampires, I believe there’s still the human side of him. His body is one of a vampire and his mind if one of a human. But as the romantic feelings are strong with this ship, I would go with demisexual.

My Heart’s a Stereo

i posted this on ao3 many months ago and it got really good feedback, so i’m gonna post it here too.

Dipper watched with pure elation as the door thudded closed behind Grunkle Stan, leaving the shack empty of anyone other than himself. It seemed almost too good to be true. Only when he heard the sound of an engine driving off into the distance did he allow himself to believe his fortune and sink down into the worn cushions of the living room couch.

Dipper gave a sigh of content as the sunlight-heated fabric warmed his skin. These last few days have been more than exhausting, and finally, finally he had a small period of time to himself. It felt like ages ago since he had just been able relax without having to worry about Stan punching a dream demon in the face, or said demon helping Mabel create a literal glitter bomb. And now he could.

Stan was out giving a particularly large tour, Mabel was at the Northwest’s Manor with Pacifica, and Bill was out in the woods as he had been for the last two hours doing god only knows what. Usually he would be more than a little concerned that Bill was spending such a large amount of time alone and unmonitored, but at the moment he honestly couldn’t bring himself to care. He didn’t even want to think about Bill or the portal or anything else, he could deal with all of that later. But right now was his time, and a nap sounded pretty damn good.

He rolled onto his side and nuzzled his face into the armrest, closing his eyes.

“Hiya, Pine Tree!” Bill chirped.

“Why?” Dipper groaned into the material pathetically.

He could practically hear Bill roll his eyes. “Geez kid, don’t sound so happy to see me.”

With reluctance (so, so much reluctance) Dipper opened his eyes. Bill leaned against the wall by the television, seeming to have appeared out of thin air. The demon smirked at the boy’s annoyance.

“Bill,” Dipper sighed, “whatever you want, hold it. I want to be left alone for a bit, okay?”

Bill’s smirk blew into a full smile. “Wow, really?” he exclaimed dramatically. “That’s exactly what I wanted, too! We can be alone together!”

“You know that’s not- Wha- Hey!” Before a full protest could leave the human’s mouth, Bill strided towards him and pushed Dipper’s lower legs off the edge of couch before plopping down in the seat himself.

The demon made a show of stretching his limbs as he sat. “Ah, much better!”

Dipper rolled onto his back and propped himself up on his elbows to look at the Bill full on. “I’m serious, Bill. Whatever you’re here for, you’re not getting it now. If ever.”

“Ugh, quit being so negative Pine Tree,” Bill chastised. “It’s really unattractive.”

Unattractive? Dipper rose his eyebrows. “Excuse me?”

“You’re excused,” Bill responded easily. “Now scoot over, would you? You’re taking up the whole couch.”

“Why should I? I was here first.” A note of irritation rang in Dipper’s voice. He felt slightly childish saying such a thing, but then decided he didn’t care. He was tired, Bill was annoying, and he didn’t want to move.

“Then you leave me no other choice,” the demon announced before promptly falling over and landing directly on top of Dipper.

Sure, the demon had invaded Dipper’s personal space plenty of times. At this point, it was a pretty regular occurrence. That still did not make him comfortable with it.

“Bill,” he ground out, cheeks already tinting pink. “Get off of me.”



Dipper was overly aware of just how much heat was radiating off of the demon. Bill’s higher than normal body temperature was quickly warming his legs and midsection and Dipper refused to acknowledge that, despite this, he still had to suppress a shiver.

“Hey kid, I gave you a fair chance to move over, and you rejected it. You better get comfortable, because I’m not going anywhere soon.” To make his point the demon shifted around and wrapped his arms around Dipper’s middle, using his chest as a pillow.

“Seriously, Bill?” Dipper whined. He could feel his face burning now and was thankful the demon was no longer looking at him. “I knew you were clingy but this is too much. Way too much. All I ask for is-”

“Quiet!” the demon hissed, suddenly serious and Dipper immediately stopped talking. Had he done something to make him upset?

Bill remained silent for a few moments before suddenly shoving himself up on his arms and staring at Dipper with an alarmed expression. “Pine Tree, what the fuck is in your chest?”

“In my what?”

“There is a thing ticking in your chest!” Bill exclaimed. “That can’t be normal!”

“Are you talking about my heartbeat?”

“Heartbeat? What is the purpose of it?”

Dipper raised his eyebrows questioningly. “Um, to live?” Bill just stared at him like he had grown another head. “All humans have and require hearts to live, Bill. It sends oxygenated blood throughout our bodies.” he continued. “A heartbeat is just the sound it makes while it does that.” Dipper snickered loudly. “I thought you were supposed to be all-knowing or something. How do you not know what a heartbeat is?”

“Watch it, kid,” Bill growled. Pride had always been the demon’s sore spot. “You couldn’t even begin to comprehend the things I know. Who cares if I don’t bother to educate myself your dumb biological functions?”

Dipper just rolled his eyes. “Whatever, Bill.” It honestly didn’t even matter. He only had about twenty more minutes until Grunkle Stan came back and he’d be damned if he was just going to waste anymore of it arguing. He tried to ignore his present situation as he turned his head away from the demon and closed his eyes, focusing on less on the body on top of him and more on the heaviness of his eyelids.

After only a minute or so while Bill seemed to cool off from his small outburst and settled back onto the human, hugging his middle once more and resting his head back on Dipper’s chest. Dipper didn’t miss the way the demon positioned his head so that his ear pressed flush to his chest, directly above the throbbing organ.

“Why did it slow down?” Bill mumbled after about a minute of silence.


“It was faster when I first heard it. Now it’s slower.”

“Heartbeats change speeds all the time,” Dipper explained. “It all has to do with how worked up or relaxed you are. Right now I’m falling asleep, so it’s slower.”

Bill just hummed in response, squeezing Dipper’s middle slightly tighter and almost nuzzling his chest with the side of his head.

If Dipper was smarter, he might have questioned or even felt uncomfortable sleeping beneath a demon. But he was so tired, and if Bill really wanted to hurt him he could have done it a hundred times already, right?

And with that almost-comforting thought, Dipper fell unconscious.