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Truth comes first ~P.2

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► Summary:

Everything in Riverdale seems to be a big mess no one can descipher not just because of Jason Blossom’s mysterious murder, but other questions start to fill the air of the small town.

► Pair: Jughead Jones x Reader

►  Word Count: 1,864

► Warnings: none

► A/N: Thank you all for the welcome you did give to this series! I’m so happy to see that you like it. I have to say that maybe these first parts don’t seem that interesting but… Believe me when I say I’m just preparing everything for the surprises and the plot twist that’ll come ;) 

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Half an hour later you were on your way back home.

Everything between you and Jughead had been settled; how you were going to work as a team, what each one of you were contributing with and of course the promise of being the most discreet you could.

A pair of familiar voices filled the air making your walking stop. You were standing in the sidewalk in front of Betty’s house. At the same door of the house you could see two persons; none other than Archie and Betty themselves, and they didn’t look happy.

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"No, I’m not. I’m trying to not give up on what we’ve built. Everyone is currently helping me get to Brad but he seems to be treating everyone the same atm" You do realize that you're making him look like the bad guy? You do realize that you ask for privacy but say this kind of shit? You do nothing but show me that you're the fucking problem. God, I wasn't gonna comment about this at all but all the hate towards Brad makes me sick. He's a good person, so are you I believe. Just act like it.

So the fact that I still defended Brad even though there were problems going on didn’t matter at all? Yes, I know I said one or two things too much when it came to the personal stuff but that’s because I was inexperienced and when you’re hurt you do stupid shit. I know my fault but this is why I made the video I did because people attacking Brad was my fault but it shows how fucking involved people can get (including you from your comment.) You completely ignore that people are even attacking me as well. You know how shitty it is to see people typing comments that say “oh man I’m so glad she’s fucking gone” and all that stuff?

I’m not gonna be rude to you like you’re being rude to me (somehow shows typical anon behaviour when they wanna say something so they go to the most aggressive extent). 

I’d like to say more but from what I think I really shouldn’t have responded to this in the first place. I still will because I’m not scared of defending myself and admitting when I fucked up. 

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dating someone in band seems so wild to me like what do these people do when they break up but they have to see each other every rehearsal like ??? (i cant believe i, a person with a crush on a trumpet from band, am saying this)

this is why eternal loneliness is always the best and safest option

Brave Hands (Jisoo)

Type: Fluff 

~Note: reader is shorter~

Jisoo smiled as you bounced on your toes “I love you” he says as he cups your cheeks lightly “I can’t believe you’re going off to college” he whispers as he kisses your lips. “I worry you’ll find someone better than me” he coos as you shake your head no. “Will you two knock it off” Joohyuk calls as he looks over from his seat on the couch “I don’t trust you alone with her at your own apartment but at the same time I hate how you guys have to be all cutesy when you’re here” he mumbles. 

“How about we go out then?” you ask as you tug on Jisoo’s sleeve. “Yeah?’” he said tugging on your hips and brings you close rubbing your nose against his. “You aren’t going public until you guys have been dating longer than a year” Joohyuk says as you glare at him “you’re so demanding and annoying big brother” you tell him. “You need to have a life before you get buried in fame for dating an actor” your brother tells you “because I haven’t been stuck on the my big brother’s famous train already” you mumble.

“I just won’t hold her hand then. You and I can go out as ‘friends’ right?” he asked as you nodded “we’re gonna go out then and get something to eat” you sag. “Bring me something back” he calls out as you make a call back saying you will.


“I really want to sit beside you” Jisoo tells you as he sat across from you “you can sit beside me” you say as he picks his fork “no if I do that I will want to wrap my arms around you” he flirts as you chuckle. “So cheesey” you tell him as he smiles resting his head against his hand before he rested his hand in the middle of the table. He gave you a look before he looked back at his hand.

You gave him a look as you lightly rested your hand near his and let your fingers touch slightly. You two made small talk as his fingers wrapped more around yours as time went by. Only before he got braver and rested his hand onto yours “you’re being brave” you say lightly in a sing song voice as he laughs softly. “I can’t help it” he says as he lightly squeezes your hand.

“I don’t mind public knowing about us” you tell him as he squeezes your hand a bit harder. “No yet” he says as you smile but nod at him. “Soon” he continues “I’ll tell the whole world about you” he promises as you smile at him. “Can’t wait to hold your hand in public” you say “neither can I” he say as you give him a light wink and got back to your food.


Vivienne: “I wasn’t sure what to write about Luca when I first started to write this. He was the best person I have ever known, and yet when I would tell him that he would just laugh it off. He would always say to me, ‘Vivienne, I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I’m sure glad I did it.’ And he really believed it because he loved me so much.

But the truth is that it was I that didn’t deserve him. I did many things that proved it and still, he loved me anyway. He always forgave me when I was rash and selfish. And loved me even when I was mean and intolerable. He loved me in spite of myself and I hope he knew how much I appreciated it and needed it. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without having had him in my life…….”

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I can't get over how in love Aaron and Robert are,they are more in love than ever and I love how proud they look and sound when they say "husband" it's beautiful. Today I watched some affair clips on YT it felt weird watching them all I kept thinking was you are husbands now. I always thought Danny and Ryan had amazing chemistry from the start it was what made me a fan but it was off the charts in the episodes especially during their first dance and goodbye scenes,we are so lucky xx

I can’t believe how far they have come and how much they have been through. And the fact they are still here and still crazy about each other. I still can’t believe they are married either, that’s going to take a while to sink in. But I love how much they love each other, the way they look at each there too. They don’t even need to say a thing and you just know how they feel. Everyday I am thankful that we have Danny and Ryan, no one else would be able to do what they do, we got very lucky :) x

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About self esteem: think of simple situations when you showed basic courtesy e.g. saying thank you to someone for holding a door open. You never know you could've been the only one to acknowledge that person that day. Know that because of you that person's day is a little brighter. I have personal experience of this and honestly it's small things like this that make me feel so happy. And literally tell yourself that you are awesome and cheer yourself on and eventually you will believe it 😇


Life after AFH

So yesterday saw the finale of my little series! I’ve enjoyed chatting to all of you who bothered to say something about it - I can’t believe my words reached your feelings enough to take time to write to me, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

I may be quiet for a while from next week on. Next Saturday we return to Europe for a visit and unlike the first time, I’m going to be country-hopping so I’m not sure how/when I can get much data at all! It’ll be 2 weeks abroad, and I hope that it helps me crystallize the details of the new series and maybe even finish it?



Yes!!!! For the past 6 weeks I’ve been drafting characters and writing the new content for it. So far I have approx 25k words written, and I have to figure out how long I want the chapters to be - I liked the length in AFH because you can read 2.5k words during your coffee break, or right before bed. Anything longer than that requires the time to sit down and concentrate further, so I don’t want you to feel like reading is a chore - am I even making sense?

Anyway, here be some spoilers about the future, so don’t click the Keep Reading unless you want a new series spoiler!

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Rocknaldo or The end of SU?

“This week we were promised a new gem, we got the gemsona of a disillusioned 20-something year old man who is trying to have his way.

At the moment the thing annoying me most about rocknaldo is that I’m actually going to have to rewatch it to make sure I make an accurate review. 

First off, this is a filler episode,we shouldn’t expect much plot development, rather exploration into that side characters and how they are doing. Though most su filler episodes aren’t spectacular, they are fun to watch. Rocknaldo was the second most painful episode for me to watch (first being the new lars). 

Good thing for cartoon network to make a misleading post about the episode. Honestly alot of people could of just put this off as a shitty episode, but they just had the get the views.

“Alien entities walk among us.” Or ‘Alien’ could be seen as an immigrant, not just an extraterrestrial being

“They hate men.” In other words extreme-feminists

So Ronaldo goes onto explain that this isn’t about the crystal gems, it’s about the things the crystal gems fight. But yet the pamphlet doesn’t say this.

“Don’t say that it’s offensive.”

Here is where us viewers definitely know this episode is a metaphor for racism, or men against feminists, or something, it’s no longer just about the crystal gems being ‘rock people’

“No no, you’re not getting it.” Mansplaining at it’s finest. This is the part of the episode where we really start to become annoyed at Ronaldo (if you haven’t already.) Ronaldo is just spouting off a whole bunch of information he got from his imagination and presenting them as facts.

Steven explains to Ronaldo why he’s wrong and even gives him advice on how to better himself. Maybe Ronaldo will finally have some character development and become a more dimensional character, maybe he will understand how much he imposes himself on other people and become at least a little self aware!

Never mind

Steven, stop trying to validate Ronaldo being here. He doesn’t belong there, he came in, uninvited, uninformed with an obnoxious attitude. He has done nothing for you so why give him you time of day?

Garnet has future vision, she knows how this will play out, the episode must be funny?

“When do I get issued my gem”


“I got it a del-marva{?} con last year.”

No. NO. This is the worst, the show has just established Ronaldo to be an annoying and obnoxious character. Now it tries to relate with an audience be throwing in ‘trendy’ things like conventions and anime? No. This is just reinforcing the negative stereotype of con-goers being obnoxious and misinformed about their views. In the end this scene just become cringe-worthy to anybody who has watched anime or been to a convention. It’s just insulting (I’m gonna tally up how many times Ronaldo mentions anime, or anime related things and put them in the tags.)

This scene was 7 seconds too long. And don’t jump on the couch. There is literally stairs right there, he looks like an idiot.

“Bloodfry.” Only good thing this episode so far

“But Steven gets to go.” He sounds like a fucking kid, he should at least know he can’t go on missions, why is this self entitled brat so arrogant?

“But I’m a crystal gem to?” He says sadly. Are we supposed to feel bad for this guy? Because I feel like he deserved to be left behind, so he would understand being a crystal gem is not just fighting monsters, it’s looking out for each other’s safety. That’s if Ronaldo even wanted to be a crystal gem.

“I didn’t see you there” He says after looking awkwardly at Steven with binoculars (is this supposed to make us hate Ronaldo more? Or is it just a failed joke?)

“How did the mission go without you holding you back.” Bitch pretends he doesn’t know that he would of been the one holding the team back. Or used as a meat shield

“I’m going out”

“Like that?”

“Like what?”

Stop insulting Steven, he didn’t do shit to you

“I think a real crystal gem would…” stop, just stop, you are not a real crystal gem, so stop acting as if you know everything about them

At this point I’m fucking done with the episode. He is acting so out of line, and he knows that, but its confusing why he keeps on acting this way. Ronaldo this episode was a failed character, he was set up to be hated, but also still relatable, he feels like what the Crewniverse thinks of Steven Universe fans (which is unlikely true, but that’s how the episode presents itself) 

aND then Steven finally makes a stance and asserts himself, he tells Ronaldo what the fuck is up, and RONALD FUCKING GUILT TRIPS HIM. That is not ok, guilt tripping is the worst thing, because you push the blame on the victim and make them believe it was their fault.

Steven tells Ronaldo (without Roasting him too much) that he’s wrong and explains to Ronaldo. Ronaldo falls asleep straight afterwards. BUT why does Steven stay after they dump him at the chip shop, he shouldn’t feel bad for doing what was necessary. And then three weeks pass and we only know that because of dialogue (show don’t tell). And then Ronaldo goes and blames his bad attitude on an alter ego, which is something a child would do, and then he goes on a pity train saying he was an outsider, if he had tried, he could of had friends, but it’s the fact he didn’t put in any effort was his downfall. And by that he hurts Steven, making him think he excluded Ronaldo. 

“Photo editing software” because photoshop is copy-righted 

“That’s rough buddy” should be reserved for when a girlfriend has turned into the moon. And then the episode ends with no repercussions for Ronaldo’s actions.

After rewatching this episode, it is now the most painful episode to watch 

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Can I have a hug from someone? I'm not doing very well right now and this blog always makes me smile :>

I had also gotten a similar message from @vanillabite13 but I accidentally deleted it…

The point here is: Things will get better. You might not believe it, but it’s true. You’re gonna have “no good” days and that’s normal. Everyone goes through it. But the way you look through those hardships is how things get better. 

The saying “at the end of every storm is a rainbow” is true. Good things will happen when you work through all the tough times. Just keep working through it and stay positive!

Speaking of, I’m glad this blog makes you happy. It warms my heart to know someone like you is enjoying this little section of Tumblr I’ve created!

Keep being awesome! 

we stand on cracked parched earth
hand in hand.
your eyes are made of light, i think.
it’s not that i’m wrong- it’s that
i have no idea what i’m saying.
i tell you that you are my best friend
but i have forgotten what that means
and i’ve never been able to give anyone pieces of myself,
but i’ve tried.
believe me when i promise you i’ve tried.
you say something back, and i am not listening
you talk in every sunset color and
i live my life in shades of mountain blue,
hazed with distance
and i spend so much time gluing glass
into the cracks in my skin
so you must understand when i tell you
you exist in a spectrum i cannot see
except i tell you that the sky is orange
and you respond that, yes, it is. but can you
please stop saying things i do not understand.
we stand on ultraviolet glowing grass
with our hands brushing, just barely.
you are not looking at me. your eyes
are made of fire. my eyes are made of
something that will not burn.
we stand in the middle of a still lake, under
the impossible faraway ceiling. we are
gliding forward but there are no ripples and i cannot see
the end
but i know it’s there. i do not touch you
because i am worried that you will crumble
to ash and to silence and to bitter, bitter stone:
it is very cold
and i am shivering
—  six am//ast.

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i dont think its fair that you say abuse is embedded in iraqi culture, i dont think its fair for you to judge a population of more than 35 million in saying theyre all abusive. Like i fully understand where youre coming from and how youve been affected by it but its truly not like that in every single household. when someone says "not all iraqi men are like that" i understand why you may not believe that because of your experience, but there are good people out there.

I’m Iraqi. I have every right to drag my own culture. Firstly, there are no adequate laws in Iraq that protect women against domestic violence. Secondly, it is legal in Iraqi law for a male relative to murder a female relative if it’s an honour-based crime - if you don’t believe me, look it up. The Iraqi government doesn’t care to protect female victims of domestic and/or public violence and even kidnappings of women by gangs. A high percentage of Iraqi women attempted suicide because of domestic violence. So yes, Iraqi culture IS inherently patriarchal and abusive, and normalises those values.

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I'm tired of being labeled as defective or having a mental disorder simply because I'm asexual. Or that I have no orientation or libido. That I must have a hormonal imbalance. They don't believe me when I say I've had them checked. Nothing I say is good enough for some people, so I just stop trying. I was so happy to finally find something that really explained me after 26 years of life, and people just ruin it 😒

Some people just aren’t ready to accept someone different than them.  They think they’re helping when they say that you should have your hormones checked.  They think you just need to find the right person to be with.

Well I’m here to tell you they are wrong!  I’m so glad that after 26 years of life you have found something to help you in your search for your identity!  The people who are putting you down… they don’t deserve you.  They don’t even deserve your consideration.

You are a valid asexual.  You are not broken.  You are not alone.

We’re here for you.

~Mod Elise

Slbp introductions? Or slbp reintroductions

*Takes a mic* *ahem ahem*

First,I’d like to thank @shige-haru (aka Sierra) for starting such a wonderful thing… or should we say get-to-know-you meme. Welcome back btw! And thanks to @shioune and @minminami who tagged me in this… altho I must say I am quite lazy to do this particular tag but nay, I still did it 😂😂

Tbh, when I’d did this, I sort of wondered if that particular time period where we all roleplay, made theories, write fanfiction, share scenes and other things that revels in SLBP would be once again had a revolution. Like I said a long, long time ago, a fandom isn’t considered dead when there’s still someone who fangirls in it, I still believe that the slbp fandom is still here even tho some disagrees.

Saying this again as a conclusion before I do this, shout out to all new faces out there; Welcome to the slbp fandom! And to old friends; keep it up guys!

Rules: All are welcome to fill this out!!! You don’t need to be tagged to do it!!!!! @ing your friends helps get it going, but regardless please tag it #helloslbp so it’s easy to find.

and here we go

Mmhm… I was drooling over the sign up prize (the bg) in MFWP at first tbh… *smirk smirk* I was attempting to delete slbp once I got the prize, but then the number of dateable men kinda piqued my interest. Its 12 men, not 6 like in normal voltage party apps so I thought I give it a try, since the story plot seems interesting (ITS SENGOKU WHAT YOU EXPECT ME TO RESIST IT?) and there are quite a amount of handsome guys laying around…

Well see what brought me here? As they say, curiousity really kills the cat.

(I’d never threw $$ at voltage, I am a honest non paid player from the beginning of MFWP, BMPP, SCP, KBTBBLT, GGP to SLBP)

[to self: srsly I think most of the old faces ALREADY knew what would happen when someone ask of my fav character… but I guess the newcomers may NOT know me (ok I admit, I am not that recognisable so maybe NO ONE KNOW ME) so I will, again do my thing where I mimic a certain someone’s deathblow; THE ALMIGHTY POST OF INFALLIBLE EXCUSES :D]

Lord Mitsunari.

• I love how he seems to hide his real feelings behind insults
• I love how he treats MC; first indifferently to cold, from cold to slight concern, from slight concern to confusion, from confusion to acceptance for MC, then from acceptance to fondness, then from fondness to love. See the beautiful procedure? (These changes of emotions are seen in main story not in the previous story events)
• I love how filial he can be to his mom. He can do ANYTHING for her I tell you.
• He is a broken man, which made him be that certain type of people who can’t stand injustice because he just can’t forgive those who broke/attempted to broke others (as taken from chapter 7~8 main story) I love this trait kay?
• I love how he treats Hanbei like his uttermost sensei in heaven and I love how he teaches children in his own kind way
• I love how he treats men and women equally when it comes to knowledge (adapted from ieyasu x mitsunari chapter 3~4)
• I love how he consoles MC after *BEEP BEEP* in his main story… its just KIND and SO HIM~☆☆☆☆
• this boi make me wanna protect him kay?
• I love his eyes~ his hair… He is good looking and all my taste; especially the eyes. *-*

Need I say more?? Its quite obvious why I love him actually…XD and I can’t possibly flood dashes with my fangirling so I am stopping now 😂😂

I will be here till the end of the end…. *cue a certain butler* and will also be screaming YES MY LORD in fandom for times to come :D

Almost everything except those occasional hate messages. Am not kidding. SLBP fandom is by far the most craziest fandom I’d ever been and I am proud being a part of it.

More Mitsunari event stories….please?. Gimme a month of them event stories nonstop and I will be forever grateful TAT


I know that’s never gonna happen like eternal ever, but seriously if we can hear their voices while reading their special stories that would be a plus, we’ll be more in the mood, and I am 100000% positive people would be willing to pay more for voiced stories and you’ll get profit (psst voltage this is a suggestion would you accept this we get two birds with one stone EYH??)

6. END WITH A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF Sonya, 16, Malaysia. Still in high school and enjoying it. I write, do prompts, rp and edit a bit. My other fandoms are MFW, BMP, KBTBB, SCP, Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, SAO, Katekyo Hitman, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Maze Runner, Harry Potter… etc. 

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I believe the reason meat eaters become so defensive when the topic of veganism is even mentioned is due to their conscious disregard to the moral, environmental and nutritional disadvantages of a carnivorous diet and their subsequent repressed guilt caused by this. In this way, I perhaps find myself holding more respect for meat eaters who admit their hypocrisy in doing something which they know to be wrong, more so than those who attempt to rationalise behaviour which is to me injustifiable

yes exactly i do agree 100% thank you for saying exactly what i mean 

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do you know where can i find the handwritten lyrics of "you're my waterloo" and "the delaney"? i mean, i believe there are part of one of the books of albion, but i don't know which one

Hey there! Gosh ya know I am not sure if I recall, I will have to flip through the first books of Albion to check when I get home (unless someone knows offhand) but I would say that first published volume is your best bet as it contains Likely Lads, Can’t Stand Me Now etc. I don’t recall seeing Waterloo but I may well be wrong. I know that Waterloo lyrics came with the Anthems special edition and a promo version, both are posted below. Will have a look for the others for you. You can also download quite a lot of the diaries here x

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Lool. How did aisha kill the prophet. If if your gonna stay stuff makes sure it's factual

What, do you think He (SAWS) died of poison given to him at Khaybar? Because if you do, I hope you aren’t trying to get into med school…I dare you to tell them that during your interview. Tell them that you believe that it took 4 years for the poison to kill him (SAWS), and I guarantee they will direct you to the nearest mental hospital… 

But anyway, I have already written about this so I’m literally just going to copy and paste it here, so read it all. After I present proofs, since I’m sure you will still reject the notion and call people like me “extremists,” I’ll include some mainstream scholars who also believe in this because I know people like you don’t believe in hadith, you believe in scholars. You can have narration after narration that says something, but you’ll still reject, but when a scholar says something, without giving any evidence or hadith to back it up whatsoever, you accept blindly… and then we scratch our heads and wonder where our Imam (as) is. Habibi your Imam is sitting on the mimbars, so who are you wanting for? You question every hadith from your Imams (as) 500 times, but you don’t question any scholar once. It’s truly a shame…

So I was going to write this response, however an amazing group of people just opened up a new organization called “Rafida” (check them out and they have already made a post about this online, and because it was explained so well, I’ve just copied and pasted their evidence for Aisha (LA) poisoning Rasulliah (SAWS) from the Shia books of Hadiths, so all credit goes to them and may Allah (swt) bless them. I however have added after their explanation, evidence from the Bakri Sahih books regarding this issue, along with the links to their sources. InshaAllah I hope this can be of use to many:

“28th Safar | We offer our deepest condolences to the Imam of our Time (may Allah hasten his reappearance), and to the entire Islamic Ummah (nation), on the tragic martyrdom anniversary of the greatest of Allah’s creation, the final Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family).

“And Muhammad is no more than a Messenger. (Other) Messengers have passed away before him. If he (i.e. Muhammad) dies, or is killed, will you then turn back upon your heels (onto disbelief)?“

-[Al-Quran; 3:145]

Pay attention to the words: “If then he dies, or is killed.” This confirms that the Holy Prophet would not die a natural death, but instead would be killed. The conjunctive (“or”) in this verse means “rather”. In the Arabic language, sometimes “or” indicates uncertainty and probability. In other contexts, it imparts correction. Since Allah has full knowledge and insight into the future and of the unknown, Allah (Glorious and Exalted is He) is using “or” as a way to impart correction. Accordingly, the meaning of the verse is: “…If he dies, rather is killed, will you then turn upon your heels?…”

Another Quranic verse where Allah also uses the conjuctive “or” to replace what was previously said, is the following verse regarding Prophet Yunis (peace be upon him):

“And We sent him to a hundred thousand, or they exceeded.”

-[Al-Quran; 37:148]

That is: “And We sent him to a hundred thousand, rather they exceeded (that number).“But how then was the Holy Prophet killed? Who were the perpetrators of this crime? Let us look into the narrations of Ahlul-Bayt (peace be upon them) to find out.

It has been narrated that: The Messenger of Allah said to Hafsa: “I will tell you a secret. But if you divulge it, Allah, His Angels, and all the people will curse you (for revealing it).”“So, what is it?”, wondered Hafsa. The Prophet said, “(It is that) Abu Bakr will be able to seize the caliphate and the power after me, and (he) will be succeeded by your father, Umar.” Hafsa then asked, “Who informed you of this?” To which the Prophet replied, “Allah, the Omnipresent, the Omniscient, informed me."On the same day, Hafsa divulged the secret to her friend, Aisha. In turn, Aisha divulged the secret to her father, Abu Bakr. So, Abu Bakr came to Umar and said, "My daughter, Aisha, told me a secret reported by Hafsa, but I cannot always trust what Aisha says. So you ask your daughter, Hafsa, make sure (that it is true) and tell me."So Umar went over to Hafsa, and asked her. At first, she was startled and denied it. But Umar said to her, "If you have indeed heard this secret, then tell us, so we can immediately seize power and get rid of Muhammad.” So Hafsa said, “Yes, he told me that.” At this point, those four got together and conspired to poison the Prophet.“

-[Tafseer Al-Qummi; v. 2, p. 367]
-[Bihar Al-Anwar, by Allamah Al-Majlisi; v. 22, p. 239]

"And (remember) when the Prophet secretly disclosed a matter to one of his wives, and she then divulged it (to another), and Allah showed it to him, and he made known part of it and left a part. And when he told it to her, she said: "Who informed you of this?” He said: “I was informed by the All-Knowing, the Aware.”

-[Al-Quran; 66:4]

In another narration: Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) was asked about Allah’s words, ”…If he dies, or is killed, will you then turn back upon your heels?“

-[Al-Quran; 3:145]

It was asked, “Does it mean that the Prophet died a natural death, or was he murdered?” The Imam (peace be upon him) replied, “In this verse, Allah refers to the Prophet’s companions who did what they did.”

[Tafseer Al-Ayyashi; v. 1, p. 200]
[Bihar Al-Anwar, by Allamah Al-Majlisi; v. 20, p. 91]

In the following narration, it is made crystal clear as to who killed the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his family):

Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) was sitting with a group of his followers, and asked them, “Do you know whether the Prophet died a natural death or was murdered? Allah, the Almighty, says: ”…If he dies, rather is killed…“ [Al-Quran; 3:145] The Imam (peace be upon him) continued, "The truth is that the Prophet was poisoned in his last days before he died. Aisha and Hafsa administered poison in his food."Upon hearing this, the Imam’s followers said, "They (i.e. Aisha and Hafsa) and their fathers are among the worst villains ever created by Allah.”

[Tafseer Al-Ayyashi; v. 1, p. 200]

[Bihar Al-Anwar, by Allamah Al-Majlisi; v. 22, p. 516]

Note that we are mentioning the words of none but the purified progeny of the Holy Prophet, his Ahlul-Bayt (peace be upon them all). And so all of us who aim to be followers of Ahlul-Bayt should be open to their words, and to what they have passed down to us. So we ask that no voice attempts to shun the words of the family of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all). May peace and blessings be upon the final Messenger, Prophet Muhammad, and his holy peogeny, and may Allah’s eternal damnation be upon the killers of the Holy Prophet.”


The following are my own additions to further support the claim of Aisha (LA) poisoning Rasulliah (SAWS) from the Bakri Sahih Books

From Sahih Bukari, regarding who the two were who conspired against Rasulliah (SAWS):

“Narrated Ibn `Abbas:

I intended to ask `Umar about those two ladies who back each other against ‘Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) . For one year I was seeking the opportunity to ask this question, but in vain, until once when I accompanied him for Hajj. While we were in Zahran, `Umar went to answer the call of nature and told me to follow him with some water for ablution. So I followed him with a container of water and started pouring water for him. I found it a good opportunity to ask him, so I said, “O chief of the Believers! Who were those two ladies who had backed each other (against the Prophet)?” Before I could complete my question, he replied, “They were `Aisha and Hafsa.”

Source: Sahih Bukhari, Volume 6, Book 60, Hadith 437


Here is another version of the same hadith:

“Narrated Ibn `Abbas:

I intended to ask `Umar so I said, “Who were those two ladies who tried to back each other against the Prophet?” I hardly finished my speech when he said, They were `Aisha and Hafsa.“

Source: Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 6, Book 60, Hadith 436



“Narrated `Aisha:
We poured medicine into the mouth of Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) during his illness, and he pointed out to us intending to say, "Don’t pour medicine into my mouth.” We thought that his refusal was out of the aversion a patient usually has for medicine. When he improved and felt a bit better he said (to us.) “Didn’t I forbid you to pour medicine into my mouth?” We said, “We thought (you did so) because of the aversion, one usually have for medicine.” Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “There is none of you but will be forced to drink medicine, and I will watch you, except Al-`Abbas, for he did not witness this act of yours.”

Source: Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 9, Book 83, Hadith 35


Now the Bakri’s may argue that this was nothing more than medicine, and that the medicine simply didn’t help, which is why our Holy Prophet (SAWS) died. However this is obviously an absurd claim which can be easily disproven by the very same Hadith when you take into account what Rasulliah (SAWS) ordered everyone in the room, besides Al’Abbas, to do. If what Aisha (LA) gave him (SAWS) was simply medicine, why did Rasuilliah (SAWS) order everyone else to take it. Now we all hate medicine, however when we take it, sometimes by force, do we also force the person who gave it to us to eat it? No because that is illogical. This means that Rasuillah (SAWS) knew it wasn’t medicine and wanted us to know this as well.

And just to finish off Aisha, here I’d like to prove the KUFR OF AISHA (LA):

From Sahih Bukhari:

Aisha Narrates:

“The Prophet (ﷺ) in his ailment in which he died, used to say, “O `Aisha! I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that poison.”

Source: Sahih Bukhari, Book 64, Hadith 450


How does this prove her Kuffr? Look at what she is saying and look at what the Quran says in Surah 69, verses 44-46

“And if Muhammad had made up about Us some [false] sayings, We would have seized him by the right hand; Then We would have cut from him the aorta.”

Aisha has just accused Rasulliah (SAWS) of lying, therefore she has doubted him, accused him, insulted him, and also murdered him, making her a KAFIR.

May the everlasting curse be upon Aisha (LA), Abu Bakr (LA), Umar (LA), Hafsa (LA), and all the other usurpers and oppressors. And may their punishment increase with every passing day.

Are you convinced yet? Is this factual enough for you? But because I know you won’t believe this, here are some main stream scholars who also believe that Aisha (LA) killed Rasulliah (SAWS).

Sayid Mahdi Modarassi proves with almost the exact same narrations I have provide that Aisha (LA) killed Rasuilliah (SAWS):

Lecture Link:

Sayid Ammar Nakshawani believes Aisha (LA) poisoned Rasulillah (SAWS)…

Lecture Link (starts at 39 min. 39 secs):

And just for the sake of it, here is Shiekh Yassir Al-Habib on this issue, (but when he says it everyone attacks him, but when others say it, it’s okay…)

Lecture Link:

What a ironic turn of events, no? I have spoken the truth whereas you blindly accuse others of falsehood.

In the words of Imam Jafar Sadiq (as),

“Learn to tell the truth before you learn to speak.”

Source: Al-Kafi, V. 2, P. 104, No. 4

Wa salaam

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You were literally being a bitch to anyone who wanted to help you. That's childish. You were being a fucking asshole to anyone who was remotely nice to you while you were upset. Because yes; that's how you want to treat people.

psst.. i told ppl to stop talking to me. 

u know, im like the incredible hulk. um, u wouldnt like me when im angry, except swtch it around a bit to where “dont fucking talk to me when im having a mental breakdown bc i will take all my anger that me and my 6 other fucking alters all have and throw it at u bc i wont believe a word anyone will say to me and im just gonna push everyone away and by push everyone away i mean let davey front and yell at everyone like my abuser did to me bc thats what he fucking does, the dumb cunt”

so ya, when i say “dont talk to me” or “leave me alone” then dont talk to me unless ur gonna dm me abt memes

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I love this blog to death and I don't wanna crush your heart or something but did you ever see the receipts for Mark Pellegrino? I enjoy the guy as an actor, I think he's a pretty good one but him outside of the role? He seems like a conceited jerk that I'd never want to meet which sucks cuz I really like Lucifer and him portraying Lucifer. :/

Okay… I’m happy to hear you enjoy my blog, and I’m trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here and believe you when you say you do not have malicious intent. 

But that begs the question: why come to me with this? Of course my followers are always welcome to come to me if they want to talk about anything, but this comes off as a tad disrespectful. My blog is quite literally subtitled, “Mark Pellegrino Appreciation Blog;” naturally, I’m going to support him. 

And, hey - I’m not blind. I know a lot of the fandom bristles over some of the things he says and does, and, no, I cannot objectively stand here and say that he does no wrong, but I still have mad respect and love for the man. He’s intelligent and he clearly actively educates himself on a wide variety of issues. It’s unfortunate that he often ends up going toe-to-toe with people who think they know better because they saw a few memes on FB. 

He’s confident and, yes, he is very determined and, admittedly, can be very strong-headed, too. But more often than not, I see his words being twisted because he chooses to be forthright, rather than to coddle people’s feelings, and I’ve seen him bullied mercilessly for a simple joke or misunderstanding. I’ve always been very respectful in my exchanges with him, and he has always treated me in kind - as he does with those whom engage with him in a healthy and intelligent debate. 

But, please, let’s not create drama where drama need not be. Everyone has their opinions on the actors, and that’s perfectly fine! (I mean… people hate on Misha and Jared all the time, and that’s just… ?????) When it comes down to it, I’m an actor, and when I watch Mark act, I’m inspired and filled with awe, and, in that sense, he is very much my hero. Whatever else he does in his day-to-day life is his personal choice, and not something I tend to focus on in the content of my blog. 

That being said, let’s keep this a peaceful place. If you have proof or examples of why I should hate him, please - just keep them to yourself. I’ve probably heard it all, anyway, and I truly do not feel like engaging in a discourse on morality. I’m sure there are plenty of other blogs out there who would love to fan the flames and join in on the hate, but I, for one, choose positivity. xx

I hate when people say dumb shit

Just saw some dumb bs on a forum and I can’t believe what people (often liberals) believe about Judaism. If you think Jewish Orthodox women shave their heads, or that the orthodox have sex through a sheet, can you do me a favor and promptly punch yourself in the face//read something about Judaism please.