believe me shes best girl

‘Everything’ includes you, Nadine.

This is legit dialogue lol (minus the sexual undertones, unfortunately)

for real tho i cant be the only one who chuckled when when she said this … k i probably am but MEH

Just a reminder I don’t care what canon dictates but there is no way in hell Allura sleeps without a silk cap on.

You can attempt to fight me on this but you will lose everytime

As a black girl myself who’s hair gets straightened to Allura’s ‘regular’ texture and who’s hair is way shorter than Allura’s I can tell you right now no way in hell is that woman sleeping without a silk cap on. Especially with that much hair.

u know what song makes me cry every time addicted by simple plan. its not even that sad of a song but i listened to it while crying sitting in the shower after my first love broke up with me in front of all his friends and i made a scene and it was bad. anyways that’s my crying song. if i need to cry i listen to that song and its instant waterworks.

I ended up doodling Yona today. Because YONA~<3