believe me she's p crazy but

Updateeee :)

Today was my last day of school for the week and I can breathe again 😩

Soooo my sister dropped the news she’s pregnant Sunday and things have just been so crazy ever since (p sure that was the last time I posted)

My weight was up at my dietitian appointment on Monday and that was upsetting but expected. Like I need to stop my brain from believing I’m fine and don’t need to weight restore. How tho bcuz ??? I also met with my new psychologist and we went over a lot of my history and previous treatment. She gave me the name of a psychiatrist and I’m consideringggggggg it

Tuesday was almost all day studying because clinical got canceled. It was much needed though because I hadn’t even read the chapters yet. So I crammed 210 pages in the 5 hours I was there lol

Today I had my exam and I did ok! Better than I thought but not the best :):):):):) (shoot me for procrastinating tbh!!)

I’m just chillin now watched @oatsnjen on YouTube! My mom and I are going on a lil road trip tomorrow to a shopping area that has some shops I want to go to like Whole Foods and IKEA

Other than the fact I’m bloated AF and feel bad body image wise, things are pretty peachy!