believe me


Were you guys aware of the existence of Ladybaby yet?

Because I think you need to know about Ladybaby.

Ladybaby is the combination of J-pop and death metal that you never knew you wanted.

Fact is, love and relationships are complicated. Your feelings and the choices you ought to make won’t always be clear and often will even conflict.
It’s okay to feel confused and uncertain. Take all the time you need to come to the right decision. Believe me, the wrong one can ruin you.
—  Beau Taplin, Believe Me

This is Red’s “Yeah I really hate fighting with Lizzy yada yada but mostly I HATE that smarmy little cretin that I should have killed in the first place and would have killed in the first place if tptb wouldn’t interfere in matters they clearly don’t understand but now they won’t let me kill him so I just have to suffer with everyone else” face

Raymond “I’m so done” Reddington - Gina Zanetakos 1.06

newt asks hermann if he’s ever tried roleplay and hermann says yes and newt is really surprised and a little turned on and he listens in awe for a couple minutes, getting progressively more confused, until he realizes that hermann thought he was talking about d&d.

For all the curious Hetalians out there

Friendly reminder that - while he still lived in New York, Himaruya had taken in a stray kitten from out on the streets while taking a stroll.