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Jealousy Games 01

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Description: You decide to play a game of push and pull with your ex Jungkook, bringing Jimin along for the ride. 

Pairing: JungkookxReaderxJimin

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 8.4k

Warnings: breath play, dom!Jimin, lots and lots of filth.

A/N: This is chapter one of… well, I don’t know. @ellieljade and I just keep brainstorming more and more for this sucker. To the point of us joking about finishing this when we’re in our 90′s….. Anyway. I hope you enjoy. I’ll be working on part two for Room for Dessert and The Guest House soon.

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There are no actual jazz chickens in Eddie Izzard’s new Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death and Jazz Chickens. But there’s plenty of insight into what makes the beloved comedian tick – he credits coming out as transgender in 1985 for giving him the confidence to build his career.

Check out his conversation with NPR’s Kelly McEvers here.

– Petra


Ah! Ah!  You said death! I heard you!

The hardest thing is when you don’t want to, but you have to. It’s like you have to break your own heart. Like you have to take away your own happiness. It’s doing the worst thing that could ever happen to yourself, because you have to. So believe me when I say, I never wanted to leave you.
—  P.G.G ; jxd
Every breath I take, I take for you.
—  Poets Love Her
Fact is, love and relationships are complicated. Your feelings and the choices you ought to make won’t always be clear and often will even conflict.
It’s okay to feel confused and uncertain. Take all the time you need to come to the right decision. Believe me, the wrong one can ruin you.
—  Beau Taplin, Believe Me
There is no one who fits your name more than you.
—  Poets Love Her
  • McCree: Hon, why is your brother on the couch?
  • Hanzo: He just needs a place to stay until he can get back on his feet.
  • Genji: Your razor broke, it wasn't suited to my metal face.
  • McCree: Uh-
  • Genji: Also, I invited a friend. Hope you don't mind.
  • Hanzo: Er, well actually brother-
  • (Doorbell)
  • Genji: That's probably him!
  • (All go to​ door)
  • Zenyatta: Hello! Genji said it would be okay if I stayed here for a while!
  • Hanzo & McCree: (look back at Genji)
  • Genji: Uhh, this is Zenyatta.
  • Zenyatta: Do you mind helping me with my boxes? I've got 62 of them and they're all filled with the exact same kind of metal sphere.
  • McCree: Ugh.
  • Hanzo: Yeah, my bad.