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the last shadow puppets - everything you’ve come to expect // 01 april 2016

Wait wait wait wait wait.
Wait just one second here.
So now people are assuming Peridot and Lapis are going to just go back to HATING EACH OTHER??!?!


No I very highly doubt that.

Because it seemed to me that Lapis was (quite literally) trying to hold on to Peridot when she squeezed her shoulder like that. Like she’s imagining all the possible scenarios where something might go wrong and she doesn’t want to think about it. If anything I feel like what might go down is that she’ll try to talk Peridot into leaving with her but Peri will refuse, leading into the whole “this is our home now” speech. Lapis has fucking PTSD. She’s terrified of staying, but she doesn’t want to leave either. Whether or not she actually ends up abandoning Earth, Peridot is almost definitely going to be upset and it’s gonna break my heart, but I highly doubt after EVERYTHING they’ve gone through and forming the relationship that they have that Lapis is just going to leave Peri like that. If she does she’s not going to enjoy doing it. And tbh I can’t see her staying gone for long. You can really tell how much they care about each other and it’s even MORE evident in this trailer!

But that’s just my opinion.

im still super salty the lobster lost to manc by the sea bc i didnt think manc was that great but the lobster was my fave film of 2016 and tbh if the academy aren’t going to make decisions based on my personal thoughts then whats the goddamn point


i can’t believe they already leaked the first episode of voltron s3

As soon as I saw those pictures the first thought in my head was that this looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen…

Guys just be aware that you can’t share someones intellectual property and not expect to be held responsible for it (especially big companies). 
Fandoms go crazy over any little leaks, but people who are found to have leaked things are always going to be in trouble if they’re caught. 
That’s why people working behind the scenes are tight lipped, they’re under contract and can face serious repercussions if things get leaked to the public.

idek how y'all can ignore alana beck bc dang she’s such an interesting character with an interesting motivation so i guess i’ll just have to tell you

like even when we first see alana there’s a major contrast between her and other characters as far as wardrobe goes. she wears glasses and has her hair up and wears kind of nicer clothes. idk about you guys but she’s what i normally think of as a nerd. and of course we learn later that she’s a straight a student who could easily get into an ivy league school. therefore she’ll want to strive for perfection, so she’s very, very ambitious and clever (definitely a slytherin if you ask me but anyway).

when alana teams up with evan and jared for the connor project, we get to see that her heart is in the right place, and has a big heart as well. she realizes that now that someone in her grade has committed suicide, it could happen again, and she clearly doesn’t want that. she commits herself fully to the mission of the connor project–to make sure no one else feels alone. heck, she has a whole verse in you will be found how we all should have and deserve a safe space where we don’t feel alone and that we can be heard.

in act two, however, she ends up leaking evan’s letter aka connor’s suicide note, and essentially ruining the murphys’ lives. now that is s e v e r e l y messed up, and i am in no way excusing her actions, but we see just how devoted she is to her beliefs, as well as her ambition and determination. she believed that leaking the letter would help the cause, so she did. evan is understandably very upset about alana leaking the letter without his consent, and accuses her of doing the connor project for like college credit or whatever something along those lines, how he trusted her enough to send it to her, and she sends it out to the world. we then have alana’s verse in good for you and all that good stuff.

alana knows her heart is in the right place, but now she knows evan’s wasn’t. because of her ambition, she believed she could actually make a positive change in her school through the connor project, and now that it was all falling apart, she realizes that all of her efforts were for nothing.

alana is definitely an idealist, and wants the best for everyone, so knowing that evan used so many people definitely made her angry. again, she did a terrible thing, and we don’t know how she felt about leaking the letter, so we don’t get a resolution to alana’s character arc, but she’s still an incredibly interesting and complex character that we as a fandom shouldn’t ignore.

thank you, thank you. *bows*