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Would William Afton's daughter dare him to eat a tide pod?

I can’t believe you’d leak the plot to FNAF 7 like that


the last shadow puppets - everything you’ve come to expect // 01 april 2016

[INFO] Part of MARK’s rap from NCT DREAM new SM Station song ‘JOY’ LEAKED

“Yo we NCT about the NATIVITY

M-M-Mark on the mic

and I’m singin’ ‘bout that night

When The Lord was born

On the bright side of the morn



and He dont WAVER


to save us from our sins He dying LATER


and then the tomb rolled away but that’s another holiday, yeah, yeah, yeah”

im still super salty the lobster lost to manc by the sea bc i didnt think manc was that great but the lobster was my fave film of 2016 and tbh if the academy aren’t going to make decisions based on my personal thoughts then whats the goddamn point

Mood: impatiently waiting for NCT’s “Best dance male group” (MAMA) nomination and the recognition they deserve


i can’t believe they already leaked the first episode of voltron s3


i can’t believe that these exclusive leaked screencaps from the last jedi 2017 dir. rian johnson reveal that kylo ren’s tragic villain backstory is that he went to jedi training camp with his best friend andaru gaarfiil and while they were training to be jedi they fell deeply in love and when this came to the attention of luke skywalker he told them that they could never be together because the jedi code forbids romantic attachment and poor ben solo and andaru were devastated by this proclamation and they decided to escape from jedi training camp to start their own warrior tribe the knights of ren, which would have been essentially a reform branch of the jedi, so they made plans to escape from jedi training camp separately and regroup on tatooine but unfortunately during his voyage andaru was captured and blood sacrificed by gungans and when kylo ren heard the news that his boyfriend andaru had perished he was so enraged that he turned to the dark side. 

Wait wait wait wait wait.
Wait just one second here.
So now people are assuming Peridot and Lapis are going to just go back to HATING EACH OTHER??!?!


No I very highly doubt that.

Because it seemed to me that Lapis was (quite literally) trying to hold on to Peridot when she squeezed her shoulder like that. Like she’s imagining all the possible scenarios where something might go wrong and she doesn’t want to think about it. If anything I feel like what might go down is that she’ll try to talk Peridot into leaving with her but Peri will refuse, leading into the whole “this is our home now” speech. Lapis has fucking PTSD. She’s terrified of staying, but she doesn’t want to leave either. Whether or not she actually ends up abandoning Earth, Peridot is almost definitely going to be upset and it’s gonna break my heart, but I highly doubt after EVERYTHING they’ve gone through and forming the relationship that they have that Lapis is just going to leave Peri like that. If she does she’s not going to enjoy doing it. And tbh I can’t see her staying gone for long. You can really tell how much they care about each other and it’s even MORE evident in this trailer!

But that’s just my opinion.