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The House of Indra

ahem, more LOTR!Naruto art again- since Sasuke is an elf, so well, let’s have the rest of the Uchiha clan as elves :D In my version of the au, Sasuke roughly corresponds with Legolas, and the Uchiha are therefore the elves of Mirkwood ^^ And in LOTR the elves often identify their lineage via the name of their ancestor, hence the title. And yes, Sasuke and his entire family plus Shisui are sporting long hair because I’m like going full Middle Earth here. Itachi’s wearing more complex armor and a diadem because he’s the eldest prince haha, or otherwise he wouldn’t wear that out of practicality. 

They’ve an interesting history, and while they’re a very old and noble house, they have been tainted somewhat by the association of their forefathers with Sauron!Madara :P It’s rumoured that Madara has cursed their entire line to be his servants…


and so the lotr!naruto spree continues :D Tolkien’s elves seem to identify their family via the lineage of their ancestor, hence the name. After i drew the House of Indra!Uchiha, of course I had to draw the Hyuuga clan next. Neji’s carrying an Elvish blade- he’s very good at swordfighting. Hanabi is actually wearing sparring clothes, that’s why it looks a little bit more like travelling clothes/armour rather than the typical elvish dress Hinata’s wearing. I tried to make Hanabi look older than in canon because in this au, they’re all supposed to be almost adults, and naturally took some liberties with her design! Hinata roughly corresponds to Arwen, and Hiashi Elrond. 

i am the first and the last

whohooo team seven as Indra, Kaguya and Ashura <3 I thought the Sage’s hair looked pink/red, and I thought it would be an interesting irony for sakura to be connected to Kaguya (though I have no idea if Kishi would do that)

the woman who was so powerful she was worshipped as a goddess would, in her next life, be born as someone with no bloodlines or illustrious lineage- who had to learn to earn her power and not to abuse it…:D


Against, I, Madara, the greatest of all the Ainur? Who slew your father and his father before like the vermin they were?

Hi more LOTR!Naruto because it and Elfsuke have latched onto my brain and won’t let go. And of course what’s a lotr crossover without Sauron!Madara? In the Tolkien-verse, Sauron is an Ainur- which are sort of like a cross between archangels and elemental deities, who serve the supreme creator, Eru. In the LOTR creation myth, in the beginning, they were all good, until some eventually became corrupted much like in the biblical story of Genesis. He’s the one who forges the One Ring to subjugate Middle Earth. 

I based Madara’s outfit off Sauron’s in the Fellowship of the Ring :D And Sasuke has long hair because i’m like making him go totally Middle Earth.


okay maybe i got a little carried away :P

have Gandalf!Kakashi, Eowyn+Gimli!Sakura, Legolas!Sasuke and Aragorn!Naruto. Naruto is Aragorn, rather than Frodo because of the whole “destined child” thing, and him being a Hokage’s son kinda fits in more with Aragorns story hehe. Their clothing is a mix of what they wear in the films and the colour cover drawn by Kishi :P


and it was he, Madara, one of the greatest and most powerful of the Ainur, who forged the cursed ring in the fires of Mount Doom

helloooo more LOTR/Naruto, this time adding to the cast with Elven!Hyuugas (I guess Arwen!Hinata and Elrond!Neji???) and Sauron!Madara, in case you guys haven’t realised by now that this AU is completely out of control :D In Tolkien’s mythology, although there is a bigger bad named Melkor, it’s Sauron who forges the One Ring that fucks everything up…

(and i guess here tho Madara is kind of an amalgam of both Sauron and Melkor- he’s the main big bad in the Naruto-verse. Kaguya’s Ungoliant.)

au where naruto and sasuke died at the Valley of the End and Sakura vows that she will carry on their goals and dreams. (which is entirely plausible because umm you can bleed to death if you lose a hand because it’s a major artery) and when she looks back she does muse how she would never have imagined this would be her path.

because i’m still very butthurt about the sexism in the manga yeah, especially Sakura’s portrayal in 699 and 700 (i.e stylistically Kishi chose not to give us a sense of what she’s doing now, no shot of her as Head Medic or mentoring future medical ninjas in the penultimate chapter, but dusting her house.) So, I wanted an AU where Sakura would be defined by herself, rather than her love interests.

since the manga wouldn’t do it for me, doodle of Hyuuga clan leader!Hinata. And of course she was like “Sorry, NO MORE curse seal” to the Elders. Also I will fight you if you have a problem with alive!Neji

i’ll be honest…i wasn’t very happy with the epilogue because we never got to see much besides everybody becoming parents. like that’s not all to being an adult. especially the girls darn it. and it’s been a pet peeve of mine how the female characters got increasingly defined only by romance in p2 in general, alas.


whohoo more shingeki no naruto.

actually the shiganshina trio dynamic is kind of how i wish team 7’s dynamics developed in canon. That’s why Mikasa!Sasuke has a healthy respect for Armin!Sakura’s abilities despite her own self-doubts- and Part 1 showed Sasuke does care for team seven. Sasuke’s link to Naruto is because Kushina adopted him after his parents were murdered- so he’s always felt a strong sense of gratitude to her, and duty to protect Naruto.  


i just re-marathoned snk and no kidding, the attack on titan ladies are given a much better deal. and i guess i’m just a tad sad the manga is ending and in Part 2 girls don’t get to have their crowning moments of awesome or end as much much more complex characters we learn new things about. I’d say Part 1 at least made them more interesting but all that got dropped.

in recent chapters, i was kind of fed up with way the girls are either undercut during their awesome moments, or given tunnel vision- so the way Hinata was like “Naruto-kun” again and Kishi had to make her trip on a rock. Plus, Sakura was for some reason thinking “Sasuke-kun doesn’t care” right when they were face to face with Madara- all that made me ?????!