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Continuation of this (sort of).

Harry Potter thought he would never fall in love again.

How could he, after everything that had happened?

He felt empty inside, not capable of any emotion; except despair.

He didn’t blame his friends for being in love. He was happy for them. At least, if that was what happiness felt like. He didn’t know anymore. He couldn’t even remember the last time he’d felt happy.

How could he, after they had lost so many loved ones?

He didn’t know what day it was, what month. Everything blurred together and didn’t make sense anymore. Dragging himself out of bed became harder every day. Because… what did it matter? What difference would it make if he just disappeared? He had served his purpose. Nobody needed him anymore.

Going to classes seemed so pointless. What did he care if he’d pass his N.E.W.T.s? It wasn’t like he had any plans for his future.

How could he, if he didn’t even know how he’d make it through today?

His friends were keeping their distance. He’d pushed them away so many times, they had stopped trying. At least for now.

Ginny had tried to talk to him a few days ago and it had broken his heart to tell her that nothing had changed. Being with her just didn’t feel right anymore. It didn’t feel right to be with anyone right now. He just wanted to be alone.

Playing Quidditch didn’t bring him the joy it once had. Treacle Tart tasted like paper. Hogwarts didn’t feel like home anymore.

He wanted to escape, wanted to leave everything behind. He didn’t have it in him to fight anymore, to push through.

How could he, when everything around him was crumbling down?

It was funny, really; irony of fate, if you will, that a seemingly insignificant incident made Harry momentarily forget about his despair.

He was walking down a corridor when he spotted something on the floor; a piece of parchment. He wouldn’t have given it a second look, if he hadn’t recognised his own handwriting. He frowned as he picked it up and read it. He had totally forgotten about this. But why was it here?

He waited until classes were over, when Malfoy was stuffing his books into his bag, to walk over to him.

“I think you dropped this,” Harry said. Malfoy blinked at him, then at the parchment. He suddenly looked less pale than he usually did.


Harry didn’t ask him how it had ended up in the corridor. The only explanation was that he was carrying it around with him, even though Harry had given it to him weeks ago. Had he even looked at it?

“You know what, I think you need that more than me right now,” Malfoy murmured and stuffed the last book into his bag.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Harry didn’t like the sympathetic tone of Malfoy’s voice.

“You know exactly what I mean, Potter,” Malfoy said. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed the changes. All you do these days is mope. And while I can’t exactly blame you for that, it’s depressing. So honestly, while you’re being like this, these words mean nothing.” He pointed at the parchment. “How am I supposed to believe that, when the person who wrote this doesn’t seem to believe it himself?” Malfoy gave him a weird look before he turned away to leave. “I thought you were giving me hope, but I guess these were just empty words.”

Harry was rendered speechless. It was like Malfoy had smacked him right across the face. It didn’t mean nothing. They weren’t just empty words. He had really meant them. But, as much as he hated to admit it, he could see Malfoy’s point.

He tossed and turned all night, unable to forget the look on the Slytherin’s face. It wasn’t fair of him to throw something like that in Harry’s face. But, again, he had to admit that Malfoy wasn’t wrong.

As Harry stared at the ceiling of his dorm, he came to a decision. He would show Malfoy that he believed what he had written. That there was hope. He didn’t want Malfoy to lose faith… like he had.

It was subtle at first. Harry would sit next to Malfoy in classes, look for him in the library…

When Hermione came to talk to him in the common room a few weeks later, Harry realised it might have not been as subtle as he had thought.

“Whatever happened between the two of you, I think it’s good,” she said. She was smiling at him, but she still looked a little sad. Harry said nothing. “I don’t understand what’s going on exactly, but I’m glad you’re better.”

Harry frowned at her. Better? She patted him on the shoulder and went over to the window, to continue studying with Ron.

Harry stared at the book in front of him, not taking in what he was reading. What was Hermione talking about? He didn’t feel any different.

“Wrong chapter, Potter.”

Harry looked up to see Malfoy throwing down his bag and sitting down beside him on the sofa.

“We already covered that two weeks ago.” He took the book from Harry’s lap and flipped through the pages. Harry watched him and was very aware of the fact that their shoulders were touching. As his stomach made a little flip, his eyes widened. He did feel different.

While he had been busy trying to show Malfoy that he could believe in him, making an effort to show him he could be better, he hadn’t realised that it had happened for real. And apparently it hadn’t been the only thing that had happened.

“Are you okay?” Malfoy asked, brushing Harry’s bangs out of his face like it was the most normal thing in the world. It made Harry smile.

“Yeah,” he murmured, not so subtly moving closer to the Slytherin. “I’m okay.”

A few weeks ago, that would have been a lie. Now, Harry still felt a little off balance, but there was one very significant difference. He had hope.

Not so long ago, Harry Potter thought he would never fall in love again.

Turns out, he couldn’t have been more wrong.

All Too Well | Epilogue

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 3,840
Author’s Note: And this, my friends, marks the end. 

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Rejecting Romance – Yennefer vs Triss

One of the things I equally love and loathe about the Witcher 3 is how rejecting either or both of the main romances, Triss and Yennefer, is heartbreaking but for such different reasons. I believe it shows how much effort the developers put into creating unique and life-like characters with their own separate merits and flaw. I’ll begin with Triss.

Originally posted by trystwithtriss

I think that the main reason I find that rejecting Triss is a challenge is that it isn’t really a rejection. One comment that the Sorceress makes in the game is how some people took advantage of Geralt while he had amnesia and she counts herself among them. I believe that one of the reasons she says this, and I’m not saying it’s true but just the way she might perceive the situation, is that she manipulated Geralt’s feelings for her so that he misjudges his emotions towards her, thinking it to be love for a partner rather than love for a dear friend. Therefore, when you don’t kiss her at the fountain and when you don’t ask her to stay, you aren’t rejecting her love as such, at least not in the same way as Yennefer, you are instead confirming what she always knew, that the way she loves him will never be reciprocated. On the other hand, it also means that by choosing to romance Triss you suddenly make the impossible, possible, and all the hopes and dreams she once thought ineffable seem a lot more in reach.

Originally posted by shinigami-dhrum

Now, I feel that the difficulty in rejecting Yennefer as a romance comes from that fact that she expects Geralt to feel the same way as she does, that nothing has changed between them thus that the emotions they have for one another in the books are still there. When Geralt admits that he no longer loves Yennefer she becomes suddenly lost because the man she has had a relationship with for 15-20years as suddenly ended just like that and this time there is no hope that they will ever be back together. She loses a big part of her life and his rejection is doubly painful because it helps to reinforce some of the very damaging and ingrained self-doubts she has, that the world is incapable of loving and accepting her, that she lost one of the only two people (the other being Ciri) she can truly be open and vulnerable with, because despite appearances, a part of Yennefer is very vulnerable which is why this hurts her so much. But, on a more positive note, by choosing to romance Yennefer you help to nurture her softer and more caring nature providing her with the love and support she needs to lessen, if not completely eradicate, the influences her traumatic childhood have on her present life.

Hope you enjoyed this read, feel free to leave your own thoughts


Summary: Marriage and a contract…from the cold, intimidating man who was next in line to run the multi-billion dollar, Lodi Industries. 

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

The opportunity he offered you was too great to pass up. There was no other choice. You had to save your family.

“Mom it’s okay. You don’t have to worry anymore. You and dad can live peacefully now. If I accept, he’ll pay off the rest of the debt and the interest. Everything’s okay now.” You cried, packing your bags and comforting your parents.

“But why do you have to go like this? So suddenly? Don’t go Y/N, if he wants to marry you then he can do it properly.” Your dad said grimy.

“It has to be this way, I’m sorry. When everything’s settled then I’ll call you guys I promise.” You smiled, trying to stay strong. “I love you.”

Dragging your bags out of the apartment, you rushed downstairs and got into the cab he sent.

You felt scared, unsure if this was the right decision but it was a decision that you made nonetheless. There was no turning back now. It’s for your parents’ sakes.

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Reddest (Negan x Female) [Part 3 to Red]



Summary: She gets caught red-handed.

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 3,936

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, and Swearing

Author’s Note: So here it is! The final part of ‘Red’. Thank you all so much for reading. I had a lot of fun with this series. Please let me know what you think! You can message me anytime! I LOVE feedback!

Having trouble reading on tumblr? You can also read on AO3.

Big thank you to @ashzombie13 for being my beta reader!!!

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The Name Game

A/N Somewhat a sequel to Always the Bad Guy’!

Pairing: neutral/prinxiety (Prince/Anxiety)

Genre: fluff, hurt/comfort kinda

Word Count: 1260

Warnings: I don’t think there’s any??


Anxiety doesn’t think he’ll ever reveal his name, not when he’s still viewed as the villain. He takes comfort in Roman’s insults - as weird as it sounds.

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Dammit Jim

Fandom: Star Trek

Summary:  Kirk is a flirt. That’s no secret. But, with Y/N McCoy it’s more than that.

Words: 1,600+

Pairing/Characters: JimKirkxReader, mentions of Bones and Scotty

Warning: Cursing? Suggestive comments/actions? Fluff?

Author’s Note: This might seem like it’s coming out to left field, but it really shouldn’t be a surprise. Look a my icon for goodness sake. I hope you people like this little thing, plz give it a chance.

Originally posted by trekking-for-logic-and-stars

The bolt squeaked pathetically as you tightened it with a wrench. You groaned and used the back of your hand to wipe a little perspiration from your forehead. Some water leaked out of the pipe, splashing onto the side of your dress.

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Wolf Pack: Beacon Original written for the Sterek Reversebang 2017

Story by @fearfrost1211, Art by @beerwolves

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Ensemble
Additional Tags: Biker AU, Canon-Typical Violence, mild panic attack, Stalking, Werewolves, First Kiss, Getting Together, Motorcycles, biker culture/knowledge courtesy of SOA

When his father landed the Deputy Chief of police position in Beacon Hills, Stiles moved to his new town gladly, embracing the chance of a fresh start. What he didn’t expect was to find himself hopelessly drawn to the gruff Vice President of the local motorcycle gang, the Wolf Pack.
Derek Hale, resident bad boy of Beacon Hills, spent his time helping his sister lead the Wolf Pack and working on motorcycles at his family’s automotive garage. Then, one hot summer afternoon a bright-eyed boy walked into his life and turned his world upside down.

Taking part in this event has been such a fun experience! I’d like to thank the @sterekreversebang mods for all their hard work in giving us such a smoothly run and wonderful event.

@beerwolves for being just so much fun and always, always having a positive attitude. YOU’RE AMAZING BEER!! I still can’t believe you took the time to make not just one, but TWO EXTRA PIECES OF ART for this story. Thank you for being my partner through it all =)

@troubleiwant, you take beta-ing to a whole other level! THANK YOU endlessly from the bottom of my heart for all your time and effort and putting up with my rambling(ha!). This wouldn’t have been half as fun, and this story certainly wouldn’t be what it is, without you. 

anonymous asked:

Um... I know you said NSFW requests but I dont really have any on my mind ehehe... BUT! Do you think you could do the RFA and an MC who loves housecleaning and house-work? If not thats okay I just thought it would be nice >w<

This is so friggin cute! Thanks for sending this one in, I had so much fun writing it. Honestly, I love washing dishes (mindless work so I can think over plot lines) and vacuuming carpet flooring. Something about a spotless, clear carpet and those light/dark patterns that the vacuum makes going back and forth…mostly its just an illusion of productivity lol wow I’m such a weirdo ok lets move on

Pupper Yoosung:

  • If he’s not raging at LOLOL, then he’s busy dealing everything university has to throw at him or at least he should be
  • As a uni student, the poor boy has little to no time to keep his dorm room clean I relate so hard pls help so isn’t he damn lucky to have you
  • Poor baby didn’t even realize how much of a mess he made until he looked away from the computer screen and saw how different it all looked wait is that the actual colour of the kitchen counter??
  • He’ll protest when he sees you picking up after him or cooking him dinner
  • “MC, no you can’t clean my mess I’m a big boy
  • But low-key he loves being pampered. It just makes him feel all warm inside that you love him enough to want to take care of him

Baehee Jaehee:

  • She’s a pretty clean woman to begin with - a clean environment makes for a productive mind and all that - which is surprising given how busy she always is
  • Poor baby doesn’t even have time to eat decent meals or catch her breath I’m lookin’ at you mista trustfund kid
  • So can you imagine the utter relief on her face when she finally drags her ass home from work late at night only to find a hot homemade meal prepared just for her!?
  • She feels kind of bad that you’re alway fussing over her health and making sure she doesn’t need to worry about housework after spending obscene hours at work
  • Ofc you reassure her that you actually like cooking and keeping your shared apartment clean - it makes you feel useful and honestly a clean living space just makes you feel 10x less stressed
  • And it hasn’t escaped your notice how OCDish Jaehee is about cleanliness and the kind
  • The cute coffee bean that she is she’s always giving you handy lil tips just like that whole duct tape and cat hair thing - tbh it probably comes in handy when you shed a ton of hair around the house

Lovely Zen:

  • Ok this idiot - the workaholic with only beer and water in his fridge - probs isn’t a clean guy lets be honest
  • Dating you doesn’t change his crazy work schedule (and multiple workouts per day -_-) so he makes it home barely in time for dinner, if at all
  • At first, he isn’t used to eating such wholesome meals but after a stern glare on your part and a “aww, Jagi, you’re so cute when you’re trying to act all tough” from him (that got him a night on the couch for sure) he quietly adheres to your domestic side
  • His fav part is coming home early sometimes and just leaning against the doorway to watch as you vacuum the living room, your iPod blasting, and singing at the top of your lungs
  • Honestly, these little wifey quirks of yours turn him the hell on u n l e a s h  t h e b e a s t
  • Since he ran away from home, its been entirely too long since he’s really been a part of the family home lifestyle and so he really cherishes this side of you that allows him to have that in his life again

Daddy Jumin:

  • Wanting to cook him homemade meals instead of the chef? He can understand that. In fact, he loves it. Loves coming home to the smell of something you’ve made with your own hands, just for him. It’s just another piece of you that ties you to him as his wife possessive fucker
  • Getting down and dirty on the roof top garden to grow your fav flowers and herbs? He can deal with that. What Mrs. Jumin Han wants, Mrs. Jumin Han gets, yeah?
  • But then he came home to surprise you for lunch and found you washing the dishes….um what?
  • this poor little confused cinnamon roll
  • “But MC, what about the maid? You don’t need to be doing this. You’ll damage your soft skin and….”
  • You tried to explain to him how therapeutic it was for you to clean the penthouse. Things like washing dishes allowed you to just let your mind wander and it made you feel productive. Besides, being cooped up in the penthouse was boring AF. I mean, there’s only so much time you can spend being pampered and laying around on every piece of furniture before you start going bonkers
  • He was annoyed that you would do this when he was at work so he wouldn’t know about it and really wanted to put his foot down on this no wife of Jumin Han would be getting her hands dirty with manual labour but you wouldn’t hear of it. You sort of came to a compromise where you could clean the kitchen after using it, but the maid would most def be cleaning the rest of the penthouse. 

GOD Seven:

  • Oh lord this hot mess lives in an even bigger mess
  • Like it gives you actual anxiety seeing the state of the bunker Vanderwood relates so hard omfg
  • So while your precious little tomato head is working obsessively, you’re tackling the Loch Ness monster that is the dirty laundry and chip bags amassing on the dirty floor.
  • His jaw actually hit the ground when he finally crawled out of his office that he’d been holed in for hours on end
  • “MC, when did we get a new carpet in the bedroom?”
  • h o l y f u c k b o i
  • “no, Saeyoung, that’s the actual colour of your floor”
  • That was actually your first task when you came to the bunker and you kept it up ever since, all the while slowly training your husband to stop being such a piece of shit Vanderwood’s words not urs
  • Like Saeyoung felt guilty enough to make a conscious effort to clean up after himself. He felt like enough of a failure already and hating himself for making his wife clean up after his stupid ass was wholly unnecessary
  • But he also loved that he had someone by his side who loved him and stuck by him despite all his messy habits cut the bby some slack he deserves to be shown all the love in the universe so he took all your scoldings quietly and just gazed at you with hearts in his eyes, still having a hard time believing you were real

- admin Shay

Student Council Prez [3]

Episode 2 - Episode 3 - Episode 4 
Words: 2085
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

“-therefore the soldiers began putting a bucket of water near the machine gun and it wasn’t until 1942 that th-”

Yoongi holds in a yawn, eyes trailing outside until a sudden bang jolts him out of his drowsy daze. He turns to the source of the sound, a girl who just slammed the door open and the teacher frozen at the front of the classroom. He turns back to look outside but then does a quick double take when he realizes that girl is you.

“What ar-” Before he can string words together, you’ve stormed up to his desk and slammed a hand down.

“Listen. I can’t join you after school today.”

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12x13: Mamma Drama

I’m not usually that into Discourse™ but it’s about time that someone acknowledges that Sam has been forced to work with a lot of people who have hurt him.  1k of that happening.

Be wary of some very vague discussion of Bucklemming consistent consent issues.

There are little half-moon crescents dug into his palms.

Sam forces himself to relax his hands.  The little grooves remain for a few seconds before fading from red, to white, to nothing at all.  He takes a few breaths in through his nose and releases them through his mouth.  It doesn’t help as much as his and Jess’s yoga instructor had claimed it would, but then, Sam hadn’t expected it to.

He’s been staring at the map table for about two minutes straight without blinking, so Sam forces himself to get to his feet and make his way to the kitchen.  Dean had stormed off to his room and Mom off to…somewhere a few minutes ago, so there’s no one to intercept him.

Good.  He doesn’t want to talk about this.  Not right now.

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I Want to Be a Fool for You

Request: “could I request a percival x reader that reader and percival had something in the past but he left her and after years they meet each other and fall in love again?”

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

It had just been a fling. A summer romance commenced under the Spanish sun, and ceased as you both returned to your own countries. Percival kept a photograph of you in his wallet though, to remind himself of the bright witch who had stolen his heart, as well as his sunscreen. He hadn’t taken vacation since. And now you were at MACUSA, representing your country with a twinkle in your eye, your skin looking as if the sun had never stopped kissing it. God only knows how jealous he was of its rays, and how they could touch you any moment they pleased when you were out in the world.

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The Dodo Feast

Staring deep into the frying pan Papaya knew, it was time to make a grand poultry dinner for her closest friends. Laili couldn’t make the meal due to urgent business matters that needed to be taken care of, so Papaya took the task in her stead. Laili had the utmost faith in her even though she wasn’t an experienced cook. Papaya was going to give it her all and make sure it came out delicious.

It’s time.

Believe in her!

Unfortunately despite her best efforts, Papaya not only managed to burn the dodo, but make it shrink ten times it’s original size!

This wasn’t suitable to feed her friends, and wouldn’t even begin to fill their bellies. It was common knowledge that Papaya was weak in the art of cooking, but she started to believe she was on a whole other level of terrible.

The worst part of it was knowing how much she disappointed Laili. She was depending on her, and she had blown it. Not only that, but she ruined the very expensive dodo Laili had purchased with a fair bit of coin. Papaya became so distraught that eventually her thoughts spiraled downwards until visions of becoming the very feast itself appeared in her mind.

Upon coming home, Laili saw Papaya in such a state of distress and immediately came over to comfort her. Papaya explained what happened, nearly tearing up, but Laili assured her everything would be alright. She wasn’t disappointed in her at all and promised to fix everything in time for the dinner.

As they began to set up, Papaya asked why Laili came home in her culinarian attire. Laili then chuckled, saying that she had a feeling she would need to be assisting after all, and was able to come home early. She even secured another dodo just in case of a disaster like this.

Thank the twelve a REAL chef was on the case. If anyone could save this feast it was Laili!

Everything turned out delectable and with time to spare!

Now that the evening was secured, Laili took a look at Papaya’s tiny dodo. She was quite curious how Papaya managed to do such a thing and decided to take a taste. Yes the skin was a bit TOO crispy to say it kindly, but it wasn’t completely terrible. Papaya sighed at her creation, however Laili looked into her sad eyes and suggested that this small dodo would be theirs for later. A special dodo to share with the very special Lalafell she had fallen in love with. Papaya was beyond surprised, as she thought Laili would incinerate such a foul creation, but was overjoyed to hear her sweet words.

At the time of the feast, their close friends gathered around the grand dodo in awe. It looked absolutely delicious and they couldn’t wait to dig in! Though it seemed some friends just couldn’t wait to show their premature starlight celebration spirit, what was important was that they were all together and enjoying each other’s company.

The crew laughed and danced throughout the night, and Papaya even learned how to balance the small dodo on her head before she and Laili shared it back at home. She was relieved everyone had lots of fun. She’s thankful towards everyone there, and also thankful to all of you.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

。.✦ ☾ Noora Sætre S02E03 Gif Pack

HERE you’ll find 374 ( 245 x 142 ) gifs of, Josefine Frida Pettersen as her role Noora Sætre in S02E03 of SKAM. ALL of these gifs have been made by me ( nooraofrp ) and I’d appreciate it if you DID NOT post them as your own, put in gif hunts or make them into gif icons for public use. I hope you appreciate them, a lot of time and effort went into them, and if you do use them give this a like or reblog!!

Pretty Little Liars Endgame Theory - A.D. is Spencer’s Twin (and Wren), and Charlotte’s Killer is Melissa

POSTED 6/06/2017 - Before 7x17 Aired

PLL blogs - Reblog for a follow! I want to lay out the evidence that is personally convincing to me for my (hopefully) final PLL theory. I believe fully that Melissa is Charlotte’s killer. That seems clear to me. As for A.D., I’m less certain, but I’m willing to commit to the theory that Spencer has a twin who is A.D. and Wren is her ally. I’m still somewhat hesitant to be completely gung-ho about this theory, as there are multiple notes I will make that show the theory is shaky, but there is still a significant amount of evidence that points me to that conclusion anyway, whereas no other theory I’ve considered has evidence quite as convincing.

Most of everything here is not all too original (most of my own thinking is really just in the ‘Melissa is Charlotte’s killer’ section) but I hope my straight-to-the-point bulleting format will be useful to see the best evidence for these theories laid out in one place. Even if no one reads this, I wanted a record to show that this was my theory in case I turn out to be correct.

To start off, I believe this to be absolutely true:

Charlotte was in the bell tower the night of her death to marry the love of her life, Archer Dunhill. She was holding the flowers that she took from Alison’s house because they were acting as her wedding bouquet. 

Evidence for this: Charlotte’s death was eerily similar to Spencer’s college paper she wrote for her criminology class, as revealed in 6x12. And in the murder that Spencer’s essay was about, the victim was specifically killed on her wedding night. The only explanation for PLL’s random inclusion of this detail (seriously, there was no good reason for it unless it’s this) is that it was hinting that Charlotte was getting married that night.

Originally posted by parisianmermaid

Evidence for Melissa being Charlotte’s killer:

  • As we learned in 6x17, Charlotte had called Wren and told him about Melissa’s involvement in Bethany’s death, which caused Wren to end their engagement. Melissa was furious with Charlotte for doing this. Therefore, to get her revenge, Melissa killed Charlotte on her wedding night out of spite for Charlotte ruining Melissa’s relationship and chance at marriage.
  • ^ One more point about that. This makes sense because it is basically the ultimate culmination of Melissa’s character. She has been defined throughout the entire series by her anger with Spencer for stealing or messing around with both Ian and Wren. Melissa is basically cursed with having her relationships ruined by female family members (Charlotte being her cousin). Charlotte ruining Melissa’s engagement to Wren finally caused Melissa to snap and take physical revenge - the final explosion after 5.5 seasons of being wronged.
  • In 6x16-17, we learn that Charlotte’s murder weapon was a hollow rod with a rectangular opening on the end, which perfectly describes Melissa’s broken luggage handle. A.D. gets their hands on it in 6x17 and that’s the last we heard of it. Also, Melissa lied about her arrival to Rosewood (she was actually in Rosewood secretly at the time Charlotte was killed). It hasn’t been explained why she lied.
  • Seasons ago, there was a flashback of Melissa and CeCe seemingly fighting the night that Alison was buried and Bethany was killed. This flashback has never been adequately explained. There was a brief suggestion that the flashback is unreliable because it was Jason’s memory and he was high that night, and Charlotte said in 6x10 that it couldn’t have been her with Melissa, so Jason simply must have seen Bethany with her instead. I just don’t believe either of these cheap cop-outs; the latter doesn’t even make sense as Melissa definitely did not talk to Bethany that night. Which means it was surely CeCe and Melissa fighting. We have no idea why (could the N.A.T. Club explain it?) but clearly Melissa and Charlotte have had a history of conflict that is STILL shrouded in mystery (and ready to be explained in the series finale!)
  • Melissa and CeCe were also on that boat together in Cape May, if CeCe is to be believed that Melissa took the photo. The fact that the show still hasn’t delved into these two characters’ connection makes me believe it will be a topic of the series finale, which means Melissa has to have SOME role in relation to Charlotte, and being her killer would certainly be a big payoff to that.
  • It’s been proven time and time again that Melissa has always tried her best to protect Spencer (such as burying Bethany because she thought it was Alison whom Spencer had killed). With Spencer’s former tormenter released from Welby, killing Charlotte could have been one more effort of Melissa’s to protect Spencer from being tortured again.

Originally posted by revengendaliars

*NOTE: I realize that this may seem a little TOO obvious, what with Melissa actually being an in-show suspect of being the killer. When the Liars suspect someone out loud, that usually means the suspect is not the culprit. But these circumstances are different. Usually, the suspect is ruled out within a few episodes so the Liars can move on to a new one. The Melissa suspicion was expressed but then dropped from the show with no resolution, and it was long enough before the series finale to not be the freshest thing on general fans’ minds. Its resolution will come in the finale when Melissa is finally back and revealed as Charlotte’s killer.

Also: Remember when Marlene literally showed CeCe in a black hoodie in 4x11 spying on Ezria and then never elaborated on that until she was revealed to be ‘A’? She gave us the answer far before the reveal and never brought it up again so fans wouldn’t think about it much. Same thing Marlene is doing here again with Melissa.

Now for A.D. theories. Even though I think Wren is only an ally to A.D., I’m going to lay out evidence as if he actually IS A.D.

Evidence for Wren being A.D.:

  • A.D.’s main goal seems to be to expose whoever killed Charlotte. This means, logically, that A.D. cared for Charlotte and was possibly close with her. As far back as Season 3, we learned that Wren was helping CeCe get into Radley by faking her identification badges (which PLL conveniently reminded us of during the Spencer-Ezra-Wren scene in 7x15). Sounds like something a friend would do for another friend. Charlotte also called Wren over the 5-year time jump to tell him about Melissa’s involvement in Bethany’s death. Why would she call him and try to help him by enlightening him to his fiancée’s secret, unless Charlotte and Wren were friends? They clearly have a (platonic) relationship that has not been explained whatsoever on this show. Not much time left to explain it except for in the series finale when it’s revealed that Wren and Charlotte were super close and he’s avenging her death! 
  • How many times has Executive Producer Joseph Dougherty told us “all roads lead to Radley”? Wren literally worked there, giving him access to any files and information he needed to become as knowledgeable about Spencer’s origin with Mary Drake as A.D. is. How did A.D. get their hands on Mary’s letter to Spencer (as seen in 7x11)? Wren could’ve gotten it when working in Radley. Also, there was that whole deal with Radley’s basement in 6B. In 6x20, we learned that the Records Room in the basement was turned into a secret room and all the records were taken except for one file of Mary’s. 6x16 ended with A.D. messing with electrical switches down there, so A.D. clearly knew about the room and probably took the files. The show tried to distract us with Sara Harvey seemingly being the only one who knew about the basement, but Sara’s dead, and Wren would know about it too since he worked there.
  • A.D. has consistently been associated with a doctor aesthetic. Rubber blue gloves have been a staple feature of A.D.’s outfits since early 6B and A.D. seemed to be in full doctor garb at the end of 6x11 in their scene with Jenna. Hanna was also forced to perform surgery on the life-sized doll of herself in 7x13. Archer is dead, so that leaves Wren as the last suspicious doctor character.
  • Wren’s last pre-S7 appearances had him looking extremely suspicious in 4x10. Drawing what seemed to be Red Coat. Eyeing Hanna and Caleb angrily from his car. Calling someone and saying “We have a problem. I’ll take care of my end, you take care of yours.” (It would make sense if it was Charlotte on the other end of that phone call). Eddie Lamb didn’t trust him and then vanished forever. Mona didn’t trust him, and when has Mona ever been wrong? There’s only one last chance to explain this never-resolved character development - with an A.D. reveal in the series finale.
  • Also in 4x10, Wren was trying really hard to stop Eddie Lamb from bringing a book to Spencer’s Radley room, at the same time that Spencer was doing her ‘A’ duty of kidnapping Malcolm. How could Wren have known that Spencer wasn’t in her room unless he knew she was working for ‘A’ (Charlotte at the time) and wanted to stop Eddie from messing that up?
  • On at least two occasions (as recently as 7x15), Wren has enjoyed the same drink that ‘A’ has been shown to enjoy. A clue for the observant fans.
  • At this point, I feel like the show has had too many random connections to London/the UK for it to not have some significance. Archer being secretly British and a (fake) doctor could really be foreshadowing for a connection to Wren. They could be brothers or friends. Maybe Archer learned how to fake being a doctor from Wren. Maybe Charlotte and Archer met through their mutual relationships with Wren. I’m actually not the biggest fan of this theory that Archer and Wren are connected because I don’t think Archer was really working for A.D., but I have to throw it out there. It’s possible that he was, and it would be a logical reveal for Wren to then be A.D.
  • There’ve been a million bird references on this show. They’re everywhere. You can look up the posts and theories on that yourself. A wren is a type of bird, so there’s that. Maybe subtle hinting by the writers, maybe not.
  • If Melissa is Charlotte’s killer, as I really believe her to be, there’d be some poetry to Wren, Melissa’s ex-love interest, being A.D. against her.
  • This is obviously arguable, but I feel like Spencer and Hanna have gotten the brunt of A.D.’s actions (besides the horrible assault situation with Emison). Wren has the closest connections to Spencer and Hanna, having kissed both of them and ultimately being rejected by both.

* One problem I have is that Wren still doesn’t seem to have that great of a motivation for hating the Liars so much, other than believing them to be a part of Charlotte’s murder. Still not strong enough to warrant all THIS imo. But perhaps more will be revealed in the finale about his motivation that I can’t foresee.

** The truth of the matter is: Wren WILL be revealed as an antagonist of some sort in the series finale. I hope we can all agree on that much. Even if he’s not A.D., I guarantee with certainty that he is involved in the antagonist side of this mystery somehow. Most of the evidence I just listed above could apply just as well to him being A.D.’s right-hand man, which is more what I’m leaning toward. The only thing that still confounds me at that point is A.D.’s doctor theme. Why on earth would anyone else be wearing doctor’s clothes all the time?

Evidence for Spencer’s Twin being A.D.:

  • Obviously, the dream/hallucination scene in 7x01 that Hanna has of Spencer seemed off when it first aired and people have ran with it as evidence of Spencer having a twin. There’s the fact that the Spencer in the scene was not rocking the post-time jump bangs that Spencer has, but I’m less interested in that and more concerned about the fact that the dream-Spencer mentions A.D. to Hanna. Uber ‘A’ did not start using the name A.D. until Hanna was kidnapped, meaning, realistically, Hanna could not have dreamed Spencer saying “A.D.” because she hadn’t been exposed to that moniker yet. It could only really be explained if it wasn’t a dream at all, but Spencer’s twin (A.D.) talking to Hanna IRL. “Spencer” also asks Hanna who killed Charlotte in that scene. That’s exactly the information A.D. wanted and kidnapped Hanna for. 3 things in this one scene that hint at a twin.
  • In Spencer’s 7x13 ping-pong match with Marco, she switches to her left hand to make her winning shot. But we know Spencer is right-handed. A clue that Spencer’s twin is left-handed?
  • In 7x08, the ex-Radley doctor Dr. Cochran told Sparia that he delivered “two of [Mary’s] babies.” That specific wording suggests that Spencer and Charlotte were just two of some unknown greater number of babies that Mary Drake had. He also mentions that the baby he delivered years after Charlotte went into the care of protective services. We know Spencer went immediately into Veronica’s hands so that baby couldn’t have been Spencer….
  • In 7x15, we all felt something was off about Spencer’s scene with Wren and Ezra. She seemed slightly jumpy and nervous about being caught with Wren, asking Ezra not to tell anyone she was with Wren, not even her friends. The scene also felt weird because it took place immediately after a scene in which Spencer was elsewhere looking to meet up with Mary Drake, but was caught by Marco. There may have been a small time jump for her to get to the airport, but it sure didn’t feel like it. AND she wasn’t wearing the same clothes she had just been wearing in the previous scene (her trench coat was nowhere to be found). Combine all this with the theory I just went through of Wren maybe being A.D. or a helper, and that scene could have just been two A.D. partners-in-crime meeting up to talk shop.
  • When asked if we’ve met A.D., Tyler Blackburn said “You kind of have.” This quote haunts me. He wouldn’t have said this if A.D. is just a regular character we know. A.D. has to be some sort of twin, or secret family member, or SOMETHING. This also makes me doubt that Wren is REALLY A.D. - he may just be a subservient partner to A.D.


As much as I love the idea of Spencer having a twin who’s A.D., I also recognize its faults.

  • The things pointed out about Hanna’s 7x01 dream scene could be explained by simple pragmatic reasoning. The lack of bangs could just be Marlene’s choice of having Hanna dream of Spencer how she used to look in high school, since most of Hanna’s memories of Spencer would have her looking like that. The mention of A.D. could really just be a mistake on the writers’ part. They probably really wanted to be consistent with using A.D. since it was new and they were writing 7x01 fresh off a hiatus where they could have forgotten that detail. Spencer asking Hanna who killed Charlotte could just be Hanna’s manifestation of wanting to know that answer herself since it got her kidnapped.
  • Same thing with the ping-pong match. Her switching hands could be completely arbitrary. It really runs the risk of just being fans’ wishful thinking reading into that.
  • When Dr. Cochran mentions “two of her babies,” he says it in a way that sounds like he really didn’t know much about Mary’s birthing history besides the two he delivered. It was flippant in a way that made it sound like he wasn’t actively suggesting she had more than two babies; he just said “two of” in case she had more than two, but he didn’t actually know either way. 
  • Also, and this is a kicker in my opinion, if Mary had twins for her second birth, wouldn’t Cochran have delivered BOTH twin babies? He would have said he delivered 3 of Mary’s babies then. (We KNOW Charlotte was one of the babies he delivered). It doesn’t make sense that he’d deliver Spencer’s twin but not Spencer herself at the same time. They wouldn’t switch doctors like that. This is the biggest flaw in the theory for me.

But, despite these flaws, there sure is reason to believe that Spencer’s twin is A.D. and Wren is her right-hand-man. At this point, I’m not willing to say that the twin is also Bethany Young, as one popular theory suggests. There seems to be a lot of pure speculation and wishful thinking that went into that specific theory. I’m not saying it’s definitely false, but I’d need at least one clue that’s more solid to make me really believe that. 

As for motivation, I don’t care to theorize on that much. Theories usually lose me when they get into motivation because they’re almost always based on pure speculation and very little evidence. The simple answer is that Charlotte and Spencer’s twin were siblings and Twincer cared a lot about Charlotte and wants to avenge her death. This is good enough for me for now. (I expect more in the finale though). This would probably mean Charlotte had a relationship with Twincer in order to build this bond, as the twin clearly does not feel much of a bond with Spencer.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to discuss with me! I’d love to before the show ends.

Thank you to the amazing Pretty Little Liars fandom, whom I’ve been a part of for over 5 years now. Can’t believe my last theory ever has been posted! I sincerely hope everyone enjoys the series finale to the fullest extent. Enjoy the gAme!

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Prompt:  aaaahhh, ur stories are the best! could you write one where the reader has a crush on bones, but becuz the reader is underage they won’t do anything about and Chekov just loves teasing them about it???
Word Count: 1354
Warnings: Drinking, getting hit accidentally, bad flirting
Author’s Note: Part 1!

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Sundae Funday  By: Y. Black

It’s Sunday, so you know it was a typical football, cook dinner, and clean house type of day. That’s a normal Sunday around these parts. Today was different though, grandma had the kids for the weekend and bae had went for a massage and to run a few errands. I took it upon myself to get the house together, so she had one less thing to worry about when she returned. I am a firm believer in team effort, you know teamwork makes the dream work.

I was sitting on the couch catching up on all the games that I had missed. The first set of games was winding down; my team was up pretty big so I was content. While scrolling through the rest of the games my sweetie kept popping up in my head. I was missing her voice, her face, her scent; I mean just her altogether. I knew she would be back within an hour or so. Seizing the opportunity I decided to hit the grocery store to make her arrival that much more special.
“Hmph, somebody sure is lucky” the cashier said while scanning my items.
“And what makes you think I’m not the lucky one?” I said with a chuckle.
“I mean you have a point but roses, chocolates and Calgon. It just looks to me like somebody is about to get pampered.”
“I would say you are right, but just know I’m just as lucky to have her.”

I made it back home and shot my lil’ mama a text.

Me: Hey Love how r things going
Sexual Chocolate: Hey Papi all is well.
Sexual Chocolate: Bout to leave the mall now. You hungry?
Me: Naw I’m good babes.
Sexual Chocolate: ok be there in a few
Me: ok… Hey guess what
Sexual Chocolate: Yes Papi
Me: I love you
Sexual Chocolate: I love you too

I proceeded to prep everything; starting in the kitchen, then making my way up to the master bath. I turned on the tub, before doubling back. “She is going to wanna get that oil and stuff” I thought to self.  I drained the water and headed down stairs to await my Queen’s arrival. It was second quarter of the late games before I heard my lady’s keys fumbling at the door. I hopped up and scurried to the meet her.
“Hey Papi.” I kissed her and grabbed the bags from her clutches and took them to the kitchen. I turned back to her after sitting the bags on the counter. She was still fidgeting by the front door.
“Come here” I interlocked my fingers and began leading her up to the shower. I turned on the water set it just like she liked it. I turned back and she was already tugging at her shirt. “No lady, let me get that for you” she dropped and uncrossed her arms. I circled her and slid up behind her she was 6 inches shorter than me so her head rested just under my chin. My hands went under her shirt and began making their way up her silky smooth sides. Her arms went up as her shirt was going over her head. Once her shirt was removed her bra was unclasped and thrown to the side. I watched the mirror as her supple C-cups fell beautifully upon her chest.
I could see the flame growing in her dark brown eyes, she was ready. I spun her around to face me her breast were penned on my belly as I held her close to me. I lifted her gently and she latched her arms around my neck as our lips met. I began sliding her leggings down her thick ass and thighs. She bit my bottom lip, and after 8 years of marriage I knew that signified go time for her.  She took advantage of the basketball shorts I had and pushed them off with her feet. I was free ballin’ too, so she lucked up. I lifted her up on me and immediately she went for him and lined him up. She sat her hips down on me and began fucking the shit out of me. I wanted to object but she felt so damn good.
I let her stroke a few times, just enough to get her one and I put her in the shower. She was some kind of upset, but I stood my ground. I went down to the fridge and got a few things that I’d prepped. All set up I grabbed lil mama’s robe and headed back in to the bathroom.
“How was your massage baby?”
“Good.” She was mad as hell.
“Baby don’t be mad.”
“What you mean? I want my dick!”
“I know ba…”
“So why you ain’t give it!”
“Baby, we have all day the kids are gone.”
“Damn all that.”
I walked over to the shower pulled the door open, I stepped in fully clothed. I put her lil ass up against the wall. “Who the hell you yelling at?” I said. She turned her head on the wall as to not look at me. I sunk my teeth into her neck causing her to squirm and sob loud. “I said who the hell you yelling at?”
(Whimpers) “Nobody daddy, I’m sorry.” She moaned. I picked her up and carried her out of the shower to the bench in front of the sink. Wrapped her up in her robe and began to peel the soaked clothes off my flesh. I grabbed a towel and dried off some before turning my attention back to my woman. She had that little girl I’m sorry daddy face on. My bae was so adorable and she knew. I went over and scooped her up, off to the bed I took her. Laid her down and let my eyes speak to her. She heard me loud and clear. I grabbed the tray of a fruit I put together.  

I coated her breast with whipped cream, I heard bae breathe in deep as the cream touched her smooth skin. I sat a cherry on each titty to act as nipples. I could see the delight in her eyes; she was eager to be my afternoon snack. I took a look down and saw my pussy was glazed over. That made my dick twitch.  I swooped down and began spiraling my tongue around her areola lapping up whipped cream as I went. I couldn’t make it all the way around before the cherry started to slide off. I slurped it into my mouth, making sure I grabbed a little nipple in the process. She cooed at the sensation. I fed her the cherry from my mouth, but before I could pass her the treat bae licked the whipped cream in my goatee and face.

“Give me that cherry” she commanded. She took it while slipping me plenty tongue. I was awakening the beast. Heading back down I could see that pussy was dripping like a faucet. I had to contain myself. I cleaned the rest of the left breast to move to the right. Her body heat already had it melting away the cream. Seductively licked and slurped her titty, the moans encourage my efforts.

“Yes daddy, clean my titty up… mmmmmm fuck I’m so turnt baby.” I chump down on the cherry as I save it as a treat for cleaning mommy up. “Am I all clean daddy?” Lady questions intently. I only nod as I move back to the fruit platter. I put a slice of Sexual Chocolate’s favorite on my tongue, then go in for a kiss. She welcomed me not knowing what’s in my mouth. “MMMMM.” Her moans are everything to my ears. I end the kiss by taking that bottom lip into my mouth, suckling it before grabbing a strawberry.

“MMMM, damn where you want this strawberry baby?”

“Damn daddy I don’t know, you can’t go wrong baby just touch me… please daddy touch me.” I walk the strawberry down the line under her belly button, on to that proverbial on switch. I twirl it on there and her hands grip the pillows on either side of her.  Sliding it down I graze the length of her slit, pulling the berry off of her flesh there is thick string of gooey goodness. I replace your pussy with my tongue to show case your moisture to you. “OMG is that all me?”  She marveled at the thick string of wetness that strung from my tongue to the strawberry. I devour the strawberry not wasting a lick of your honey.

“Oh no bring that ass here.” She orders. I know her she’s not to be out done that’s what I loved about our sex life. It was an “anything you can do I can do better” mentality. She pushed me down on my back and sat all that ass right on my chest. I mean how could I object to all this chocolate before me. I just hope she wasn’t expecting a nigga not to sample her rich goodness. Her slick topped me with the whipped cream; I jumped wasn’t ready as it slid down my shaft to my nuts. The cold sensation coupled with the contrast of that mouth was something serious. Her lips were literally dripping onto mine. My dick was no longer a dick, rather a soft serve cone from DQ the way her mouth consumed me. Every time bae cleaned me up she’d spray me back down. My lady repeated this three times before it happened.

She cleaning the base of my manhood when she lifted him up and went for the sac. I was close but she didn’t know it, she was doing what she does. I’m sure my deep moans aided her actions. Shit was feeling crazy good. I couldn’t even focus on eating that pussy I was so far gone. My chocolate mama slid further down my chest leaving a trail of wetness. She dipped down under my balls to the gooch never had that ever been explored. Dick still hand she spun down to get better access. Zealously this woman jacked my meat and licked this uncharted part of me. I was on the verge losing it.  That mother fucker pushed not only the envelope but the whole damn mail box. She snaked her hot tongue over my ass hole. I puckered and she squeezed my dick and I spewed my seed all over my belly.

“What (deep breath) the fuck (deep breath) you (deep breath) done?”

“It’s Sundae Funday daddy…. Anything goes.”