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All Too Well | Epilogue

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 3,840
Author’s Note: And this, my friends, marks the end. 

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The Name Game

A/N Somewhat a sequel to Always the Bad Guy’!

Pairing: neutral/prinxiety (Prince/Anxiety)

Genre: fluff, hurt/comfort kinda

Word Count: 1260

Warnings: I don’t think there’s any??


Anxiety doesn’t think he’ll ever reveal his name, not when he’s still viewed as the villain. He takes comfort in Roman’s insults - as weird as it sounds.

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Summary: Marriage and a contract…from the cold, intimidating man who was next in line to run the multi-billion dollar, Lodi Industries. 

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The opportunity he offered you was too great to pass up. There was no other choice. You had to save your family.

“Mom it’s okay. You don’t have to worry anymore. You and dad can live peacefully now. If I accept, he’ll pay off the rest of the debt and the interest. Everything’s okay now.” You cried, packing your bags and comforting your parents.

“But why do you have to go like this? So suddenly? Don’t go Y/N, if he wants to marry you then he can do it properly.” Your dad said grimy.

“It has to be this way, I’m sorry. When everything’s settled then I’ll call you guys I promise.” You smiled, trying to stay strong. “I love you.”

Dragging your bags out of the apartment, you rushed downstairs and got into the cab he sent.

You felt scared, unsure if this was the right decision but it was a decision that you made nonetheless. There was no turning back now. It’s for your parents’ sakes.

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12x13: Mamma Drama

I’m not usually that into Discourse™ but it’s about time that someone acknowledges that Sam has been forced to work with a lot of people who have hurt him.  1k of that happening.

Be wary of some very vague discussion of Bucklemming consistent consent issues.

There are little half-moon crescents dug into his palms.

Sam forces himself to relax his hands.  The little grooves remain for a few seconds before fading from red, to white, to nothing at all.  He takes a few breaths in through his nose and releases them through his mouth.  It doesn’t help as much as his and Jess’s yoga instructor had claimed it would, but then, Sam hadn’t expected it to.

He’s been staring at the map table for about two minutes straight without blinking, so Sam forces himself to get to his feet and make his way to the kitchen.  Dean had stormed off to his room and Mom off to…somewhere a few minutes ago, so there’s no one to intercept him.

Good.  He doesn’t want to talk about this.  Not right now.

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Wolf Pack: Beacon Original written for the Sterek Reversebang 2017

Story by @fearfrost1211, Art by @beerwolves

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Ensemble
Additional Tags: Biker AU, Canon-Typical Violence, mild panic attack, Stalking, Werewolves, First Kiss, Getting Together, Motorcycles, biker culture/knowledge courtesy of SOA

When his father landed the Deputy Chief of police position in Beacon Hills, Stiles moved to his new town gladly, embracing the chance of a fresh start. What he didn’t expect was to find himself hopelessly drawn to the gruff Vice President of the local motorcycle gang, the Wolf Pack.
Derek Hale, resident bad boy of Beacon Hills, spent his time helping his sister lead the Wolf Pack and working on motorcycles at his family’s automotive garage. Then, one hot summer afternoon a bright-eyed boy walked into his life and turned his world upside down.

Taking part in this event has been such a fun experience! I’d like to thank the @sterekreversebang mods for all their hard work in giving us such a smoothly run and wonderful event.

@beerwolves for being just so much fun and always, always having a positive attitude. YOU’RE AMAZING BEER!! I still can’t believe you took the time to make not just one, but TWO EXTRA PIECES OF ART for this story. Thank you for being my partner through it all =)

@troubleiwant, you take beta-ing to a whole other level! THANK YOU endlessly from the bottom of my heart for all your time and effort and putting up with my rambling(ha!). This wouldn’t have been half as fun, and this story certainly wouldn’t be what it is, without you. 

Misha Collins Is in #AlphaMaleMadness  Elite 4

Thank you to each and everyone of you for voting and spreading the word around to help, we couldn’t have made it if just one of you wasn’t there participating, this has been so much fun to spend time together as a little family supporting our favorite actor, especially when we were in a tough situation against a co-star we dearly love as well, and to whom we had no ill will in this poll, it was fair game and had he been the one winning i’m sure most of us misha fans would have supported him in the following round

in the begining we were at 35% then worked hard and some of us didn’t even sleep (me included lol) to get it back to 47 and almost 48, but then suddenly our % was going down in very huge amount in little no time and we were going down again, we felt defeated, almost hopeless, but we never gave up and still did all we could to show misha how appreciated and loved he is, and when E-online started to make their captchas different and more random we were able to see our % go up again before yesterday, and we haven’t stopped voting ever since, i personally still can’t believe we reached this number, but we did it, it took last minute efforts but we all did it and i’m proud of us ♥ 

this is just a battle the fight isn’t over yet so stay tuned for the next voting spree probably later today and let’s keep this love and support spirit on till the end ♥

warning signs // pcy // 10

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→ mafia!au
→ in which two respectively fucked up people found a way to love each other despite the warning signs.
→ word count: 3k
→ song of the chapter: pure by hey violet, butterfly by grimes
→ *smut warning?? oh??? i actually wanted to die writing this but its necessary for future parts to play out the way id like so yall got lucky as a heads up my testing was postponed until tuesday, but in order to properly study, ill probably be inactive for the next two days or so !!

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Have some Cherik Emma AU, in which Charles has invested a great deal of time in (successfully) getting Raven excited for the attentions of the respectable Mr. Azazel, a much better match for her than bumpkin country doctor Henry McCoy, only to find that he might have miscalculated somewhat.

A lightly alpha/omega universe, mostly because much of Regency culture stops making sense without strict gender divides of some sort.


Charles wasn’t sure how he’d ended up alone in a carriage with Mr. Azazel; it was quite improper for him to ride unsupervised in the company of an unattached alpha. He could only blame the chaotic shuffling about as they all hurried to leave the party before the snow trapped them there. Charles longed for solitude, but that being impossible, he would have chosen to ride in a more crowded carriage rather than find himself here. He could not be entirely comfortable in Mr. Azazel’s company after the man’s bizarre and uncharacteristic behavior tonight. How could the man be so uncaring toward the welfare of one whom he was courting? Not that he had done anything to harm Raven, of course—Raven was not here to be harmed—but that was the very problem. Raven was sick at home, and Mr. Azazel had not appeared to care at all.

“What a lovely party,” Charles said, and, making one last effort to let Mr. Azazel return to normal, added, “It is such a shame Miss Darkholme could not attend.”

“I would have been sorry if she had,” Mr. Azazel said. “Doubtless she would have ridden next to you, Mr. Xavier, and then we could not have had this time alone.

Charles stared in utter horror at this singular pronouncement. Mr. Azazel, perhaps mistaking his silence for some more pleasant form of surprise, took the liberty—Charles could not believe he took the liberty—of leaving his seat to settle himself next to Charles on the other side of the carriage.

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。.✦ ☾ Noora Sætre S02E03 Gif Pack

HERE you’ll find 374 ( 245 x 142 ) gifs of, Josefine Frida Pettersen as her role Noora Sætre in S02E03 of SKAM. ALL of these gifs have been made by me ( nooraofrp ) and I’d appreciate it if you DID NOT post them as your own, put in gif hunts or make them into gif icons for public use. I hope you appreciate them, a lot of time and effort went into them, and if you do use them give this a like or reblog!!

Student Council Prez [3]

Episode 2 - Episode 3 - Episode 4 
Words: 2085
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

“-therefore the soldiers began putting a bucket of water near the machine gun and it wasn’t until 1942 that th-”

Yoongi holds in a yawn, eyes trailing outside until a sudden bang jolts him out of his drowsy daze. He turns to the source of the sound, a girl who just slammed the door open and the teacher frozen at the front of the classroom. He turns back to look outside but then does a quick double take when he realizes that girl is you.

“What ar-” Before he can string words together, you’ve stormed up to his desk and slammed a hand down.

“Listen. I can’t join you after school today.”

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A month of AUs - June 1

Blackwatch steps in hours earlier, rescuing Genji from his brother’s wrath before the altercation can begin. At Genji’s urging, Hanzo comes with them, only to break completely when given freedom to make his own choices for the first time in his life. Thankfully Overwatch isn’t the kind of place to let one of their own suffer alone.

“And how have you found the goal setting project?”

Hanzo shrugged, eyes on the clock above his assigned therapist’s head. She was kind enough to pretend she didn’t notice his gaze, smiling as if he was being anything more than completely unhelpful.

“It has been a project.”

She hums, waiting for him to continue.

Eventually, he does. “I believe I began to assign myself goals that were beyond my means. When I discovered this, I took a step back and assigned myself more manageable goals. Eating three meals, making the effort to converse with my brother, writing Mr. Lacroix a thank you card. Items like that.”

His therapist smiles at that. “That’s a wonderful step. You were able to identify where you were having difficulties and took steps to fix that. You should be very proud of yourself.”

“I am.” He admits. “And uh, I think I am ready for that next step we discussed last week.”

“Oh?” She asks. “Which step?”

He taps his covered right shoulder, where his clan’s brand still burns every time he sees it. “I spoke with Angela Ziegler a few days ago and she mentioned wanting to test her new biotechnology for healing scars. A… branding may be a good test of her technology’s true capabilities.”

“That is a very big step.” His therapist says after a moment.

“I know.” He assures her. “But I trust her. And I no longer wish to belong to the clan. I am my own person.”

When Hanzo walks out of the therapists’ office moment later, a familiar face is waiting for him in the lobby area. Jesse McCree sits with his nose in a magazine, brow scrunched and hat sitting on the seat next to him. He’s dressed casually, with sweats instead of his chaps, and the slightest stains on his shirt hinting that he made his way here immediately after practicing rather than returning to his room first.


Jesse drops the magazine almost guiltily before smiling when he sees Hanzo. “Hey darling. Was hoping I hadn’t missed ya.”

“I would have waited.” Hanzo promises, waiting for Jesse to stand before leaning in to kiss him softly.

Jesse had been one of the men in the crew that led the infiltration on his home. For weeks, Hanzo had considered the group of men to be nothing more than glorified kidnappers, going so far as to fight Commander Reyes tooth and nail when the older man had offered Genji a place on his team. Genji’s acceptance of the offer had nearly broken him. Hanzo was offered a place on the team as well, but he refused. Still, he remained living on base with the agents, sharing a suite with his brother as a civilian.

He’d spoken to Jesse for the first time only days later, when the younger man had come by to his room to drop off some items for Genji. Their conversation had been short and clipped, but after that Jesse had found an unending list of excuses to hang around the older Shimada brother.

Hanzo had been the one to ask Jesse out on a date, at Genji’s urging. But Jesse had been the first to kiss him. The first to truly make him feel cared for.

He was also the one to introduce him to Angela.

“Angie says we can come by any time this week if you’re really ready to get rid of that mark.”

Hanzo nods, a nervous bubble in his throat. “Yes. Shall we go now?”

“Now?” Jesse repeats. “You sure?”

“Yes.” He isn’t. He moves to start down the hallway toward the infirmary only for Jesse to stop and pull him in to another kiss.

When they break apart, Jesse stays close, pressing his lips to Hanzo’s cheek instead. “You’re one of the bravest people I know, y'know?”

The words send a fluttering sensation down to his core, and Hanzo can’t help but smile. “You are the one who risks his life in battle, Jesse. Not I.”

“Yeah but that’s just cause I’m a dumbass ingrate with an adrenaline addiction.”

Hanzo chuckles, prior nervousness fading away as Jesse matches his smile. “I am sure that I am ready. With you and Genji by my side, I have nothing to fear.”

He wraps his hand around Jesse’s and leads him down the hall.

The Long Road

The path to being an exceptional writer is long. The road is marked with goatheads and brambles, and other times there are small stretches of gold bricks. The long road is not necessarily measured in time, but it can be. It can be time. It can be effort. It can be in written words.

But in the end, it’s a long road.

Lately I’ve been thinking of that long road. It’s difficult to move from a beginning writer to a good writer, but the work is even greater and harder to move from a good writer to an exceptional one. It can take blood, sweat, tears, and more than that.

I do a lot of editing, and in the process, I find myself reflecting on the magnitude of such a feat… . so many writers who have worked hard to get where they are, and they still have a long way to go. I’ve edited manuscripts from military professionals, people who work for NASA, university professors, and employees in Hollywood, and do you want to know a secret?

We all start at the beginning.

Even those who may have a natural talent have to work their butts off to refine, control, and shape that talent. But after five years of working in this industry, I’m not really sure how much I believe in “natural talent” anymore. There is ambition and there is effort.

When you start taking writing seriously and start getting feedback from others, it’s often done in a critique group or a workshop. In college, everyone took what they wrote and brought it to class and the rest of the time was spent critiquing the work. In such a setting, the leader, or usually in my case the teacher, emphasized the need to divorce the story from the person who wrote it. We are critiquing the story, not the writer. This has several benefits. It encourages us to look at the story objectively. It makes the negative criticism easier to bear–it’s nothing personal, it’s just the story we’re talking about. It forces the writer to consider how their writing may be received from people who don’t know them.

But there is at least one potential negative side effect: we focus on the story getting better, instead of the writer getting better.

Focusing on you, the writer, getting better does amazing things. A good story doesn’t “just happen”–it’s intentional. You consistently become a powerful writer when you know what you are doing, and you can see what to edit.

In some critique circles I’ve seen, people write the story and expect everyone else to tell them what’s wrong with it and how to fix it. But the better you become as a writer, the better your stories will be.

Some stories can only get so great, without having to do such a big re-haul that it’s really a new story. But writers don’t have a cap. They can always get better. Maybe the question isn’t just “How do I make this book better?” but also, “How do I become a better writer?”

Changing your focus also takes some of the pressure off the story. It’s a stepping stone for you to become better. It’s working for you. You aren’t working for it.

A good story is a good story. But a good writer can write hundreds of good stories and can do it consistently. Once one story is completed, she can move onto the next.

There are perks along the long road. There are kind words, successes, moments where the planets seem to align, and there is good news, but unless you focus and learn to enjoy your own personal journey and growth–not just the story’s–you’ll cap out, voluntarily but unknowingly.

So be patient. It’s a long road. Learn to love the journey. Have ambition. Exercise effort. As I’ve said before, the trick is not to quit.

Only You

Words: 1.7k

Summary: You and Castiels friendship becomes complicated.

Warnings: Angst, character death

A/N: This kind of hurt to write. I was listening to “Only You” by Selena Gomez (not my usual style, but whatevs) after watching 13 Reasons Why and this oneshot just kind of happened. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list, send me an ask or DM.


Castiel smiled as he watched you giggle and the story Sam was telling about the first time he and Dean hustled pool.

Your smile, your laugh, your entire being made Castiels heart flutter. He had been aware of the idea of love for his entire existence, but this was the first time he really felt it. Too bad he was an angel and angels were never supposed to fall in love.

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This took me a lot of effort but it was pretty damn fun to make. Dude, I love this. OHH GOODD

Photographer on Tumblr

Hi! My name’s Rob. I started taking pictures a long time ago. It’s not that I’m that old, it’s just that I was very young when I first held a camera in my hands.

It seems easy but It’s not. It took a lot of effort on my side. A lot of time to prepare myself for this, so many years of learning, years of joy, progress and, mostly, frustration, until I could state that my pictures don’t suck. Not too much, I mean.

You know what?, I’m not gonna lie to you. It is easy. I just take my camera, I go outside and I take pictures. I do believe that it is easy cause it’s something natural to me. I do not think about taking a picture. I just think about making a picture.

I have spent many years traveling around the world and being in contact with different cultures, which helped me to evolve my style, and also opened my mind to understand how photography is involved in the world.

My work: @heyrobroy

Thank you for your introduction and submission! We love it!

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

anonymous asked:

T100 is a dark show but I feel Jason is so focused on trying to shook the audience that he's forgetting the biggest strength of this show, the main characters and love. Don't you think so? What's the point to make Jasper's death so dramatic if it's not going to affect his friends at all? and Clarke wanted to save them but she hasn't connected with them since the last interactions of s2. It's a kind of mess imo. I wish they'd start writing consistent relationships and plots about fighting to live

I don’t entirely agree with this, nonny.

I don’t think that Jason has at all forgotten what the heart of the story is and if anything should be an indication of that it should be Praimfaya, of all episodes, one of the two Jason wrote this season. It focused basically exclusively on our delinquents heading to space, and then very briefly on Octavia (also a delinquent, I might add). THAT’S the heart of the show. That relationship among the delinquents, those characters we’ve grown to love? That’s always been the endgame Jason has been striving for season after season.

Which means that they can’t be together all the time. And, yes, they have to go on individual journeys, and struggle, and that’s the point. Because they are stronger together. But our characters can’t be strong all the time, they can’t always be with the people who complete them, who make them a perfect unit.

Why not, you ask? Because if they were always with those people, they would never grow. If they have everything they need, they would never learn to evolve on their own.

It’s the same idea with separating Bellarke so that Bellamy can develop his head-side without Clarke, and Clarke can develop her heart-side without Bellamy. They can’t be interdependent all the time, because the truth of the matter is that in the universe of The 100, there’s never a guarantee that they’ll have that person at their side. People die, they leave (something we’re a little too familiar with in the Bellarke fandom after 2x16 …).

Then what?

Then, our characters grow. On their own. And once they’ve gone through their individual journey, they come together and they kick even more ass than before. 

That’s kind of how it goes every season isn’t it? (With the exception of perhaps Season 1 where the sets and the budget was smaller, and they were introducing all the main characters/plot/relationships so it made sense to keep everyone so shuttered in together for the majority of the season.) Our characters work together for parts of the season, then they split up to go on their individual journeys, and then they come together again in the finale and kick ass as a team.

In Season 2, it started with all our characters separated, working to get to each other. They reunited in the first half of the season, created a battle strategy, and then separated to go through their own character journeys. Bellamy embarked into Mount Weather on his redemption arc to save his friends (simplifying the depth of his arc, obviously, but that’s not the point of this post). Clarke fell into her downward spiral as she took advice from L.exa. Jasper had to learn to become a leader in his own right. Raven struggled to come to terms with her new disability and pain. Octavia started training with Indra as a warrior. Murphy was off on his adventure with Jaha.

… See the trend?

Our heroes were all working together towards a common goal - defeat the Mountain (Murphy excluded) - but they were also struggling within themselves. It makes for interesting TV.

And then what happens in the Season 2 finale? They all end up in Mount Weather, working with and alongside each other using the lessons they’ve learned over the course of the season, in order to save their people.

What were huge themes of Season 2? Finding their family again - lots of reunions. The fight to see their friends/family again, to save them. What happens when you push away the people you love …

Because those themes: found family, love, and the things people will do to keep those things alive … THAT’S the heart of the show. And it hasn’t changed.

Then in Season 3, we spend the first half of the season with everyone isolated and struggling with their inner demons. Clarke struggling to face her people, Bellamy struggling to save them at whatever cost, Raven struggling with her pain, Jasper struggling with his PTSD, Monty struggling with stifling his own trauma while holding up his own family (Hannah and Jasper), Murphy struggling to survive on his own (like always … until Emori comes along), Octavia struggling to find her place in the world (struggling with Lincoln, with Bellamy, with Indra) and NONE of them sharing any of these things (for the most part) with each other.

And, yes, it was dark. And depressing and heavy and disheartening to watch sometimes. But that was the POINT. Season 2 was the descent into hell. 3A was hell itself, and 3B and Season 4 was our heroes rising from the ashes.

And sure enough, our main delinquents reunited in 4x11 and for the last six episodes of the season, it was all about them working together, piecing themselves back together, working towards a common goal as a team. In 3x16, we had Clarke going into the City of Light with Monty and Raven, Harper, etc working from Arkadia to help make it possible while Bellamy and Octavia kept her alive from the outside. It was a group effort. It involved all three elements for them to succeed in defeating ALIE.

What was a huge theme of Season 3? To put it simply, “together”. It was about showing our heroes and how they fall apart when they isolate themselves, and how they are stronger when they come together.

That’s always been the theme of the show, and - contrary to what many believe - the writers didn’t just drop that theme in Season 3. They took a dark approach to it, revealed an extremely grim perspective on the human condition, what happens to us when we fall down and there is no one there to pick us up, and people didn’t like that. But it doesn’t change the fact that the endpoint they were always building up to was our mains working together, stronger than before, in the end of the season.

Same thing in Season 4: they started off working together, they split up for awhile in the middle to embark on their own character arcs, and finally came together in the final few episodes to survive - together.

I think that ever since 3A, people have been stuck in this mindset that - just because they separated our favs from each other - that the writers don’t know what they’re doing. That they’re forgetting their own story, that they don’t realize what their fans want to see.

What I have to say to that is this: you listen to the anti’s too much. That is not the story the writers are telling. It never has been, and anyone who is ACTUALLY convinced that the writers are way up L.exa’s ass haven’t been paying attention. Appearing as a guest star in sixteen episodes does NOT make a show. And if it did, ADC would have been signed on as a regular before FTWD jumped.

I have no doubt Jason is well aware of where the heart of the show is and if anything is an indication of that, it is the finales he has written every single season. Each one consistently focusing on our delinquents working together to save the world. THAT’S the story he is telling. And I feel like a broken record, but I really can’t express this enough.

What’s the point to make Jasper’s death so dramatic if it’s not going to affect his friends at all?

I’m not going to argue with you about Jasper’s death because Jasper’s character arc is such a disappointment to me and I wish (oh god DO I WISH) it was handled in a way better way. I wish he had chosen to live, I wish Season 4 wasn’t just some long drawn out death sentence for him carried out from the Season 3 finale. I wish Jason could have thought of a better way for his character to continue to exist on the show, but that didn’t happen. And it sucks. And Jasper was my second favourite character (after Bellamy, loml) and I’m upset about it. And he was such good PTSD rep and they could have done amazing things with him.

I really feel like Jason had his mind set on killing Jasper in Season 3 but decided that would be too much, but never actually planned out another character arc for Jasper to have where he chooses to live instead. In his mind, Jasper’s story was over before Season 4 even began. Sometimes that happens with writers. They write themselves into a dead-end or they can’t think of another story that works for a character so instead of choosing the storyline where Jasper decides to live, he chose the alternate - darker - one where Jasper doesn’t recover from his trauma … and his story ends in tragedy.

It’s not the story I would have told, and I wish the way the characters on these shows responded to suicide was something other than saying, “you’re a coward”, but I’m not one for censoring what stories other artists choose to tell. They chose to write the dark one. Really, all that I can do is be sad and bitter and wish that the writers decided on a different character arc.

But they didn’t.

That still doesn’t mean that the writers have lost sight of what this story is about, though.

It’s still about the delinquents. It’s still about the theme of “together”. It’s still about life and hope and, yes, some of our characters die along the way or lose their path but - ultimately - in the end, this story is about family.

We don’t know for certain that Jasper has been forgotten, that he won’t be remembered. There are still those flashbacks Jason promised, and they always do callbacks to previous seasons. Yes, I wish we got more of a reaction out of characters like Clarke and Raven (grrr… still bitter over what could have been) and OCTAVIA, but I chalk that all down to being another problem to pile on top of all the other issues with Season 4 that could have been resolved with three extra episodes.

The writers took on too much in one season and they didn’t have enough episodes to tell it properly. Pacing was an issue, and a lot of things got cut or weren’t fleshed out as much as I would have liked because of it - including the response to Jasper’s death.

The writers just didn’t allocate themselves enough time for those emotional beats… and it’s annoying, but there’s really nothing that can be done about it at this point.

I find that most of the problems with storytelling on this show have much less to do with the actual story itself, and more to do with the pacing. This particular instance is no exception.

Clarke wanted to save them but she hasn’t connected with them since the last interactions of s2.

Clarke has pretty much always been kind of distant from most of her friends, with the exception of pretty much only Bellamy. I mean, hell, she even started the show in isolation. This has always been her struggle. Valuing her head over her heart (and sometimes sacrificing her relationships in the process). I thought that the way we ended Season 4, with Clarke waiting every day to reunite with her friends, never giving up hope … that bodes very well for that long-drawn out arc of Clarke holding herself apart from her friends to finally reach some sort of resolution. I’m very excited for where her arc is going next season, and I think the writers are well aware of Clarke’s tendency to isolate herself.

It’s being addressed.

I wish they’d start writing consistent relationships and plots about fighting to live

Sorry, disagree. They’re already writing those things.

This show has consistently been about our characters’ fight for survival. Isn’t that basically the premise of the show? Fighting to live? Say what you want about everything else about the show, but I’ve always felt that part was pretty consistent.

As for consistent relationships … I think most of the relationships we’re invested in HAVE been consistent. They spend time developing the relationships that are most important to the audience. Like Bellamy and Clarke, Abby and Raven, Monty and Jasper (while it ends tragically), the Blakes (as dysfunctional as they are, I don’t feel like it’s really developed unnaturally for how their dynamic started off and evolved), Kane and Abby, Memori, etc, etc. 

I must be reading the show differently than a lot of people because I feel that many are disappointed, thinking that the writers have lost sight of the show they first set out to be, but I disagree. The show has evolved, matured, and gotten more complex. Our characters have grown, they’re older, and they’ve changed. As a result, the relationships have too. But our core relationships on the show? Those have always been front and center, and our delinquents have always been the focus of each resolution to every season. 

We haven’t lost that many of our main delinquents. Jasper and Finn - that’s basically it. Think how many Grounders we’ve lost? How many other characters who aren’t Sky People? Anya, L.exa, Roan, Ilian, Luna, Lincoln, Maya, etc … These characters - as much as we may love some of them - are supporting characters. 

The delinquents are less expendable, and when you actually start cracking down on numbers, it shows that the writers don’t view them as being unimportant in the way that many “fans” would have you believe.

This is a way longer response than I intended on ever writing, so I’m just going to wrap it up here. I think my opinion has been expanded on more than enough.

Size Difference - Zach Werenski (#5)

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Imagine number 5 already?? What the heck??? Anyways, I thought this was a super cute idea but I’m just now realizing that I didn’t make the reader a hockey player too.  Oooppsss, hopefully it’s still good! I still think it’s cute!! Much love pals! 

Word count: 640

Warnings: a couple swear words but all fluffy, fluffy stuff

Request: “Hey! Heard you wanted more requests! Could you write a zach werenski imagine where he makes fun of you for being short, and it’s just super cute and fluffy, and you like compare hand sizes? Also could you be a hockey player too! Thanks:)))” - @brooke5bb


You jumped up onto the kitchen counter in your apartment, trying to grab the peanut butter off the top shelf of the cupboard.  You wanted to have peanut butter toast for breakfast but you were really debating if it was worth it after all the effort you were going through.  Your boyfriend, Zach, was a big 6’1” hockey player and even though you were only 5’2”, he insisted on making use of the cupboard space by putting things in a place that you believed was made for actual giants.  

“Fuck” you yelled as a jar of Nutella and box of granola bars narrowly missed your head as they fell onto the floor with a thud.

“Everything ok Y/N?” Zach asked as he made his way into the kitchen to grab breakfast.  He took one look at you balanced on the counter, clutching a shelf with one hand and the peanut butter with the other and burst out laughing.  “Why are you climbing the counter like a mountain goat?”

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So I did a little experiment. I wanted to know how easy it was to replicate a script format WITHOUT any screenwriting software (just using openoffice here, not even Word, because I’m a cheap ho lol) and ZERO experience with scripts.

I wanted to see:

1. How much effort it was

2. How much time it took

3. Could I make it LOOK believable (my dialogue notwithstanding lmao)

4. Could I replicate a real script just from looking at samples, even though I’ve NEVER WRITTEN ONE EVER.

And, yeah. I think I did alright. It took almost zero effort for someone with experience using a word document creator to adjust the margins and font to look like a script. It took about twenty minutes, give or take. I think it looks marginally believable, especially if my targets aren’t all that familiar with how scripts should look and read. And there were a ton of samples on Google for how to replicate dialogue, ques, and descriptions.

So what do I want y’all to take from this?

It is SO EASY to fake a script guys. Like, even I didn’t think it would be this easy. It would be nothing at all to print this out, take a blurry pic of it on my phone, post it here on tumblr, and say OMG RILARKE IS RISING!!!22112ekibfrjbfvjdv

This may be the pot calling the kettle black here (because I believed that spoiler for a hot minute too) but PLEASE, any script spoilers you get, BE 100% SUSPICIOUS. ALWAYS. DO NOT SPREAD IT AROUND OR POST IT UNTIL YOU CAN BE SURE. There are assholes out there who have the same skills I do at replicating a script, and they want to troll you because they get off on it. Don’t let them.