believe it or not this took effort to make

As I took this photo, I thought to myself “I wonder when I’ll learn to love my thighs and curvy hips…”

And then I looked from the photo to the mirror back and forth a couple times. Instead of seeing parts I hated, I saw motivation. And hard work. And strength.

This body has gone through some insane changes that I am so proud to have accomplished after years of neglecting my health. And how dare I make myself believe that all of that effort still isn’t good enough?

I have lost 50 pounds. FIFTY. I have fallen in love with strength training and am already starting to see improvements after only 2 months. I have also fallen in love with cooking, and meal prep, and baking healthy things. I have completely changed my life and I am and will continue to be so immensely proud of myself.

“Everybody meets someone throughout their life that completely alters them. Every one of us does. Maybe it’s one person or maybe it’s multiple people, but we change gradually during our experiences with others.” I said admittingly. I myself hate to admit that there’s anyone with that kind of power over me. Although, it’s still true.

I continue, “Maybe she just needs to meet that person who will change her direction. Or maybe she’s doomed a shitty life doing shitty things. But I don’t think she deserves everyone to give up on her. Maybe she needs someone to believe in her, to believe in the things she doesn’t think she’s capable of. Everyone’s got feelings and thoughts they don’t share that make them who they are. Someone just has to care enough to invest that much effort into her. Maybe she’ll open her eyes… or maybe she’ll be that person who fucks you over and breaks your heart because you weren’t what it took to ease that fear inside. Does that mean it’s not worth a try?”

—  fna

Day One Fourty Six

I pretty much always feel like I’m the sane size I’ve always been.

I mean, I feel great, better than I have in a long time. And I can do more than I used to be able to do. I know I’m making progress. Good progress.

And despite that, even with physical evidence of a smaller bra and dress, I didn’t feel any smaller. I felt like, when someone would say they see a difference, they were just saying it because it’s what’s expected whence someone says they’ve lost over a hundred pounds.

I truly did. I appreciated the effort. But inside I never believed it.

Took pictures today. I was sure I wouldn’t see a big difference. Positive that though I’m losing, it’s all just weight shifting around.

I cried when I found a comparison in the sane dress. Tears of disbelief and joy.

I don’t know how I’ll handle after surgery changes.

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The tone set him on edge first, then the body language. He had to make a conscious effort to keep his wings still as Smokescreen looked down on him. He’d received looks like this before, bots believing he was worth less than the dirt on their pedes. But experience worked in his favor and instead, he took a small step forward.

“Hey, are you ok?” Despite the annoyance in his voice, the concern was clear. “If this is still about the jealousy thing, I thought we worked past that and I’m sorry if I’m doing it again. But don’t take it out on Optimus, ok? He just wants the best for you. Trust me, I wouldn’t have volunteered to come get you if I didn’t understand that. So just…be nice to him, please. He’s trying to do something good for the two of you.”

anonymous asked:

She's 23, what she can possible know about life? I'm 25 with a career, 2 masters and a good job and I don't even think about forming a family, I still don't know who I'm and what I want for my life or the experience I need to live before anything else.

I’m with you anon,me too I almost finish university,I’m try to build my future and still don’t know who I’m! Nina has had everything in life without effort and without sacrifice, and this is the thing that makes me more angry!! She’s a sort of “german Paris Hilton”. She come from a rich family and she can choose to have a easy life and do nothing in her life. She knows full well that a perfect guy like Manuel not happen again in her life, and took the chance. I also believe that any girl would do it!




This took me a lot of effort but it was pretty damn fun to make. Dude, I love this. OHH GOODD

Nightcore is absolutely awful. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that there is an appeal for such music, but people who believe that there is even the slightest bit of effort that goes into these tracks are morons. A few months back, I got into a discussion with a friend who was a massive nightcore fan that it was talentless drivel, and he said “Well if it’s so easy then make one yourself!”. I did, and 20 minutes later, after posting not one but two to my youtube page, he retracted his statement. It took 10 minutes for each one - 2 minutes to download, 30 seconds to import to audacity, 2 minutes to tweak all the shit, 30 seconds to export, 2 minutes to make it a video and 3 minutes to upload. But yeah I’m noticing a growing popularity for this shit and it’s a bit of a slap for people who are trying to create music instead of destroy it.

One day I gave the blue boy an intense flavored petunia
and he stuffed it inside his broken pockets
like it was a god served miracle.
He told me he will treasure it all his life from now on.
I didn’t believe him
but I thanked him for the effort he took
to make up a lie so deceitfully sweet.
I lingered with my fingers
along the refined drawing of his jaw
and bestowed suddenly upon his lips a mermaid kiss.
He looked at me with childhood eyes
and said that no one ever kissed him
with such cool demeanor
and he feels his lips are from now on sealed
with genuine love and forever lost in flattering translation.
I kissed him again this time in slow motion
and felt in my hands his cheeks blushing
and his beautiful body dropping at my feet,
too fast, like burning museum wax.
I left him with my heart shattered
and promised to myself
that I’ll leave the blue boy in peace
to mind his own business
without me imposing “my femme fatale” skills.
I know I’m stained with grown up experiences
and brutal life so I thought it’s better for him
to caress softer skin than mine.
I buried his memory under an oak tree
in the secret meadow
with a dervish dagger and my wrinkled eyes
started to weep along a bunch of fireflies dancing
to a melancholic tune in the rain.
I cried for several hours in my hands
pondering about decaying mind body and soul
and decided its time to move on
and let go the sadness that started to intrude in my heart
like an uninvited stranger.
I’m too old to remember blue boys
pursuing alone in a hidden cave love adventures.
I’m too old to buy tickets for the night train arrival.
I’m too old for heart breaking.
I figured this time I might even die in the process.

Has it ever happened to you?
To see something so heart breaking that you run out of words to describe it?
I have.
Yesterday i saw a girl.
I don’t know why her hands were shaking
Probably she was just cold
But she didn’t seem to feel anything
Maybe the the source of the coldness was her heart.
She seemed like she had the most chaotic mind.
Her messy hair was all around her shoulders .
Her make up running down her face.
Probably thinking about why she even took the effort.
I think she was listening.
Maybe to her thoughts.
I don’t know what were the voices in her head whispering.
But she seemed like she broke down inside with every single word.
I hope she didn’t believe them
But she seemed like she did.
I looked at her red teary eyes
My vision was blurry
But i can tell you that There was no sparkle
All you could see was emptiness
People would call this beautiful and artistic
But trust me it wasn’t.
It was like a melancholic tragedy
She was looking at me deadly in the eyes but didn’t say a word
I didn’t either.
We were standing there in a swamp of silence.
Until I heard a sudden sound.
I think it was something breaking.
I turned my head.
Nothing special.
I looked back at her to see if she was terrified.
But she wasn’t there.
She was gone.
I was all alone again.
And i just stood there looking at the broken pieces of mirror
And the blood dripping down my fist
—  K.G. // Excerpts from story of a girl #7

everyone knows that i lost simple bagel and i’m pretty sad about it but don’t go making “simpler bagel” or the exact same accounts.

that was years of original content, even if it was tweets in the perspective of a bagel. i took so many pictures and put a lot of effort into that dang bread circle…

it’s full of memories and the only thing that made me happy during a really shitty time in my life. sb became popular when i was 16, near homelessness with my family. i had it through the worst moments with my mother. i was on the verge of suicide and then literally a month later was on bo burnham’s tour bus. it sounds so petty but you should know not to steal someone’s content????

go be a cake, a scone, a donut, a flippin leaf. just please not “simple bagel” or any variation of that and especially don’t steal my old tweets because my followers assume it’s me when it’s 100% not.

regarding new years resolutions...

2014: Start a couch to 5K. 2015: Run my first marathon. Resolution for 2016: Race my first triathlon!

Please be kind to other resolutioners out there. I always feel that there is a bit of pretentiousness around this time when people start to complain that the gyms will be really crowded in a few days. We were all them at some point, whether we started our journey January 1st or not. Just because we’ve been making our fitness a priority before this time does not mean we should discourage others to start. We should all remember the courage it took. I too was obese and more than 50lbs overweight and understand how intimidating it can be at the beginning. Let’s all support and encourage each other. So if you’re setting some resolutions related to weight loss, fitness or your health: I wholeheartedly believe in you and support you. It will be hard, you will want to give up come January 15th, but it is well worth the effort. Get ready to be amazed at what your body and mind can do :)


My picks for my top five photographs of 2015 for @gray-card’s Year End Top 5 Photo Extravaganza!


This year it was extra hard to pick my favorites. In the end I lean towards images that make me remember special moments and took a lot of effort to produce. Sometimes they are a surprise (catching the shooting star in the aurora photo or discovering the beautiful potential in the running Icelandic horse photo during the editing process), sometimes they come out of pure patience and persistence (the hordes of hungry mosquitoes I endured to take the sunrise photo) and sometimes they are about a moment of beauty that I was ecstatic to capture (I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be in that place at that time while taking photos of the glacial ice on the beach - and the same goes for the beautiful frost covered trees on the banks of the Great Bear River)!

Old Friends and Recent Acquaintances |

Elias really hated American coffee. The cafe that was part of SHIELD’s headquarters was decent, but sticking a tea bag in a cup and calling it tea was just as disgraceful. A true shame for this country. The first thing on Elias’ agenda today was one of SHIELD’s general meetings, covering new protocols and the like. He didn’t know if he could stand listening to the long drone of an American accent, but he wanted to at least try to make an effort considering how much his dad believed in this new start. The previous night hadn’t gone that badly, for one. He could practically still feeling that woman’s lips against his. Sitting on one of the couches outside the doors to the meeting room, there was still quite some time before it was scheduled. It wasn’t exactly as if he had anywhere else better to be. The cup of shitty tea was warm between his palms, and he took a tentative sip of it while he observed the SHIELD agents passing by in a hurry.

Mmm okay okay but let’s talk about this scene where the man’s been complaining about Kilgrave thieving his magazines and David’s ACTING – the general dismissal, the fact he’s not even listening, not worth the effort, why would he bother, and then the man touches his arm. Then he makes it personal, then he wrinkles up Kilgrave’s coat (it is a NICE coat you would not BELIEVE how many goes it took that drycleaner to get it right, even with the cost of a finger for every time she didn’t) and David makes it very clear that that’s the turning point. The magazine still comes out, is still put down, it is all in the one motion and perfectly the same rate. No rush to finish. No guilt. No anything.

But you can see the moment here where Kilgrave decides. The man wants his attention. He’s been a nuisance, he’s bothered him, he’s been a self-righteous I’m a store owner possessive prick in that annoying, tinny voice of his and it was barely tolerable before but now this man has asked for Kilgrave’s attention. And he will get it.

And with little more than a glance in his direction, Kilgrave potentially blinds the man for life. Because he asked for it. Because he wanted the attention. Because oh, all right then, if I must, but I’m really not here to be creative. There’s nothing poetic about a coffee in the face, is there?

Kilgrave considers all the world a stage, set out for his personal drama, a theatrical phenomenon where people are his puppets and they await his orders with open arms. He is directing the stage play of life. The sort of respect he has for Jessica is recognition that he cannot control her, that she directs a story of her own, that they share a mutual position above the rest of them as Gods.

Gods who don’t like to be bothered when reading their favourite magazines.

exactly one month ago, on december 20th, I was truly the happiest person on the planet. My favourite person in the entire word, taylorswift, not only acknowledged my presence but decided to send me a huge box of chanukah presents. Coming from someone who always looks at the glass half empty, I’ve always read all the sob stories and figured that things like this would only ever happen in my dreams. I truly don’t believe I’ll ever be able to express my gratitude for what taylor did for me. It’s still hasn’t really sunk in all the way either, it still feels pretty surreal. It’s not even the things she sent me (well of course I love each and every thing to death), but its the gesture itself and the notes and the thought that went in to it that make me smile ear to ear.

I still can’t really go out without having to tell myself story, and people are always in awe of how much effort taylor put in to this. It’s still hard to comprehend that one of the biggest stars in the world took the time to do something so incredibly special for me. I’ve been having a hard time lately, I’m 22 years old so I’ve come to the point in my life where I need start building a future for myself. I’ve been struggling with that a lot lately because I still haven’t really figured out what I’m interested in and passionate about, among other issues that have sort of put a damper on things. When I need to put a smile on my face, I read my card and each and every note, which is pretty much daily, and I sit there in shock that taylor frigging swift wrote these things for me. 

Taylor, you’re a rockstar, I’m so incredibly proud of you and I’m so so so so so so excited to spend 2015 with you on tour! See you may 30th in detroit, june 13th in philly, july 6th in ottawa, july 7th in montreal, and october 2nd + 3rd in toronto! 

ps. its my dream to hear enchanted acoustic on the bstage, just incase you wanted to know😉

Heya, I just wanted to give a quick life update

I’m sorry I have been rather quiet lately. I got really ill/had a health scare over the weekend, believed to have been caused by stress (which isn’t unprecedented with me tbh). In retrospect, I’ve been having issues over the last month or so from stress so I really can’t say this came out of nowhere (even if it feels like it did)

Anyways, I took a few days to recover and have been making an effort to reduce stressors and just ‘take it easy’ so to speak, as much as I’m able. There’s lots of stuff in my life that I can’t really do anything about (responsibilities and whatnot) that cause stress but I can make an effort to avoid giving myself more stress in things I can control, at least until I get a better handle on the other stuff

So yea, that’s why I have been a little quiet lately, since my focus has been elsewhere and I’m disinclined to push myself to be social (which is very stressful even when I enjoy it) because my threshold for added stress is so low at the moment

I’m still around, though, and I’ll be posting my usual episode thoughts tomorrow as normal and discussing as much as I feel able to. I just need to take it slow and be careful not to make myself feel like its an obligation, or it will cause me stress

Anyway, yea, so that’s what’s up with me at the moment

oh hi there!
And now I’m back with one more attempt to complete any art challenge; It’s the “100 palette challenge”! And I’m not suffering doing it alone: @dragonflar, who has actually inspired me to start drawing again, took up this challenge too (so check out her awesome pictures!)

So, here’s the first palette and my favourite female character: Kiryuin Satsuki from Kill la Kill. I know that anathomy is really awful, but I’ve tried to focus on colouring and, yeah, it’s kinda hard to draw after a break that big ;__; Though I’ll make every effort to get better and restore the skill I had before (I believe I had some?.. :’D)

♪ I believe in a thing called love ♪ Just listen to the rhythm of my heart ♪ There’s a chance we could make it now ♪ We’ll be rocking ‘til the sun goes down ♪ I believe in a thing called love ♪

It took some effort but, after going through all that Britney and Aqua, I finally found some decent music on Gage’s iPod. Aaannd I may have gotten into Austin’s liquor a little early but after booby-trapping Gage’s new apartment I think I deserved it.