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MBTI types and Sherlock (tv series) Quotes

INTJ: What is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring

INTP: Brainy is the new sexy

ESFP: I may be on the side of the angels, but don’t think for one second that I am one of them

ENTJ: Anderson, don’t talk out loud, you lower the IQ on the entire streets

ISTP: My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me work! Give me problems!

ENTP: Brilliant! 4 serial suicides and now a note. It’s Christmas.

ENFP: Heroes don’t exist, and if they did, I wouldn’t be… one of them

ESTJ: But don’t be scared. Falling is just flying, but with a more permanent destination

ESTP: Is it nice not being me? It must be so boring

ISFJ: We solve crimes, I blog about it and he forgets pants. I wouldn’t hold out too much hope

INFP: Every fairytale needs a good old fashioned villain

INFJ: I think you are demaged, delusional and believe in a higher power. In your case, it’s yourself.

ESFJ: You were the best and wisest man that I ever known

ENFJ: Bitterness is a paralytic. Love is a much more vicious motivator

ISTJ: What’s the point of being clever, if you can’t prove it?

ISFP: You see, but do not observe.

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  • Loki: [to Tony] No, I think you're damaged, delusional and believe in a higher power. In your case, it's yourself. And somebody loves you. Oh, if I had to punch that face...
  • Loki: [looks over at Rhodey] ... I'd avoid your nose and teeth, too.
House of Cards (Pt. 1)

Summary: Being a new transfer cop from a small town to a crime ridden city, you never expected your job to be easy. You are assigned as the partner of a man named Kim Taehyung, who is young, handsome, and a little bit too curious for his own good. Before you know it, what started out as a simple homicide investigation turns into a full blown war against the local syndicates. You learn the hard way that life isn’t always in black and white, and soon find your morals and beliefs tumbling like a house of cards. All because of one man with a simple name: Jeon Jungkook.


Angst/Drama/Some Fluff

Word Count: 1.6k

Part [1] [2] [3]

A/N: This series is a prequel to my other mafia!au series, Cosa Nostra. You do not need to read one before you read another, both are their separate cohesive stories, taking place roughly two to three years apart.

Everyone had told you that you were crazy for becoming a cop, deeming it an “unpleasant job for such a young girl” and that you should consider a different occupation. Your family all practically flipped their shits when you told them that you were being transferred into the big city, where crime was significantly more prominent than in your small hometown. You had ignored their cries and pleas to stay, as you were determine to make the jump in your career from a small town cop with a sharp wit to an assistant investigator for a more prominent city. It wasn’t for lack of excitement that you decided to move to the city. You loved helping people and making a difference, which was something you could only get a taste of in your small town. So you moved to a crime ridden city in hopes of fulfilling your internal desire to make a difference.

Yet for all of your eagerness, nothing could have prepared you for how overwhelming the city’s police station was. You stood gaping as you watched the chaotic work of everyone in the station; you hadn’t even officially started your first day on the job and already you could feel the crushing weight of responsibility on your shoulders.

You shook your head to cast off your nervous thoughts as you scanned the station to find the police chief’s office. Once you found the sign on a door on the far side of the station, you made your way over to the office door and knocked before walking in.

The man sitting down at the desk looked up at you, “Um, hello, how may I help you, Miss?”

“H-Hi, uh, I’m the new transfer?” You began nervously, “I was told that I was supposed to come to the police chief’s office to get assigned to my position…Is this a bad time?”

“Ah, I see,” The man stood up and walked over to you, holding out his hand for you to shake, “You must be (Y/F/N). I’m Chief Kim Jinseok, but you can just call me Matthew for simplicity’s sake, everyone else does.” The police chief flashed you a kind smile, but you couldn’t help but feel intimidated by the man. He was your new boss, so you felt pressured to make a lasting impression, something you felt like you weren’t doing very well.

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anonymous asked:

How do you worship elder scrolls gods if they're just fictional characters in video games? I'm not shaming pop culture magic but I don't get how it works

As with any other religion or deity, worship is different for each person you ask. Reasons for worship, how one worships, and how one validates their worship are as unique to each person as witchcraft is. What I did and how I viewed it during my brief stint of working in it is probably very different from what everyone else did, seeing as I also had no idea what I was actually doing when I attempted it.

Since I only worshipped briefly, my grasp of these concepts is pretty sparse - if anyone has more info to add, or wishes to present corrections, feel free to comment on this post or send me an ask.

I want to start off by saying that it is possible to create deities. In the case of pop culture paganism, it is definitely possible for some to create a thoughtform or servitor of their desired character to act in their lives. Why they choose to do so probably varies - they may want a guardian or a companion, for example, but that answer will likely be different if you asked more than just me. However, that is a legitimate path one could take, and it isn’t exclusive to just pop culture paganism as well - I have friends who have created some very powerful deities.

There are some who consider the “real” deities as servitors, anyway - by that I mean that they are an idea or concept that has been fuelled by enough thought and energy that it is given its own power and autonomy. So, with that parallel, it is easy to see how pop culture paganism could be done successfully.

Sometimes belief is enough - believing that something is real / a deity and can impact your life may actually prove fruitful. That’s something that we say a lot in witchcraft, in any case - if you believe in yourself and what you’re doing, it will work - so why not with worship?

It could also come down to honoring the archetype(s) that the deity represents, and not actually working with any deity or performing worship. I want to point out that this is something that transcends pop culture paganism and happens with “real” deities, paganism, or polytheism as well. What this means is that you don’t necessarily believe that the deity exists as an ethereal being in our world, but you view deities as representations of the characteristics they have, and wish to influence those characteristics more in your own life by “worshipping” them.

For some, it comes down to belief that there are an infinite number of universes in existence, so the fact that they are fictional or just characters in *this* universe, doesn’t mean they aren’t “real” or can’t exist in *another* one.

So, there are many ways that one could worship a fictional character. This list is not extensive - each person has their own reasons for doing what and how they do, and how they believe it possible for themselves.

How *I* personally did it, was honestly a mess. I enjoyed what my chosen deity stood for, I enjoyed what his personality was like when I read the lore, and I wished to bring those sorts of things in my own life. Also, I just wanted to do something with my craft, so I figured why not? I had some difficulties with it, mostly because I picked a deity who was no longer alive to worship, so I wasn’t sure how that was going to work, but I went all gung-ho into it anyway…for a couple of weeks at least.

I had a physical altar for him where I left things I thought he’d like (mostly bits of metal); I also left him offerings in the shrines that were available in video games. I would call upon certain characteristics or aspects of him when I felt I needed them. I would often go “Sotha Sil give me strength” when I was dealing with shit I just really had no idea how to handle. And, honestly, it just felt nice to have a focus. Even if I didn’t necessarily know if it was going to work or not, I enjoyed doing so, enjoyed having something in my craft that I put my energy into, that made me feel I was doing something with it all.

I hope that helps you, gives you some ideas. Again, everyone worships differently, how and why they do so are all different. What I mentioned here is just my scope of the practice and what could be done, and isn’t meant as the absolute and only list of ways to do pop culture paganism. 

English , Fitz, or Percy Pt 1

Season 1 Masterlist

Michael Scofield x Reader

Word Count: 1,442

Warnings: Language

   You were digging through a pile of dirt when Michael nodded his head towards the door of the nearby building that PI was working on. You looked behind you at the cop standing ten feet away and wiped your hands on your blue jumpsuit, then slowly disappeared into the building behind Michael. You thought it was going to be a quick make-out session, but to your dismay Lincoln came in, then Abruzzi, and Sucre last.

   Michael sat on two large boxes that were stacked, and you sat next to him on one box, crossing your legs underneath you indian style. Michael looked so tall from down there.

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robloxcoreystacy  asked:

can edd,matt,tord or Tom help me? I'm going through depression and things have been hard on me on the internet AND school so can one of them give me some support? It would help me ;~;

Tom: never give up! Everything will be fine!!
Edd: I know you’re going though hard times… but at the end end things will turn out alright
Matt: believe in yourself and keep your hopes up kiddo
Tord: we all b-believe in you! You can d-do it!

(( I’m sorry to hear that buddy. But it happens sometimes. You just need to believe in yourself and your dreams and remember you’re not alone. In case you need someone to talk to, you’re friends are there for you! Me too if necessary. Stay safe and I believe in you

Hello Detective (Sherlock) Chapter 29

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10   Part 11   Part 12   Part 13   Part 14   Part 15   Part 16   Part 17   Part 18   Part 19   Part 20   Part 21   Part 22   Part 23   Part 24   Part 25   Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33   Part 34   Part 35   Part 36   Part 37   Part 38  Part 39   Part 40     Part 41   Part 42   Part 43   Part 44   Part 45   Part 46   Part 47   Part 48   Part 49   Part 50 Part 51  Part 52 Part 53  Part 54 Part 55   Part 56  Part 57 Part 58 Part 59 Part 60 Part 61

When you arrived back in London you were greeted by a sleek black car to pick you up. You rolled your eyes when you realized who sent it, Mycroft. The car took the two of you to the Diogenes Club where you followed Sherlock back into an office that must have belonged to Mycroft.

“Hello brother mine, Y/N.” Mycroft said, suspiciously looking between the two of you, undoubtedly deducting what had happened only last night but electing to ignore it.

“This is about Irene Adler I assume.” you said, taking a seat in his office. Mycroft nodded as he and Sherlock both sat down as well.

“She doesn’t want anything. She got in touch, she informed us that the photographs existed, she indicated that she had no intention to use them to extort either money or favour.” Mycroft explained.

“A power play.” Sherlock cooed, glad to be putting his brain back to good use.

“A power play with the most powerful family in Britain.” You continued.

“She’s in London currently, I’ll text you the details.” Mycroft said as Sherlock grabbed his coat and walked out the door, you followed suit.

“Where to now?” You asked Sherlock after you had stepped outside of the Diogenes Club.

“Drop our stuff back at the flat, you can change if you’d like. Then we’ll go get the photographs.” Sherlock explained in the car. You smirked, the Sherlock you know and love was back.

You were dropped at your flat and left your suitcase in the living room. You freshened up and opted for a simple dress and heels. Normally you might have worn something a little more casual but you wanted to look your best when you met this Adler woman. You wanted to make sure she didn’t get any ideas about stealing Sherlock. God, now you were jealous of a woman you had never even met. You greeted Mrs. Astor on the way out and ensured her that you were okay.

You met Sherlock half way between your two flats and hailed a cab.

“So are we just going to ring her doorbell?” You asked.

“Yes, just here please!” Sherlock yelled to the cabbie when you were still a few blocks from the address Mycroft gave you. You gave Sherlock a confused look as you followed him out of the car and into a nearby alley.

Sherlock ripped off his scarf, folded it, and placed it in his pockets.

“What are we doing here?” You asked, looking around, your heels clicking on the dirty cement.

“Punch me in the face.” Sherlock said casually and you looked at him like he was crazy.

“Punch you?” You asked.

“Yes, punch me, in the face. Didn’t you hear me?” Sherlock said, annoyed. You quickly punched him in the face and he groaned.

“Thank you, that was, that was stronger than I anticipated from a girl.” Sherlock said.

“Shut up or I’ll do it again.” You muttered, holding your hand.

Sherlock told you the rest of the plan as you walked that last two blocks to the house. He slipped a white piece of plastic into his shirt collar and rang the doorbell.

“Hello?” A voice asked through the intercom.

“Um, hell. I’ve just been attacked. Um, and I think they, they took my wallet and, um, and my phone. Um, please, could you help me?” Sherlock pretended to be all out of sorts. It took everything in you to not laugh.

“I could phone the police if you want.” The voice spoke.

“Thank you, thank you. Could you, please? Er, would you, would you mind if I just waited her, just until they come? Thank you, thank you so much.” Sherlock said, pretending to cry and hold a handkerchief to his bloody cheek.

The door buzzed and the two of you stepped inside.

“Thank you, oh.” Sherlock said.

“I saw it all happen. It’s okay, I’m a doctor.” You lied, playing along. “Have you got a first aid kit?”

“In the kitchen, I’ll take you.” the redhead lady who opened the door said. You got it and returned to the sitting room where Sherlock was.

“Right, this should do it.” You said, walking in seeing Sherlock sitting on the couch. Standing in front of him was Irene Adler, completely naked, with Sherlock’s roman collar in her mouth.

“I’ve missed something, haven’t I.” You said, still standing in the doorway.

“Please, sit down. Or if you’d like some tea, I can call the maid.” Irene said after taking the plastic out of her mouth.

“Do you know the big problem with a disguise, Mr. Holmes? However hard you try, it’s always a self-portrait.” Irene said, sitting down in a chair.

“You think he’s a vicar with a bleeding face?” You retorted.

“No, I think he’s damaged, delusional, and believes in a higher power. In your case, it’s yourself.” She said, directing the last part at Sherlock.

“Hmm, somebody loves you. If I had to punch that face, I’d avoid your nose and teeth too.” Irene said, looking at where you had punched Sherlock.

“Could you put something on, please?” You said when she looked at you, knowing you were the one that punched him. When you said this she looked you up and down and then rolled her eyes. She picked up Sherlock’s jacket from the couch and slipped it on. Now, you wanted to punch her.

“Nice dress, by the way.” She said to you. The way she was looking at you made you think, she wasn’t hitting on you was she?

“Thanks.” You said carefully, and looked to Sherlock.

“Now, tell me, I need to know. How was it done? The hiker with the bashed-in head, how was he killed?” Irene asked, while slipping off her shoes.

“That’s not why I’m here.” Sherlock said.

“No, no, no, you’re here for the photographs, but that’s never going to happen. And since we’re here just chatting anyway…” Irene said.

“That story’s not been on the news yet, how do you know about it?” You asked.

“I know one of the policemen. Well, I know what he likes. I like detective stories. And detectives. Brainy’s the new sexy.” She spoke, looking to you. You raised an eyebrow and looked to Sherlock.

“The position of the car relative to the hiker at the time of the backfire, that and the fact that the death blow was to the back of the head, that’s all you need to know.” Sherlock said.

“Ok, tell me how he was murdered.” Irene said.

“He wasn’t.” You said.

“You don’t think it was murder?” She asked.

“I know it wasn’t.” Sherlock answered.

“How?” She asked.

“The same way that I know the victim was an excellent sportsman, recently returned from foreign travel and that the photographs I’m looking for are in this room.” Sherlock said.

“Ok, but how?” Irene asked again.

“So, they are in this room. Thank you. Y/N, man the door, let no one in.” He said and you smirked and stalked out of the room. That was your cue. Once you were outside of the room you looked for something to light on fire. There was a magazine on a table with some mail that you picked up and lit with a lighter Sherlock had given you. Soon the smoke alarm went off. Sherlock explained to you how fire exposes our priorities, on hearing the alarm Irene Adler would look to where the photographs are.

“Alright Y/N, you can turn it off now.” You heard Sherlock yell. You were trying but it wouldn’t stop beeping. “I said you can turn it off now.”

“Give me a minute.” You yelled back annoyed. You turned around at the sound of someone walking down the stairs. They pulled out a gun and shot the smoke alarm, causing it to stop.

“Ryan.” You growled as you noticed the man coming down the stairs to be the very uncle that you despised. The man with him pointed his gun at you.

“Hands behind your head, on the floor, keep it still!” Your uncle ryan entered the room yelling. One of his men pushed you to the floor, pointed his gun at the back of your head. Another man did the same to Irene.

Your uncle pointed a silenced gun at Sherlock.

“Don’t you want me on the floor too?” Sherlock asked.

“No, sir, I want you to open the safe.” Ryan said harshly.

“You’re American, why would you care?” Sherlock said, looking to you.

“Sir, the safe, now, please.” Ryan said.

“I don’t know the code.” Sherlock argued.

“We’ve been listening, she said she told you.” Ryan retorted.

“Well if you’ve been listening, you’ll know she didn’t.” Sherlock shot back.

“I’m assuming I missed something. From your reputation, I’m assuming you didn’t, Mr. Holmes.” Ryan yelled.

“For God’s sake, she’s the one who knows the code, ask her!” You yelled at him.

“Yes, little Y/Nickname, she also knows the code that automatically calls the police and sets off the burglar alarm. I’ve learned not to trust this woman.” He replied, and you wondered how long she’s known him and who he was working for since the FBI clearly didn’t have jurisdiction over here.

“Mr. Holmes doesn’t…” Irene began before Ryan cut her off.

“Shut up! One more word out of you, just one, and I will decorate that wall with the insides of your head. That, for me, will not be hardship.” Ryan Spencer said, finally showing his true colors.

“Mr. Archer, at the count of three, shoot Sergeant Gregson.” He said, spitting out your title at him just the same way you had to him in the car days ago.

“What?” You said, looking up to him as you felt the cold metal of the gun being pushed into the back of your head.

“I don’t know the code.” Sherlock said frightened.

“One.” Ryan began counting.

“I don’t know the code.” Sherlock said once more.

“Two.” He said, you looked up to Sherlock with fear in your eyes.

“She didn’t tell me, I don’t know it!” Sherlock yelled.

“I’m prepared to believe you any second now. Three!” Ryan said, and you closed your eyes tightly as a tear slipped from one of your eyes.

“No, stop!” Sherlock yelled. Sherlock turned to the safe and slowly began typing in numbers.

“Thank you, Mr. Holmes. Open it, please.” Your uncle said at the sound of it unlocking. He turned the knob once and looked back to Irene, who put her head down.

“Vatican cameos.” Sherlock said your code word. Battlestations, someone’s going to die. You quickly ducked as he opened the safe and a bullet came firing out of it, killing the man who was holding a gun to your head. Sherlock took the gun out of your uncle’s hands and pistol whipped him with it, knocking him out cold. Irene did the same to the man holding the gun to her head.

“He’s dead.” you said, checking the pulse of the man who almost killed you. You also stole his gun.

“There’ll be more of them, they’ll be keeping an eye on the building.” Sherlock said, rushing out of the room. You followed him.

“We should call Lestrade.” You said, following Sherlock outside of the house. He raised the gun into the air and fired a few times.

“On their way.” He said.

“For God’s sake!” You scolded him.

“Oh, shut up, it’s quick.” He responded. “Check the rest of the house, see how they got in.”

You began searching the house upstairs, that was clearly how they got in. You noticed an open window. Also in the room was the woman who opened the door, unconscious on the floor.

“Sherlock!” you called.

When they made their way up the stairs you pointed to the window for Sherlock as Irene began to approach her friend.

“It’s all right, she’s just out cold.” You told her.

“Well God knows she’s used to that. There’s a backdoor, better check it, Sergeant Gregson.” She said. Clearly she wanted you out of the room. You looked to Sherlock who nodded, meaning it was okay. You stalked off to the bathroom which held the open window and supposed backdoor.

You heard a crash after a minute and rushed back into the room. Sherlock was on the floor.

“Jesus! What are you doing?” you yelled to Irene.

“He’ll sleep for a few hours. Make sure he doesn’t choke on his own vomit, it makes for a very unattractive corpse.” She said. You saw an empty syringe.

“What the hell did you give him?” You yelled.

“He’ll be fine. I’ve used it on loads of my friends.” She said,

“Sherlock, can you hear me?” You asked, bending down to him on the floor.

“You know, I was wrong about him, he did know exactly where to look.” Irene said.

“You bitch.” You said jealously. “The code, it was your measurements.”

“Ooh you’re a smart one too. Have I mentioned how much I like detectives?” She asked before escaping through the fire escape when you heard police sirens approaching.

You returned to Sherlock who was now unconscious on the floor. You saw Lestrade run in and look surprised too see you.

“Y/N, I thought you were in the states?” He asked.

“I was, I just got back today. We were doing a favor for Mycroft.” You explained.

“We need a medic in here. What happened to him?” Lestrade asked.

“He was drugged, I don’t know what with.” You answered.

“By who?” He pressed.

“Irene Adler.” You answered.

Lestrade helped you get Sherlock home and in bed. He was out for a few hours. John had a date tonight and you promised you would take care of Sherlock so he could go. You sat in his chair reading for a few hours before he woke up. You were having trouble concentrating due to the ordeal with your uncle today. You still didn’t understand why he was here or who he was working for.

“Y/N. Y/N!” You heard Sherlock yelling, which pulled you from your trance. You entered his room as he fell to the floor.

“You okay?” You asked.

“How did I get here?” Sherlock asked, still sitting on the floor.

“Well, I don’t suppose you remember much, you weren’t making a lot of sense. Oh, I should warn you, I think Lestrade filmed you on his phone.” You said as Sherlock slowly stood up.

“Where is she?” He asked.

“Irene Adler? She got away, no one saw her. She wasn’t here, Sherlock.” You answered as he looked around the room and out the window. He then fell to the floor.

“Back to bed. You’ll be fine in the morning, just sleep.” You said as you ushered him back into the bed and pulled the blanket back over him.

“Of course I’ll be fine, I am fine. I’m absolutely fine.” He muttered.

“Yes, you’re great. I’ll be in the living room if you need me.” You said, closing the door.

“Why would I need you?” Sherlock said.

“A thank you would have sufficed.” You called back, laughing to yourself.

You fell asleep in Sherlock’s chair with a book on your lap. You woke the next morning to Mrs. Hudson bringing you tea. You thanked her and realized John hadn’t come home last night. You heard a knock at the door, Mrs. Hudson went to answer it while Sherlock came out of his room. He was now dressed in dress pants and a shirt, with his red dressing down over it.

You heard footsteps coming up the stairs and saw Mycroft in the doorway.

“Good morning, Mycroft.” You said as Sherlock now entered the living room.

“Is it a good morning?” He asked, clearly not in a good mood.

“The photographs are safe.” Sherlock answered, while sitting at his desk and opening up the newspaper.

“In the hands of a fugitive sex worker?” Mycroft asked, displeased.

“She’s not interested in blackmail. She wants protection for some reason. I take it you’ve stood down the police investigation into the shooting at her house?” Sherlock asked.

“How can we do anything while she has the photographs? Our hands are tied.” Mycroft said.

“You see how this works, that camera-phone is her get-out-of-jail-free card. You have to leaver her alone. Treat her like royalty, Mycroft.” Sherlock said.

“Though not the way she treats royalty.” You jested.

Suddenly the sound of an electronically recorded female moan came from Sherlock’s direction.

“What was that?” You asked surprised, Mycroft too was looking around to see where the sound was coming from.

“Text.” He said, pulling out his phone.

“But what was that noise?” You asked again.

“Did you know there were other people after her, too, Mycroft, before you sent Y/N and I in there. CIA trained killers, I think excellent guess. Ryan Spencer, your uncle, he told us he worked for the FBI.” Sherlock said.

You looked up to Mycroft then back down to the ground.

“It’s a disgrace, sending your little brother into danger like that. Family is all we have in the end, Mycroft Holmes!” Mrs. Hudson scolded as she brought Sherlock some food.

“Oh, shut up, Mrs. Hudson!” Mycroft yelled back.

“Mycroft!” You and Sherlock both yelled at the same time.

“Apologies.” Mycroft said.

“Thank you.” Mrs. Hudson said, going back to the kitchen.

Sherlock’s phone moaned again.

“Oh, it’s a bit rude, that noise, isn’t it?” Mrs. Hudson asked, and you agreed.

“There’s nothing you can do and there’s nothing she will do as far as I can see.” Sherlock said.

“I can put maximum surveillance on her.” Mycroft offered.

“Why bother? You can follow her on Twitter. I believe her username is TheWhipHand.” Sherlock said, returning to his paper.

“Yes, most amusing.” Mycroft said, when his own phone rang and he stepped out into the hall to answer it. “Excuse me. Hello?”

“Why does your phone make that noise?” You asked.

“What noise?” He asked.

“That noise, the one it just made.” You said.

“It’s a text alert, it means I’ve got a text.” He answered.

“Your texts don’t usually make that noise.” You said.

“Well, somebody got hold of the phone and apparently as a joke, personalised their text alert noise.” Sherlock said, reading his paper.

“So every time they text you…” You said, before the phone made the sound again.

“It would seem so.” Sherlock said.

“Could you turn that phone down a bit? At my time of life it’s…” Mrs. Hudson scolded.

“See, I’m wondering who could have gotten ahold of your phone because it would have been in your coat, wouldn’t it?” You teased as Sherlock raised his paper so you couldn’t see his face.

“I’ll leave you to your deductions.” Sherlock said, as Mycroft returned to the room.

“Bond Air is go, that’s decided. Check with the Coventry lot. Talk later.” Mycroft said, hanging up the phone. You raised an eyebrow curiously as to what he had just said.

“What else does she have?” Sherlock asked Mycroft. “The Americans wouldn’t be interested in her for a couple of compromising photographs. There’s more, much more. Something big’s coming, isn’t it?”

“Irene Adler is no longer any concern of yours. From now on, you will stay out of this.” Mycroft instructed Sherlock, who was now standing in front of him.

“Oh, will I?” He asked.

“Yes, Sherlock. You will.” He said. Sherlock moved and picked up his violin.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a long and arduous apology to make to a very old friend.” Mycroft said.

“Do give her my love.” Sherlock said, as he began playing God Save the Queen on his violin. You smiled and watch Mycroft exit the flat.

A Little Too Late Part 16

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 16

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Castiel, Balthazar, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 1,069

Warnings: angst and fluff

A/N: I didn’t mean to post this late, but things didn’t go as planned soo.. ANYWAY! It’s a special day because you get two parts today! I hope you all enjoy this next part!! I love you all! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3

Series Masterlist

You stirred awake in your bed, rolling over on your other side.  You were greeted with a kiss to your lips from your archangel boyfriend.  You smiled, your eyes fluttering open.  “Hey you,” you spoke, your voice still groggy from sleep.

Gabriel ran a hand through your hair, his warm smile growing wider.  “Did you sleep alright cupcake,” Gabriel asked, his amber eyes peering into yours.

“Mhm,” you hummed.  If you had it your way, you would stay in bed with Gabriel all day.  The both of you knew that wasn’t an option though.  You yawned, getting slowly out of bed.  You normally didn’t ask Gabriel for special treatment, but today you just didn’t feel like putting in the extra effort.  “Gabe, can you do your girl a favor and clean me up,” you pleaded.

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Secret Admirer

Originally posted by yaelstiel

Summary: Sam x Reader - Sam seems to be gearing up for a valentines date whilst the reader struggles with a secret admirer and jealousy.

Triggers: Jealousy

Word Count: 5890

Y/N = Your name  Y/H/C = Your hair colour  Y/F/F = Your favourite flower

[Comment: Happy valentines day! Valentines day is almost over in my part of the world, but I still wanted to share a little story with all of you! I hope you like it ^^]

Sam had been acting a little weird lately. It started a few days before and had only progressively gotten worse. And you were left constantly wondering, constantly thinking about the change in behaviour from the kind, comfortable man you’d fallen in love with to the somewhat nervous wreck he seemed to be lately.

You’d been late noticing the change. He would stop talking when you entered the room, or you’d sit reading or relaxing in the library when he walked into the room only to almost fall over himself in his hurry to get out of the room again. He’d been a stammering, suspicious mess for the last week and you couldn’t help but feel a bit hurt by the way he was acting.

Sure, he didn’t know how you felt, but normally he wouldn’t just randomly start avoiding you or keeping secrets from you. It made your heart ache to know the man you loved had something he was hiding, something he felt he couldn’t share with you.

At first you thought he’d somehow realised how you felt and was awkward around you because of that. But that didn’t seem to be the case. No, he was just extra clumsy and secretive. Hiding things behind his back or shutting his laptop hard enough to damage the screen when you walked in to the room. Yet you could have still dealt with it, you could have smiled through your confusion if it wasn’t for the hints that his change in behaviour was all because of a girl.

It hurt to know he loved someone who wasn’t you, but what hurt even more was the badly veiled attempt of getting your help. He’d randomly ask you about movies girls would like, what kind of flowers were the best… All hints that let you know there was someone he wanted to impress. That was the worst part; knowing he loved someone and knowing you were helping him win a heart that wasn’t yours.

Still, you loved him and you wanted him to be happy, even if it wasn’t with you. So you’d tried to make him confide in you, asked him with the brightest smile you could muster if there was someone he liked. Your heart breaking under your smiling armour as you waited to hear about the girl in question… Normally he’d share anything with you, you’d reasoned. He was probably just too embarrassed to bring it up you’d thought. But he hadn’t admitted it, no instead he’d almost fled the room like a stammering mess, knocking into tables and chairs in his hurry to keep his love hidden. Vehemently denying that there was any girl making him act so strangely.

Maybe he wasn’t trying to get whatever girl had somehow managed to do what you’d wanted to for so many years. But you couldn’t make yourself truly believe that was the case. Especially when Dean also seemed to hint at it, only to have Sam tell him to shut up. Sam was definitely acting strangely and you were almost one hundred percent sure it was all because of some girl. And though you kept trying to tell yourself it didn’t hurt to have him be so in love with someone, it did. It hurt like hell.

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Can I get some protective Genos, Metal Bat, and Saitama headcannons?

Protective headcannons:

- considering his past, it wasn’t much of a surprise when he turned out to be super protective

- he texts and calls you a lot throughout the day and if you go too long with responding his core just about gives out from stress

- while he is really protective he doesn’t coddle you either; he trusts that you can take care of yourself to an extent

- due to him being an s class hero, he worries that you might get targeted by villains, so he wanted you to live with him fairly early on

Metal Bat:
- like genos he won’t coddle you because he believes you’re capable of taking care of yourself in most cases

- if you didn’t already know self defense he would teach you the basics at the very least

- he got you a bat for your birthday

- he usually walks you home at night but if he can’t he’ll call to make sure you made it home safe


- he’s probably the least protective of the three since he’s not one to worry

- that’s not to say he doesn’t care because if there is a threat he will go looking for you

- now if something happened to you and he wasn’t around, he would get much more protective after that

- if someone threatened you in front of him he would just lightly push them (which would launch them about twenty feet away) and tell them to calm down and not be a jerk

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I could write a whole page about how much I love your theories about Chara and Undertale in general, how well-written and interesting they are, how it's lovely to see a person do so much research in order to help the fandom understand a character more, etc. But I think it's enough to say that you're by far the best and my most favourite Undertale blog. Also, a question for you, I roleplay Chara on another site, so if it's not a problem, could you maybe give me some tips on their personality?

(undertale spoilers)

imagine a bunch of exclamation marks. miles and miles of exclamation marks. that’s how i’m feeling right now! i can’t thank you enough for your kind words!

alright, let me tell you about chara’s personality from my perspective. more info about my points can be found in my chara posts masterlist.

chara has the potential to be extremely manipulative. they manipulated asriel (to go along with the plan), the humans (to attack chasriel), and the player (to try other routes and eventually do the pacifist ending). when chara has a goal, absolutely nothing will stand in their way. their goal matters more than ANYTHING to them. that includes the people who are closest to them – that’s why chara was capable of putting asriel and the other monsters in so much danger. they sometimes delight in the pain of others. flowey himself said about chara:

but if the narrachara theory is to be believed, they also have a wonderful sense of humour and love jokes. they enjoy being around dogs… but they also have no problem with seeing them die for the sake of their plan! because NOTHING and NOBODY matters more than the plan. they tend to make a “creepy face” when very focused on their plan.

chara can’t stand wasting time when they’ve got something to do. they ignore people’s monologues and they even tell monster kid to turn around when they start talking to them and immediately initiate a battle. chara gets angry when they lose – this can be seen in sans’ reaction to chara’s face if they get killed.

after losing to sans once:

after losing to sans twice:

but even worse, chara can’t stand to be deceived. if sans is spared (from chara’s perspective, likely an effort to save time because sans takes forever) and proceeds to dunk chara, they’ll have a far stronger reaction.

so although chara can seem expressionless and cold at times (they don’t emote at all after sans’ prank when they “first meet”) when focused on their plan, they’re also capable of widely varying facial expressions, from strange faces, to angry glares, to laughing so hard that tears run down their face.

despite all this, they’re capable of at least seeming loving. perhaps they even are genuinely loving as long as they’re not focused on a goal. their hatred and their drive (their determination) is really like a curse for chara. 

here’s some random awful stuff chara seems to have said:

glad dummy:


(for the burgerpants thing: i know this is an amusing line, but it’s implied that chara told him to go to hell)


snowdrake’s mother:


i associate these negative responses outside the genocide route with chara because they seem so similar to the stuff that chara actually says in the genocide route. i don’t believe genocide route chara is really much different to pre-death chara. i feel that the chara who tried to force asriel to kill against his will and the chara met by the player at the end of the genocide route are actually extremely similar. i just feel that that’s how chara behaves when they’re extremely set on a goal. if kindness and patience isn’t necessary, then it goes out the window.

chara seems to have some sort of fascination with the idea of hell, from using the word (or being implied to) a few times to referring to themself as a demon. 

chara is implied to be able to feel with their stolen soul (after the first genocide route, at the very least):

a few lines later:

chara also doesn’t agree with the player’s desire to recreate the world only to waste time destroying it again when they already knew what would happen. to chara, it is a waste of time. and chara hates wasting time.

if chara’s slaughter of flowey is any indication, they are especially sensitive to what they consider betrayal. asriel is the reason chara’s original plan failed which is probably why they’re notably cruel to him. chara’s reaction to sans’ “mercy” also seems to echo this sentiment. chara cannot stand betrayal, regardless of what they have actually done to others themself.

but when they can’t do murderous things, they sit back and have fun. pacifist kind of dialogue happens. chara is a three-dimensional character with their own likes and dislikes. they have a very dark side, but they also have a more light-hearted side.

so basically:

  • great sense of humour!
  • but also a very dark sense of humour
  • hates wasting time
  • if there’s a plan and chara is capable of making strides towards its completion, they will turn very serious and disregard the safety of others and anything else that isn’t the plan
  • references hell a lot?
  • also capable of many different kinds of expressions, even while serious and driven by a goal (not stoic ALL the time)
  • for some reason they really seem to dislike snowdrake’s family???
  • sensitive to betrayal

Anakin Skywalker x Reader

Prompt: Can I request an Anakin oneshot where he and the reader are trapped during a mission and he tells her he is in love with her and they kiss and end up getting caught by Obi-Wan when he finds them?

A/N: such an original title, I know. I have a feeling the story may seem rushed a little and if it does I’m so sorry. I’m working on slowing it down and trying to make things flow better. Please let me know how I did, it’d mean a lot! I hope you like it :)

Four hours ago, if someone told you that you were going to be trapped inside a cave with Anakin Skywalker for possibly a day or more, you would have honestly believed them. That kind of thing happened to you all the time and you weren’t sure if it was just really shitty luck, or if the galaxy was just trying to fuck with you. Whichever it was, that didn’t change the fact that you were indeed trapped inside a cave with Anakin Skywalker, your best friend. You sank to the floor with a hiss, hitting your blaster wound. In the dark, you heard Anakin trying to make his way over to you.

“Y/n, are you alright?” he asked, seemingly still a few feet away.

“Yeah. Yeah I’m alright. Got hit by a blaster though.” you explained, trying to get him to follow your voice. A few minutes later, you felt Anakin slouch down next to you.

“How long do you think we’ll be stuck in here?” you asked, leaning on his shoulder and sighing.

“I’m not really sure. It might be a few hours.. it may be a few days..” he muttered. You tried to shift to face him but any movement of your leg hurt like a bitch. Anakin turned towards you, causing you to stop moving.

“Let me take a look at it. In a place this dingy, dirty, and wet it could get infected.” Nodding, you slowly pushed yourself up, careful not to jostle your leg too much. Anakin helped you get into a position where he could be able to see the wound. Pulling his lightsaber out of the folds of his robes, he turned it on and hovered it above your blaster injury carefully, not wanting to injure you further.

“Why didn’t we think of using our lightsabers for light when we were trying to find eachother?” you asked with a small laugh. He chuckled himself and you smile looking up at him. You notice he looked slightly conflicted which caused you to get rather nervous. Sensing your worry, he threw up a brilliant smile.

“It looks fine. It was a clean shot and I’d say all we need to do right now would be bandage it.” You sighed in relief, thankful nothing serious was wrong.

“Force, it smells worse than Bantha fodder in here!” you laughed, laying your head on Anakin’s lap.

“Well y/n, you aren’t wrong.” he answers, playing with your hair. The two of you sat in a comfortable silence for a while, and when you had just about fallen asleep, Anakin spoke.

“In the possibility we don’t make it out…” he started, before being shushed by you.

“None of that now Anakin. I’m sure they will get us out of here.” you said, struggling to believe it yourself.

“Sure, but just in case we don’t..” he whispered, looking down at you.

“Anakin.. you’re beginning to scare me.. what’s going on?” you asked, voice laced with worry. Sitting up to face him, your eyes began to water as you thought of the worst possible outcomes.

“Y/n.. I have felt this way for quite some time now.. I had hoped to be able to put it behind me so I wouldn’t jeopardize anything for either of us but I can’t help how I feel. “ he took a deep breath before continuing, “y/n.. I’m in love with you. I’m so deeply in love with you it hurts and I wanted you to know in the event one of us doesn’t make it out alive.” you didn’t respond. You didn’t know how to. Anakin let out a soft sigh.

“I had expected you not to feel the same, but for fucks sake y/n, please, say something, anything..” He murmured, needing to hear your voice. Still uncertain of what to say, you did the only thing you could think to, which was at the time, leaning up to kiss him. Kissing him was something you had never imagined, but it was definitely something you would dream about. He was gentle but it also seemed like he was hungry for your touch. The two of you got so caught up in the moment, you didn’t realize when light flooded the cave until someone cleared their throat. Jumping away from eachother in surprise, you looked towards where the light was coming from and realized it was Obi-Wan. He was standing atop the rubble that had been the blockade and he looked anything but pleased to see the two of you in that moment.

“If the Jedi Council finds out, you will both be screwed. You’re lucky it was me who got to you and not Master Windu,” pushing yourself up on the wall to gain balance, you nodded.

“I’m sorry Master Kenobi. You’re right. It won’t happen again.” you spoke strongly, trying your hardest to ignore the heartbroken look on Anakin’s face.


– Do you know the big problem with a disguise, Mr. Holmes? However hard you try, it’s always a self-portrait.
– You think I’m a vicar with a bleeding face?
– No, I think you’re damaged, delusional and believe in a higher power. In your case it’s yourself.

A Subtext in Belgravia

I ‘ve heard so many times that in ASiB finally a woman made Sherlock Holmes mix up his words. Personally, I disagree. There is a true gem-subtext Mr Moffat hid in this scene. So here’s the dialogue during the first encounter with Irene Adler and its subtext, as I perceive it. 

Sherlock indeed is taken aback at the sight of Irene Adler’s nudity. However, he responds to her calmly and coldly. John rushes into the room, looks startled at a naked Irene leaning over Sherlock but he quickly recovers with a sarcastic comment. 

John:  I’ve missed something, haven’t I? (”Did I miss your striptease? Shit”)

For some reason Sherlock gets irritated. 

Irene: (amused)  Please, sit down. Oh, if you’d like some tea I can call the maid.

Sherlock: I had some at the palace. 

I: I know.

S: Clearly.

They stare at each other for a long moment.

J:  I had tea, too, at the Palace, if anyone’s interested. (”Both would do”)

Sherlock isn’t able to deduce a thing about Irene. He turns to John, checks his deduction skills on him, and then he turns back to Irene. Nothing.

I:  D’you know the big problem with a disguise, Mr Holmes? However hard you try, it’s always a self-portrait. 

(Irene doesn’t mean only Sherlock’s failed attempt to convince as a vicar. Here Moffat just gave us the explanation about why Sherlock can’t deduce anything about her: she’s totally naked, so he can get no useful information about her. Sherlock makes most of his deductions judging by clothes, accessories, wounds, marks. Irene has none of this, save for her make up and earrings. One reason Irene chose to go completely naked was to confuse him. Thus, it’s not that he’s already so into her that his brain stopped functioning.)  

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Legit Tip #79

Stop saying “I suck at this” or “I’m a horrible writer”.

I know the feeling - trust me. But two things happen when you continually put yourself down.

You may think that saying “I’m awful” will drive you to better. But all you’re really doing is training yourself to only see your faults, and not the wonderful things that you actually can do.

The second thing that happens when you keep saying “I’m a horrible writer” is you train yourself to believe this is the case. And then time goes on, and you’re so used to believing only the worst of your abilities that it’s impossible for you to realize that you’re actually brilliant.

You shouldn’t believe that you’re perfect, or that there’s no room for improvement. Everybody has things that they can do better - even the very best of the best.

People may tell you that you’re overconfident if you say, “I’m a good writer”. Who cares what they think? Let your writing speak for itself.

All of you who are actually putting words down on paper have already proven yourselves, because there are plenty of people who say they could write a story, or write a novel, and they never do it.

I need to work on being more confident, too, so this one is a tip for all of us.

You’re awesome, writer. And you know what? I’m kind of awesome too.

messages for the signs
  • aries: it’s not all about you. i love you, but please, remember that everyone is the star of their own movie, and they deserve their time to shine too.
  • taurus: don’t overwork yourself, taurus. i know there’s a lot going on and it feels like you’re drowning, but i promise if you just take one breath to look around you’ll see that you have so many hands reaching out to you. hold on.
  • gemini: sometimes, you make me wonder about the things you say. you seem to have pent-up frustration towards everyone, and that just makes me think: what things could you possibly be saying about me when i’m not listening?
  • cancer: i know you think that you can’t hurt me, and that i’m invincible, but i’m here to tell you that it’s not true. i’m only human, after all. watch your words, because they are weapons, and even if you’ve managed to fool everyone that you’re too innocent to wield them, you can’t fool yourself. be careful.
  • leo: all you’ve ever wanted was attention — and i understand that. i even respect that. but temporarily giving someone the attention you’ve always craved just so you can get it back from them hurts more than you know. do not pretend to like people just to feel appreciated, leo. you’re my friend, and i hope you know that. but even so, i can’t let you hurt the others — they’re my friends too.
  • virgo: where do you draw the line between honesty and cruelty? i think it’s become a little blurred. there’s nothing i appreciate more than the plain and real truth, but there’s a difference between a reality check and something that’s...not. people are not made of diamonds — some of us may shine, but all of us will break eventually.
  • libra: count down the days until a person’s patience breaks, libra. it’s true that people find it hard not to love you, but there is a very fine line between love and hate. when everyone’s words enter through one of your ears and exit the other, you can only wait until that ticking bomb explodes. you’d do better to smother it than to add more fuel to the spark.
  • scorpio: i wouldn’t call anyone a coward, but you’re getting awfully close. it’s unfair of you to assume you know everything about people and shut them down before they get a chance to start. it’s also unfair for you to pick out people’s flaws behind their back and smile in their face. so many people love you unconditionally, scorpio. isn’t it time you loved them back the same way?
  • sagittarius: i know that we haven’t spoken in a while, but it’s about time that i said this: i do still care about you. i don’t miss you and i don’t want you to come back, but i want you to know that there’s nothing more that i want for you than happiness. you deserve it, and i hope you remember that.
  • capricorn: i know it’s years too late and far too little, but for what it’s worth, i’m sorry. how foolish of me was it to think that you were invulnerable, to think that i wouldn’t hurt you. you always seemed so strong to me, and that was my mistake. you are not a machine. you have a heart. and truly, sincerely, i hope it has since healed — it was never my intention to hurt you.
  • aquarius: i have something to say that might both reassure and upset you, and it is this: you are not alone. you are not special in the ways you think you are, and you are not going through things by yourself. the truth is, with your blinders on, you have led yourself to believe that you are in a unique case, and that you cannot be understood, or helped. you could not be any more wrong. open up — do not fear the cracks in your armour. being alone will begin to feel worse than you think.
  • pisces: how much anger you hold inside, pisces. it’s rather unfair for others to make you believe that you do not deserve such kind of expression, that in doing so you’ll be held responsible for some unnameable crime. let it out. fury shouldn’t be bottled up, as i’m sure you know: it’s bound to end up exploding. for once, think about your own well being first — it’s impossible to live and hurt no one.
A woman of rare perception

There are lots of metas (including my own) about Lady Carmichael and Sir Eustace paralleling Mary and John or Sherlock and John. But I only just noticed another interesting mirror: Lady Carmichael and Irene Adler. Which sets us up for another mirror: Sir Eustace and Sherlock.

How does Sherlock first hear about The Woman? Through his brother.

“You are to be engaged by the highest in the land… What do you know about this woman?”

“A woman will call on you – Lady Carmichael. I want you to take her case.”

Mycroft later expresses regret at having put Sherlock in her path.

The Woman and Sherlock have a chat about her case. She outsmarts him and questions his cleverness in front of John.

“You think I’m a vicar with a bleeding face?” // “No, I think you’re damaged, delusional and believe in a higher power. In your case, it’s yourself.”

“The fact is, I’m not sure this comes within your purview, Mr Holmes.” //”No?” // “Lord help me, I think it may be a matter for a priest.”

Sherlock is impressed with The Woman’s intelligence and cleverness. John mistakes this with romantic/sexual attraction. 

“The fair sex is your department, Watson. I’ll take your word for it.”
“No, you liked her. A woman of rare perception.”

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“You think I’m a vicar with a bleeding face?” “I think you’re damaged, delusional and believe in a higher power. In your case, it’s yourself. And somebody loves you… Oh, if I had to punch that face, I’d avoid your nose and teeth too.”