believe in the


what if the queen is actually jamie’s mom and they just got in an arguement)


This is perfect, I feel blessed


i tried so hard to finish this before the finale but!!! here we are and i’m still not over just how gosh darn sweet this was


Orphan Black: Siobhan Sadler & Sarah Manning (Part One)

Your daughter is struggling on the threshold of what it means to become you.”
“Chicken, you are a warrior, and I’ve taught you everything I know.”

oh, hello! hello! i love you!

thank you SO much for the lovely messages all of you have sent me. honestly. they warm my heart. i love you ALL and don’t worry, i’m alive, i promise. i’ve just been back and forth between doctors and there have been so many blood tests my arm’s refusing to talk to me anymore.

tomorrow, i think they can finally tell me what the heck is up, so! 

and have i told you how excited i am to share chapter six with y’all tomorrow?!

what do you mean i hadn’t told you. oh.


and this is for realsies. like, for realsies realsies this time. it needs to be beta’d, and that might take a while, because it’s nearly 80k (or maybe a little more, i’m looking through it rn), so, you know. cannot be tonight.

thank you guys for sticking with me and believing in me and sending me so many encouraging messages. you all are STILL the reason this fic is still alive. I LOVE ALL OF YOU and special shoutout to my bae @alsclightwood who’s literally seen me through this hell of a fucking month and been by my side through it all and encouraged me when i was literally crying about how terrible i felt and promised me i wasn’t being whiny for talking about my health and how i couldn’t find the will to write.


again, i’m super excited for you guys to read this chapter. like, i don’t actually know how good it is, but there’s a lot of evak, so???? hopefully living through three and a half chapters of no interaction is starting to be made up by these chapters

goodbye! i will see you tomorrow! hopefully i will be alive and in good spirits! 


RIP Joseph Levitch (March 26 1926 - August 20 2017 ∞)

There are no words I can say to properly express my gratitude and love I have for this man. He has always been a place of solace for me and he will continue to be. Jer is more than just a comedy legend and icon to me…and he always will be. Life is a little less bright today and I don’t think it’ll ever be the same. I hope he’s up there with his parents, grandmother, and Dean having a real blast.

“Do it for yourself. Paint a wonderful picture of yourself. Look in the mirror and see value. ‘Cause there’s a lot of people out there who aren’t sensitive enough, aren’t caring enough, and that’s negative, but it’s fact. Optimism will get them out of your way. If it sounds like a pipe dream, try me. What have you got to lose? But, everything to gain.” - Jerry Lewis