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Do you believe in Bigfoot?

I don’t think an animal should be a “believe” thing.  It’s not like asking if I believe in God or true love.  It’s either a real animal that exists or it isn’t–it’s not a matter of faith.

My guess is that it’s not possible for a large mammal to go undetected in North America as seamlessly as Bigfoot would have to.  Hikers have smartphones, hunters have trail cams, biologists have camera traps and aerial wildlife surveys…  I really doubt a breeding community of giant primates could fly completely under the radar here.


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Gigantopithecus are an extinct genus of ape that existed from approximately nine million years to as recent as one hundred thousand years ago in China, India, and Vietnam. They lived in the same area as other hominis but were much larger, reaching as tall as 9′8″ and weighing up to 1,200 lbs. The first remains of Gigantopithecus were discovered in 1935 by reputable palaeontologist and geologist, Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald. A number of other remains have been discovered over the years and it is theorised from their teeth that they ate seeds, vegetables, fruits, and bamboo. Some cryptozoologists have compared the Gigantopithecus to Sasquatch; Grover Krantz staunchly believed that Bigfoot was real and that he was a Gigantopithecus. It’s unknown why exactly Gigantopithecus went extinct but it’s generally believed a combination of climate change and resource competition with more adapted species is the most likely reason.


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i raise you: overwatch park rangers au!!

lately I’ve been absolutely obsessed with park ranger horror stories, from search and rescue operations to tales of creepy encounters with cryptids in the woods. this takes place in yosemite, or somewhere in the pacific northwest, idk. here goes:

-tracer is the educational ranger! she’s a rookie, but a talented one, and has already proven herself to be a skilled naturalist. a jack of all trades, she’s usually the one who leads the hikers and campers on tours throughout the park. all the kids love her, but the adults are sometimes exasperated with her because she can’t go 5 minutes without mentioning bigfoot at least once. she swears up and down that she saw him once, even talked to him! lúcio is the only one who believes her. she’s also adamant that their gps system, bastion, is sentient, and even lùcio is reluctant to believe her there. tracer is always the one who tells scary stories at the campfires. only ones with happy endings, of course.

-lúcio is tracer’s partner ranger, and an expert on the history of the area. he’s also fascinated by cryptids & the paranormal, and has had more than a few weird experiences since he joined the rangers, which he always writes campfire songs about. granted, he makes these songs using an app on his ipad, and they don’t have actual lyrics. they sound more like they belong at a party than around a campfire in the woods, but he claims the beats and tones of each song tell a story about the goings on of the forest. tracer is the only one who can interpret these songs.

-captain morrison, also known as 76, is the quiet & intimidating head ranger of the park. he’s ex-military, and he mostly stays behind at headquarters to do paperwork and deal with department heads. no one really knows what he was like back when he worked the forests with everyone else. everyone calls him 76 because apparently when he was a rookie, he was separated from his squad in the dead of winter during a rescue operation and had to survive 76 days on his own, living off berries/raw meat and fighting off bears and mountain lions. mccree says he killed a grizzly with his bare hands once when it tried to take the fish he caught, but 76 has yet to confirm this.

-hanzo is the head of the search and rescue division. he’s a skilled archer and horseman, and perfectly at home on dangerous mountain slopes that many of the others won’t even attempt to climb. he’s the only one who can get more than a few sentences out of 76, and probably the most practical member of the squad– he doesn’t believe in bigfoot or ghosts or the monster tracer says lives in the park’s biggest lake, but something obviously happened to him at one point because there’s a huge stone monolith in the middle of the forest that he gets nervous when he’s around. no one knows how it got there or what it’s for, but hanzo is deadly serious when he demands that no one is to approach it–EVER. don’t touch it, don’t look at it, just keep walking and pretend like it’s not there. sometimes it appears in different spots, sometimes you can hear soft noises emanating from it, but under no circumstances are you to acknowledge its existence. hanzo is usually the one who scares off the new rookies.

-mccree is a law enforcement ranger, and a bit of a vigilante; he’s not averse to breaking a rule or five if it means catching a dangerous squatter or putting down a rabid puma, but 76 can’t fire him because, in all seriousness, the man has a near-100% success rate in his missions at the end of the day. he can often be heard flirting with hanzo over the group’s radio system, much to everyone’s chagrin. mercy says that sometimes, if you’re on the night shift and the stars are perfectly aligned, you can hear hanzo flirt back–but you can’t be listening for it, or it won’t happen.

-genji is hanzo’s younger brother and technically not employed as a ranger, but he sticks around the park regardless to hang out with his brother over ramen and video games and because the local hippie, zenyatta, lives in a cabin just outside the park borders; he and genji are roommates, and apparently have some kind of spiritual master/apprentice relationship going on. mccree thinks it’s a little kinky, but hanzo is adamant that there’s nothing going on between them. tracer thinks they’re cute together. genji will neither confirm nor deny any accusations.

-dr. “mercy” zeigler works as an emergency responder with hanzo on the search and rescue team. she always looks perfect somehow, even after hours of hiking in the woods looking for lost campers, and is basically everyone’s mom, having a seemingly infinite supply of water bottles, bandages, and antiseptic ointment. she has saved both hanzo’s and genji’s asses from dehydration on multiple occasions.

-pharah is mercy’s fiancé, and the best damn firefighter the park has ever seen–she can spot even the tiniest smoke column from miles away. the running joke among the rangers is that if you see a particularly big tree or beautiful deer, you have to shout “thank you pharah!” because most of the park would have burnt down to ashes long ago if not for her. junkrat and roadhog, forest squatters and serial arsonists, are the bane of her existence. lúcio thinks they probably run around the parks all day setting fires just to test her abilities.

-winston is bigfoot, obviously.

I’ll do some of the other characters later lol

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okay so i just recently got into the voltron scene on tumblr and this might be a stupid question (maybe i'm just missing smth??) and i'm not really sure who to ask but why the hell do i keep seeing things about keith being lactose intolerant and in love with mothman

hey welcome to hell my friend!

anyway to answer your question uh…… it’s difficult to explain aldkfjs. i’ve literally been in the fandom since day 1 and i’m STILL not 100% sure where this stuff came from lmao 

i think the lactose intolerance thing caught on early on in the fandom cuz it just seemed?? so fitting?? like…keith just really seems like the type of person who would be lactose intolerant and chug a whole gallon of milk anyway like “fuckN WATCH ME” (relatable tbh ah haha) 

as for the mothman thing, well. i believe that originated from people joking about keith being a conspiracy theorist™ since in the first episode of the show he has that big Conspiracy Wall with all the photos connected with string and notes scribbled everywhere i mean

spot the difference lol

anyway, this stemmed into like…keith believing in cryptids like bigfoot & mothman and then eventually it became this joke of like “keith is in love with mothman” because….it’s fucking hilarious 

so there you go!! sorry there’s not like a super clear explanation but uh hopefully it clarifies things at least a little :P 

100 Headcanons

((I’m finally done!! I’m kind of disappointed this took so long. Sorry about that. This is split into two sections of fifty headcanons: one for the Axis, and one for the Allies. Enjoy!!))

Axis: Italy (Luciano), Germany (Lutz), Japan (Kuro), Prussia (Gillen), and Romano (Flavio)
1. Luciano is in charge
2. Flavio never wanted to be part of the family business, so he let Luciano become the Don after their grandfather died, but since you can’t really get away from the mob, he became the Underboss
3. Lutz and Kuro are technically only associates of the Vargas mafia
4. Gillen used to be a badass punk and got into fights all the time
5. After seeing his little brother grow up to be just like him, he fell into the depression that is now his life (he could still kick major ass if he tried)
6. Kuro is crazy efficient
7. Lutz is less efficient
8. Luciano wears shoes with as much heal as possible without looking “too feminine”
9. He still gets mistaken for a lady
10. And sometimes a child
11. He always gets carded when he goes to bars
12. Flavio also gets mistaken for a lady, but he doesn’t get upset about it (his response is usually along the lines of “am I really that pretty today?”)
13. The Vargas boys can dance really well oh my god
14. Lutz is afraid of dogs
15. Especially big ones
16. The scars on his arm are from a big dog
17. Lutz and Gillen dress for comfort, Luciano and Flavio for style, and Kuro for functionality
18. Where does this whole “blood pasta” thing come from? Luciano’s not a vampire, my dude
19. All five of them are covered in scars, but Lutz is the only one with one on his face
20. Most of Luciano’s are on his hands and his back
21. Luciano and Flavio have way more in common than either of them would like to admit
22. Flavio bleaches his hair (it’s naturally black)
23. Lutz and Gillen are Jewish
24. Luciano and Flavio are atheists
25. Kuro is agnostic
26. Kuro and both Vargas boys have a gambling problem
27. Flavio takes care of all of their hair except Gillen’s
28. Gillen doesn’t get hair cuts
29. Lutz wants eight cats
30. Luciano has a black cat named Leonardo (after Leonardo da Vinci)
31. Lutz has broken his nose too many times to count
32. Kuro and Luciano are each responsible for a third of all the times Lutz’s nose has been broken
33. Luciano is also responsible for Lutz’s cheek scar
34. At any given moment, Gillen would rather be making a flower crown
35. Luciano is the Wine Mom™
36. He has a glass of red wine every night with dinner
37. He rarely has more than one drink a day, though
38. Flavio handles most of the family’s drug business
39. Kuro is just hired muscle and could leave at any time if someone offered him more money than the Vargas family (or for any reason at all, really)
40. Lutz, on the other hand, is the most loyal sap ever
41. He’ll be with the Vargas mafia until he dies or retires
42. Neither of the Beilschmidts can swim
43. Flavio doesn’t like swimming, but can
44. The only person stealthier than Luciano is Kuro
45. Luciano’s life relies on schedules
46. If he tried, Gillen could easily win in a fight against the rest of the team (four against one, buddy. Gillen Beilschmidt is no joke)
47. All of them like Queen except for Kuro
48. Lutz is the most likely to get more than three hours of sleep a night
49. Luciano is The Best™ at knife tricks
50. Kuro is covered in tattoos

Allies: France (François), America (Allen), England (Oliver), China (Zao), Russia (Viktor), and Canada (Matthieu)
1. Matt is transgender
2. François has a limp
3. Al has two bats and they both have names (Betty is real nice, but you don’t want to meet Marie)
4. Oliver and Allen have father-son musical nights every week
5. Ollie has a huge collection of pretty knives; his favourites are rainbow
6. He’s never used any of his knives for anything
7. If he had the option, Viktor would never leave his house
8. Al’s got a Brooklyn accent
9. Zao only does drugs he can smoke
10. And he’s surprisingly aware of what they are, where they came from, and any risks associated with any of them
11. Eleven is Viktor’s favourite number
12. He won’t listen to music that’s less than a hundred years old
13. François can’t be trusted to look out for himself
14. François and Ollie garden together
15. At any given moment, Al would rather be playing with a dog
16. Zao has horrible allergies
17. He can’t ride a bike either
18. Al has everyone (Axis and Allies) over once a month for Dungeons and Dragons
19. Everyone leaves DnD night exhausted and beat up
20. Seriously, I don’t know why they keep doing this. Everyone gets hurt every time. They all hate each other
21. Viktor writes short stories and novels all the time
22. He’s never showed any of them to anyone, even though he has several finished manuscripts
23. Al’s nose is all crooked and fucked up because he’s broken it so many times
24. He’s always a baby about fixing it though
25. Matt and Ollie have to work together to straighten it as much as possible before the bones start to set
26. Oliver has never killed anyone
27. Matt and Al are both vegan
28. Al doesn’t particularly mind when people eat meat/wear leather; hell, he’ll even wear leather as long as it’s second hand
29. Matt, on the other hand, does mind
30. None of the Allies are religious
31. If François were to realise he had a problem, he’d try to fix it
32. Matt can get a blazing fire going in three minutes flat without anything more than a few matches and some wood (and kindling because he ain’t no wizard)
33. Al and Zao LARP
34. Al fights homophobes on the street
35. Ollie is almost as good at knife tricks as Luciano
36. He sews, knits, and crochets, so Al often comes to home for help with his LARP costumes
37. Al used to play mailbox baseball all the time with his friends
38. He can’t decide if he prefers Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez
39. Al believes in Bigfoot and several other cryptids
40. Matt thinks he’s crazy
41. But who’s gonna listen to a guy who practically lives in Cabela’s
42. He did spend a year living on a boat
43. Ollie takes aesthetic pictures of his friends
44. Zao would be an excellent cook if he tried
45. Viktor is probably the best cook of the Allies
46. Ollie has the cutest earrings (usually strawberries or cupcakes)
47. François, Matt, and Viktor all hate technology
48. Matt lives in in a cabin in the middle of the woods and has a yurt on his property
49. You can never find Matt without a steri-pen; he likes river water
50. Ollie is a little bit of a badass when it comes to dealing with injuries


“What’s that one?” Rin eagerly points to a lumpy fish mottled green and brown. There’s a plaque right by the glass with its name, latin name, and a block of text that Rin would no doubt pretend is in some foreign language she can’t read, but this must be the twelfth or something-th time Rin’s asked Maki instead of reading what’s provided, so she’s clearly doing it on purpose.

It’s cute, but Maki is one to believe that aquariums should be enjoyed in thoughtful reverence, not with a bunch of babbling questions. Rin seems to believe the opposite. She can’t remember whose idea it was between them to come here for a date, anyway. Probably Maki’s. Rin would’ve wanted to go to a theme park, or something.

“An ancient fish from the dinosaur era,” so Maki says without missing a beat, completely straight-faced. “It’s carnivorous and only eats seabirds.”

“Nyaa, scary! What about that one?”

“They make chicken nuggets out of those fish… but don’t tell anyone I said that.”

“Gross! What about those? There’s so many!

“When a big fish dies, it turns into a school of tinier fish.”

Honestly, she can’t quite tell if Rin is buying all the crap she’s saying or if she’s playing along as Maki’s playing along. Rin’s the naive type to believe in bigfoot and little green aliens, so who knows? Maki smiles to herself when Rin runs ahead to another glass window, the tint of her hair off in the dim blue light. There aren’t any fish in there, only clusters of large, colorful anemone.

“That one…” Maki says as she comes up behind Rin. She pries her off the glass and points to a particularly large anemone gently swaying in the artificial current. “Can be found at the very bottom of the ocean. Did you know? Sometimes you can find a special kind of jewel inside them. They’re so rare that they’re even more valuable than diamonds, but they’re really hard to get.”

Rin’s eyes grow wider and wider as Maki speaks until she’s forced to blink. Then she grins, and goes back to pressing her face and hands against the glass to stare down the anemone.

“Then I’ll dive to the bottom of the ocean to find one! The deepest parts! The parts where no one’s ever been to! And then I’ll give it to you!”

“You don’t need to risk your life over something so stupid, Rin.” Ah, maybe she’s taking it too far with these silly things, considering who she’s talking to.

Rin suddenly turns, looking so genuinely offended that Maki almost takes a step back in surprise. “Maki-chan, my love for you isn’t stupid.”


Maki, of course, chokes on her own spit and she’s suddenly grateful for the blue light (hopefully) hiding the color rushing up her neck. Why does Rin always say these kinds of things out of the blue? It’s like she does it in purpose just to fluster Maki, but of course she’s not smart or devious enough to do that… is she? Well, whatever. Maki mumbles something neither of them can hear and pulls Rin away from the anemone exhibit, suddenly eager to go look at something else.

Hetalia Characters as Teachers (part 3)
  • Finland: The math teacher that all of the students who pay attention and do their homework really love because he's super sweet and gives out snacks when you come in for tutoring but he's also actually really strict on rules and makes you call home if you didn't do your homework, it's terrible.
  • Sweden: The wood shop teacher who no one understands. He mumbles so much and the students always have to sort of piece together what he said based on what each of them heard. He's really chill though, you have to mess up really bad to get in trouble.
  • Denmark: The dorky science teacher who sometimes shows Bill Nye even though this is advanced biology what are you doing??? Students either love him and think he's the best or think he's a loser and generally find his enthusiasm really annoying.
  • Norway: The science teacher who also thinks Denmark is a loser and generally finds his enthusiasm really annoying. To most students he seems like a pretty normal teacher, doesn't talk much other than when he's lecturing, but those who get to know him discover that he's a pretty weird guy too, and he apparently believes in bigfoot.
  • Iceland: The new English teacher who acts very cool and hip and tries to pretend he doesn't care but actually cares so much. He really just wants all of the other teachers to approve of him and to keep this job. The students love him though because he's young and "gets them".
  • Lithuania: The kindest history teacher. His class is all business, relatively dull, but this poor guy will do anything to help his students pass. He gives retakes, extensions, extra credit, but he's always really trying to make sure they're actually learning.
  • Estonia: That one teacher who seems to teach like ten different subjects. He usually teaches choir an economics, but it seems like every time an extra section of a class gets opened up, he's the one who's stuck with it. He likes what he does, though, and always seems happy to teach whatever is thrown at him.
  • Latvia: The teaching assistant who is very nervous, and will quickly do anything the teacher wants but for some reason always seems really afraid to mess up. The students kinda feel bad for him, and they always watch as he runs out of the room to make copies.
  • Netherlands: The cool English teacher who you can talk to about anything. Students are completely open with him and they never get into trouble or get scolded. Also everyone wants to fuck him, and every once in a while a rumor will pop up that someone actually did.