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Here is a time lapse of my very FIRST journal.
Even though im not really proud if it, i feel extremely attached to it, as if it’s an important piece of my life.

I first started journaling back in 2015, and it wasnt really journaling; it was more like “a depressed kid complaining about life”. Inside this journal i shared my deepest worries, the things i hate, the things i like, what makes me happy, what makes me sad, what i want and what im afraid of. Every single page is a part of me and that’s why i love it.

If you really think about it, journals are more than just a book. It is where your imagination grows, where you realize stuff about yourself that you couldn’t before.
Looking back at the pages from the 2015 depressed me or the 2016 strong me i found out how much i have changed, and im proud of what i’ve done so far.

I hope that i will be able to become the person i always wanted to be, and i want to keep a record of every little thought and every single emotion of this journey.

I used to think that I won’t be able to survive before i become an adult or that im going to be depressed for my whole life, allowing those thoughts to keep crawling in and out of my head whenever they wanted. I used to think that, but I chose to change it. And i will change it. I am a strong human being and i deeply and strongly believe in myself.

It’s 11:55 right now and in 5 minutes im going to turn 18.
In 5 minutes im going to write my first page in my second journal.


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Fluff Week: Tuckington Fluff

They’re going on a date to a fancy club.

Here’s my final animation of some DND characters for my Art and Video 12 classes! I spent a lot of time on this and it took a lot out of me, and It’s no where near perfect, but I’m still amazed I managed to put something like this together and very very proud.

((Warning for very minor flashing!))

Reblogs on this would be greatly appreciated! 

Check it out on Youtube too if you want! 


Some Old-ish art I found in my sketchbook that I never uploaded VvV’’


Hogwarts’ students were about to face the worst test of their lives so their professor invited Auror Harry Potter to talk about his adventures. The Q&A went out of the professor’s control, though x)

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