believe in a god

Did I tell y'all I had a dream four or five nights ago that I died or something but whatever, the point was I was in heaven and before God and allowed to ask any question and receive a true answer. So out of all the shit I could I have asked, dream me asks for the true author of My Immortal. God smiles and claims credit for writing the story themself because “they wanted their children to be happy”.

Some other stuff happened afterwards but that was pretty damn memorable.

I just watched Amélie for the first time … life is beautiful, and I am happy!

Lance’s maturity is just. Incredible. Like, yes he was petty about the leader thing, but as soon as the Black Lion made its decision (and more importantly, as soon as he noticed Keith was genuinely upset about it / doubting himself), he immediately flips the script. He’s in Keith’s corner, backing him up and encouraging him. He’s able to set aside his pride and insecurities in an instant and like… wow. What a genuinely good kid.

Noelle: I had my scanner on before, from when I scanned that crystal monster. It’s uh, I’m picking up- One of you guys isn’t a lich, are you?

Magnus: A what?

Noelle: A lich.

Magnus: I’m not!

Taako: No, not to my knowledge.

Merle: No, but I have a couple of friends who are liches.

Magnus: Yeah, oh yeah, I got lich friends.

Merle: They’re really, they’re good people.


“It doesn’t get any better than this.” And for you, I’m afraid, that’s literally true. You’re a nice kid, and you’re obviously very smart, but you don’t belong here. So, as long as you’re part of my team, this is all you’re ever going to be doing… suction.

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hey if ur looking for requests can you draw cheddar my son from Brooklyn nine nine


if you don’t believe that cheddars loving fathers have bought him a tiny captains hat then you are wrong my friend